Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 228 - 228. Tower Of Tom


”Open! Say me! ” again, nothing happened. The party members looked away, feeling embarrassed for the leader playing around like that. Drosi was just confused as he did not know Seth ’s bad okes.

”Boss, you didn ’t forget the phrase, right? ” Monique was brave enough to voice their thoughts. Their leader sighed.

”Yeah, yeah. As you wish. Tom Willis the immortal Archmagi was and will always be the greatest under and above the skies of this land! There, you happy? ”

Spirals carvings appeared on the stone and formed the outlines of a giant double door. With a chink and a break, it opened inwards giving way into a pitch-black hallway. They all stared at the tunnel as a wave of thick magic energy wafted into their faces.

~ Stop standing around and hurry in. Judging by the amount of mana that just came out it will only become harder to stop the formation. ~

The reminder of the sorceress brought them all back to the present. The tunnel walls were barren stone and gave no clue about what they were about to see. After a short walk in the dark, they entered a huge hemispherical room. It was at least 20 meters in diameter.

The dome ’s roof was in golden sheet metal, while the smooth black floor was covered in silver inlays. At the center of the room, set into the floor, were seven interconnected golden rings that kept rotating on different axes and formed a complicated sphere.

The air in the room was so charged with mana that they could see a mix of blue and green steaks rotating in the room and being sucked into the sphere in the middle of the room. A thick golden pipe led from the sphere ’s frame to a huge door on the other side of the room.

This was probably the tunned that directly connected to the magic tower that Nas ’korn had spoken of.

”Al, do you have any idea how to stop this thing, errm, carefully? ”

Seth asked his trusty pocket lexicon for all questions arcane. It would have been better if they found a way to slowly shut down the formation or put it on standby. Just destroying it could lead to unwanted results.

Yes, Seth was concerned for safety reasons, not because it would be a lot easier to disassemble and harvest all the materials in the room if it wasn ’t torn apart by a magic explosion. The sheet metal and golden rings of the sphere were a material that was newly added to his material catalog.

A special variant of gold which is formed under very special circumstances. It not only is one of the best metals in terms of magic conductivity. This metal can also naturally absorb and store mana from the environment making it the prime option for accessories.>

Seth was enchanted by this effect. One could say that the gold natural ability was, what Seth could grant by infusing souls into items. If the item itself already had this kind of option the effects would definitely stack. And the best part was that there was a lot of it.

Most of the gold he saw in the room was rare rated. But the smaller ring rotating in the sphere was actually made of epic material. He couldn ’t wait to shut down the formation and start ripping it all from the walls.

~ Hmm, it looks like we were just in time. A day or two later and would not have been able to shut it down peacefully. ~

Similar to how they had stopped the formation at the campsite, the lich instructed them on what nodes to damage and which nucleus to destroy.

Slowly but surely the magic within the room became less and the rings slowed down. When they finished the instructions of the sorceress there was no more magic left in the chamber and the rings lay down, flush with the floor.

The quest ended just like that. Peaceful and anticlimactic. What was left was to collect their spoils and completely take apart the formation. Seth took half the sheet gold and the seven rings, while the cat people claimed the other half of the dome and the formation materials.

Only after they divvied up the spoils, did they pay attention to the big door in the wall. They pulled on the rings of the doors and they opened silently.

They stepped into an extremely straight hallway with the golden pipe set into its floor. What the left behind was a completely plundered and barren sone chamber.

Not even the floor tiles were spared.

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