Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 241: Takes you home.

Seth decided to give Drosi all the time he needed and returned to the party. It was time to test their new teleport. There was still some time until evening, just enough time for predrinking. Not. Ruby would accompany them, so getting drunk would have to happen another day.

All of them appeared in the reception room of the system church. There were guards similar to those at a city gate who asked them a few questions before letting them pass through.

Mary, Jane, Tekar, and Ruby wanted to explore the city a little. Tekar would rejoin them later after the girls had their fun and returned to the tower. They left the Church first and the other waited for some time before also leaving.

The Willis Family had no idea who belonged to Seth, unless they saw him with those people. This way, even if they had someone keeping watch, they could avoid Tekar and his daughter being associated with this problem.

The Rest of the party, Alison, Link, Jonah, Monique, and Evee followed Seth to the shopping district. Noen of them had a casual outfit for the occasion. Sine wearing full armor in the middle of town stood out like a sore thumb in Delta, they went to get some good clothes first.

Some places accepted only system currency, other only credits. Few shops accepted both. Most of his party members had enough of both to pay for their own stuff. Seth had to lend Evee some money to get what she liked.

At this point Seth had accepted that he would take care of her instead of her brother. Once everyone was dressed accordingly, Seth led them to the bar he had visited the other day. Under the hands of Monique even Alison had shed her nerdy witch-looks and revealed a good-looking face and figure.

As they were still choosing clothes for Evee, Seth had brought Link and Jonah to the section for men ’s clothing where Tekar joined them. The father had left the girls and Ruby with Simon at the church.

Seth, Tekar and Link had already followed the clerk ’s suggestions and each wore a stylish suit. The clothes here were all high-quality and at least uncommon rated. They had no special effects, but the defensive properties were very good for cloth.

Only Jonah stubbornly insisting on sitting to the side in his cloak with a high collar and wide hat. Seth understood that the tough guy felt embarrassed and uncomfortable to have his seen pretty boy face be seen by others, but this went too far.

He couldn ’t bring Vampire Hunter C into a club to meet his people. He pulled the cloaked swordsman into a changing booth.

”Okay, Jonah, here is the deal. Man up, go with the sales lady and get a nice suit. In exchange I will make a mask to cover your face before leaving for the club, okay? ”

He could see in the man ’s eyes that he was fighting with himself. It wasn ’t like he enjoyed wearing this stuffy outfit all the time. Although he disliked that his sweet manly muscles had been exchanged for a leaner body type, the bigger problem was the face. If Seth really made a mask for him…maybe he could finally wear comfortable clothes again…

”But it has to be cool and menacing. ”

”Yeah, yeah, just go with the nice lady and get something proper to wear. ”

Seth didn ’t bother to leave the changing booth. He summoned the worktable inside the cubicle and a bar of . It had been ages since he had last sculpted something with just his hands.

He switched to his full gear and covered his hands in bright flame. Like this, he didn ’t need the forge. With his he could control the temperature and keep the metal malleable without liquifying it. Using also helped forming the material.

As if using simple clay, the steel soon turned into a menacing demon mask with horns and huge tusks that gave it an overall disturbing look. It could be worn and fasted with a set of leather belts. He inserted a small monster core at the forehead and inscribed a circuit for it to change the size depending on the wearer.

This was its only option which meant it was a purely decorative piece. The power within the core was enough to adjust the size several times before running out. Making the mask hat taken half an hour, enough time for everyone else to finally finish their purchase.

When he came out everyone was done, except Jonah who was desperately hiding in a changing cubicle.

”Please come out! Such a handsome face should not be hidden! It ’s such a shame for it not to be seen! Please! ” he heard the lady clerk swooning for him outside the cubicle. Now he understood Jonah ’s feelings a little better.

”Here, it ’s the mask I promised. Come out, let ’s leave. ” he reached past the curtain and gave Jonah his makeshift face protection. He could hear a shout of glee from inside and few seconds later a sexy demon left the cubicle.

His stance was very confident and cool, with his collar unbuttoned halfway down the chest and his hand in his pockets. Jonah now looked like some mobster from a superhero show. Someone who owned nightclubs.

Seth texted Mina that they would be waiting at the club that Lydia had showed him before the party left the shop. He got a different location as an answer. The town was already getting dark when they arrived at the meeting point.

It was a big high-class restaurant with expensive decorations. It made one feel as if even breathing the air would cost money. He would totally make the ”diplomatic delegation ” pay for the food here.

They stated their names and the receptionist got a server to bring them to a private room. Inside were Mike, Mina, Lyxxis, Bulko, and Fin waiting on a bountiful table. Many mouthwatering dishes covered the table that made the onlooker fear its legs might buckle under the weight.

This time it was not the fairy that glued herself on his cheek, but Mina that plunged in his arms and gave him a kiss. Seth was positively surprised and allowed her to direct him to a seat beside her.

Everyone laughed a little at the blushing Seth and found a seat among the people present. They drank and talked. They ate and laughed together.

”Dad, who is the beautiful cat lady with brother? ” she asked innocently and pointed at Seth and Mina.

”hmm, probably his girlfriend, right? ” he answered with a doting smile. The two in question suddenly had a heavy coughing fit. They had listened with half an ear and choked when they heard Tekar ’s answer.

Looking at each other ’s reactions they could only start laughing together. Maybe they had really ended up in such a relationship without even noticing. It didn ’t feel weird, so all was good.

They gorged on the extensive offerings of the restaurant and only when everyone had filled their stomach to the brim and Ruby had fallen asleep, did they start talking about business.

”So, I think everyone is okay with founding an organization? ”

”A guild? ” came from Monique and Link.

”A guild…! ” Mary and Jane whispered with bright eyes so not to wake up Ruby.

”A mercenary Band? ” echoed Bulko and Mike.

”A knight order! ” Fin called out.

”A workshop, ” Seth concluded.

”a home…? ” Ruby mumbled as she cuddled Mary in her sleep. She had slightly woken up at Fin ’s suggestion.

The knight order already sounded farfetched, but a workshop? Seeing their expressions when he mentioned to found a workshop Seth mage a 180y and change his mind.

”I mean a guild, of course, ” he said slightly disappointed. A guild could be everything they had mentioned and more. It could even be a home.

”What should we call it? All the founding members are here. Let ’s decide on a name! ” Seth concluded.

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