Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 245: 245.Willisnt

After Louis ’ explanation, they felt more tired than after a dungeon dive. Even the energetic fairy brute only set on his shoulders with empty eyes.

”Let ’s return to Minas Mar, I had enough for today. ”

Said and done. They returned to the church and found that Mary and Jane had already returned to the tower. Back inside Seth ’s private quarters they fell and his bed and had a little nap.

The nap was followed by a meal at the cafeteria. They found all the other members having their dinner and used the chance to brief them on the energy business. Especially Mary and Jane as they wanted to become the administrative body of Minas Mar.

~ Master. The guest in the medical wing has awoken. ~

During the meal the tower suddenly informed him that Lydia had woken up. He quickened his pace and soon finished up before leaving for the med bay.

He appeared at Lydia ’s bedside but only got a tired reaction from her. Even with the facilities of the tower, her scars had taken a dark purple color and looked painful just to look at. This kind of curse was a lot easier to cast than to purify.

Lydias eyes looked up to him, but it took a while for her to recognize him.

”Seth? ” she asked with a weak raspy voice.

”Hey, how are you feeling? ”

”As if someone threw me in a blender… ”

”A surprisingly accurate description of the state I found you in. what exactly happened between you and your… family? ”

It took a while for her to narrate what had happened in between resting and hushed parts of sentences. In the end, it was roughly as they had expected. Her family had shadowed them and saw that she got along quite well.

They wanted her to use this and gain access to the tower. They had all the plans of the tower, as long as they got someone in with administrative rights, there was a chance to remove the tower master ’s authority. She denied them.

Unlike Seth and the others, the family had never gifted her anything. She was the disliked, talentless child everyone was ashamed of. Unlike the stupid little kids in stories, that did dumb stuff in an attempt to gain the recognition of her horrible family.

She saw no reason to lift a finger to help them. On the contrary. She didn ’t mention it like that, but it turned into a fight when Valen tried to take her to the room. She didn ’t wish to speak of this room, but there was an existential horror in her eyes when she mentioned the room. Lydia only mentioned that there were many unspeakable things in the Willis Building, but the room was the worst.

She struck before they could apprehend her, and it escalated into a chaotic fight. It all ended with her being tortured. Seth had arrived when Valen went to wash up before bringing her to the room.

Listening to her, not ending up in that room, was worth having half her body covered in cursed scars. Seth sat at her bed silently and waited for her to speak.

”I have nowhere to go anymore… ” her voice broke and tears flowed from her eyes. Seth grasped her hand.

”What are you saying? You can stay here. Don ’t think you only lost something that day. You are one of us now. ” he patted her head and held her hand until she calmed down. Her eyes became heavy and Seth saw that she was falling asleep. He leaned forward and some of his mana decreased when he whispered in her ear.

”Don ’t worry. We will be a better family for you. ”

She had fallen asleep. Seth didn ’t know whether she heard his last words and hurriedly left since he now felt embarrassed for saying such a cheesy line.

When Lydia woke up the next time, she found a small copper ring with a tower below a stylized arch at her bedside.

Seth found Drosi in his quarters. He could see the Tijaahk packing their things.

”Are you leaving? ”

”Oh, Seth, it ’s you. Yes, we are getting ready to leave. We wanted to leave tomorrow morning. I would have visited you later to inform you. ”

”And what we talked about? ”

”I ’m sorry, but we are a merchant caravan after all. This is a completely new world, and we wish to explore it before deciding whether we stay or leave again. ” the old cat answered apologetically but determinedly. Seth nodded understandingly.

”I understand and I hope you find great fortune on these travels. Take these before you leave. ”

Seth brought out a small chest with 24 copper rings, one for each member of the caravan.

”Take these as a symbol of friendship. With these, you will always be a guest in this tower. I hope to expand Minas Mar in the future. If any of you ever needs help just look for us. Even if that person may not know you, the ring will be proof of identity. ”

The rings were only uncommon, so Drosi easily saw the use of this kind of token. He appreciated the gesture and accepted the present with a smile.

”I will offer the same to you. If you or your people ever need help, we will do what we can to help. Thank you. ”

Seth nodded and turned around to leave. It was a shame that he could not recruit them, but it didn ’t mean that they would not join him in the future. Or become his business partners. He didn ’t mind either.

”Ah, there is one more thing. Drosi, are you interested in getting back at the Willis Family? ”

The elder ears stood up in attention. Seth could not help but smile. In the end, cats were prideful creatures. Would they just accept having someone step on their pride?

”I ’m listening. ”

”Follow me, we will talk through the plan with the rest of the team. If you like it, you can join. ”

He assembled the Lords and told them what had happened to Lydia and what she told him. Everyone was appalled, especially Drosi had his fur stand in the air from agitation.

”They attacked us last night, probably to gouge our strength. I don ’t like the idea of waiting for the evil mastermind to complete his preparations and only react to what is about to come. Let ’s strike first. ”

He explained his plan to the Lords and Drosi. The latter pondered for a moment before answering.

”I ’m in. ”

With Drosi and the guardians of the caravan joining their plan, they had a lot more leeway in case the enemy turned out stronger than expected. The enemy leader could rival Al ’Zalsa in age after all. There was nothing wrong with being careful.

When the night fell in the city of Delta they moved out. Drosi, 5 of the guardians, and a mage joined the Lord in their assault. Only Mary and Jane stayed back to take care of Ruby.

The assault party left Minas Mar through the teleport to the church. Seth on the other hand took the elevator. At his side was Felix, Evee ’s familiar. When he reached the secret entrance, he stopped the door from opening and waited for his chance.

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