Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 238: Settling in (3)

After the fun came the work. Seth knew what he had to do and would return to the surface. His first destination was the church. At least it would not be too hard to talk to the church, since he was already a member.

Lydia accompanied him on the way up. She also had a life, or so she said. She would also take a look at the situation within the family. Seth had told her about what happened between them and Drosi. She had come to know some of the caravan during her stay in the tower and liked the cat people. She readily offered herself as a double agent.

Nobody was waiting in the Lobby when they left the elevator. They separated in the Lobby and Lydia went up into the building.

Seth didn ’t need her for what he needed to do. He already came past Delta ’s church building on his way to the embassy. On the way there he texted Mina for a meeting with the others. He also needed to share his plans with them.

The reply came quickly. The party had duty today and could only meet him late in the evening. They had told him about their job during the party, but Seth could hardly remember much. They needed to protect some important person was all he could remember.

When he entered the church an old acquaintance was already expecting him.

”Seth! ” a rotund old man with a Santa clause-beard pulled him into a bear hug.

”Simon? ” Seth knew Simon was in Delta, but how did he know when Seth would show up in the church? It couldn ’t be that he stalked him. Or was the old man lurking in the entrance hall of the church like some creep, waiting for Seth to arrive…?

”Seth! ” a shrieking bullet hit him in the cheek and threw him off his feet. ”Meanie! You met Mina without Fin! ”

”I think you broke my cheekbone. We should be even with that…What are you even doing here? ” Seth asked in played pain. He got up and the Fairy sat on his shoulder.

”Fin is doing her job. ”

”Tackling people is your job? ”

”N-No, Fin ’s job is securing the peri- perimeter, ” she said with dangling feet.

”Hey, don ’t just dive into your own little world. I ’m still here. Don ’t ignore me just because I ’m an old man! ”

”I ’m sorry. I ’m glad to see you two. Still, how did you know I was coming, Simon? You didn ’t wait here ever since I wrote you, I would go to Delta, right? ”

”N-No! Did you think of me like that? ”

”I would think you are capable of anything at this point. I keep all possibilities ope- ”

”Mina told me, ok? I am a proper priest of the system church and not some creep. ”

Seth looked at him askant, but Fin was here, so Mina probably came by, too. It was possible that Simon ’s story was true.

”Does that mean the person you are protecting is here, too? ” Seth asked the tiny figure on his shoulder, but it was Simon answering.

”Yes, the 4th princess came to the church for business with the bishop. ”

”Cool, anyway. Since you are here, this might go faster than expected. I need a permit for your teleportation access point ”

”Why would you need that? Don ’t tell me you became a wizard and learned teleport. ”

”No, that would be stupid. I found an ancient magic tower, took it over, and made it my base. Now I need an access permit so I can travel between the city and the tower below. ”

”Hahahaha! For a moment you had me! I really thought you were serious there, for a second. ”

”Well, it doesn ’t matter whether you believe me or not. How can I get the permit? ”

Simon calmed down slowly. He noticed that Fin did not seem surprised at all. She looked rather proud of her friend owning a powerful magic tower.

”I can ’t help you with that. It ’s located in the church, but we don ’t give the permits. You are lucky, the person that could give you a permit is currently talking to the bishop. If you kiss her feet and beg, she might give you a permit. Haha, don ’t make that face, I ’m joking. Just ask her normally. She ’s a very humble person. ”

Seth calmed down a little. He really didn ’t have a thing for sucking up to someone. Maybe if she was cute, but he doubted a royal would let him go that far.

”You can just wait. Her majesty and the other will meet up with me down here. ”

”In the meantime, how about a tea and a small meal? ” Simon suggested. He also wanted to hear about Seth ’s journey and that mysterious magic tower. If it was Samuel, he might not have told him, but Simon had proven often enough that he was a trustworthy friend.

They sat down at a table in the lobby and talked over a light breakfast. Fin was gorging on a basket of cookies as big as herself. He asked what had happened to ”securing the perimeter ” and she answered.

”Isn ’t Fin currently guarding the two most dangerous people on this floor? How much safer is Fin supposed to make it? ” She grinned upon her own cleverness before sinking her face into a piece of cake.

Sometimes wondered whether Fin was maybe eating like a duck and just swallowing. In these moments he was glad that he could not see the small fairy eat up close. If a normal-sized person ate like that it would be terrifying.

After a while, they finally heard people coming down the stair and the rest of ”Yulecat ’s Fur ” appeared with the princes in their middle.

She looked like you would imagine a typical fairy tale princess. Not. The 4th Princess of the Chrona empire was a victim of modern fashion. A typical fashionista. As someone whose garderobe was filled with black t-shirts and sloppy sweatpants; Seth felt a cringe rending his heart. Another innocent soul had fallen into the grasps of a heartless industry.

But Seth was not a hero. Although it hurt his soul, this was not his battle. It was not his duty to save her from her own mistakes. He just hoped he could get the permit quickly and leave.

”Fin? Where are you? Report! ” Mike was looking for Fin who had just eaten her way into another piece of cake, like an insect that wanted to lay its eggs into the juicy, sugary treat.

”Seth? What are you doing here? I thought we wanted to meet in the evening? ” Mike exclaimed when he noticed Seth. He came over and saw the cake moving as if it was alive. He had smiled until now. He asked with an expressionless face.

”Is Fin in that piece of cake? ”

”Fin is! ” the fairy broke out of the creamy top of the cake.

”You were supposed to secure the perimeter! ”

”I did! Look. The most dangerous individuals are contained on this table. I cleverly used a breakfast to keep them in check. ” she jested half-jokingly, half-serious.

”And why did you join them? ” Mike asked lifting one of his eyebrows.

”I HAD to join them! It was my cover to listen in on their dark schemes. ”

Mike chuckled. ”And what dark schemes did they come up with? ”

”The old man told Seth to suck the princess ’ toes! ”

”Not true! I said to lick her feet! ” Simon interrupted indignantly.

”YOU DID WHAT! ” the princess joined the fray. Fin burst into a laughing fit when she heard the priest standing up for himself. Even Seth couldn ’t stay serious when he heard Simon and saw the princess ’s reaction.

It took a moment before everyone calmed down enough to have a serious conversation.

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