Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 248: Victory Break

Seth did not have the chance yet, to check his loot. He brought out the sharp tooth and very long thick fingernail. The fang was okay, but the claw provoked visible disgust from the others, It was not pretty to look at.

”Not bad, the fang is epic rated. ” he took a look at Drosi before mentioning the last drop of Valen.

”I also have his soul. ”

Seth guessed that the vampiric soul would grant or strengthen skills like or . He was tempted to use it for himself, but it would probably have the greatest synergy with Jonah.

The loot was not quite overwhelming for the others, and they deliberated their future actions after the enemy leader was exterminated.

The party had made sure to wear disguises when they attacked the building and everyone who saw Seth was dead. The probability of repercussion from the government was small.

They could proceed with the energy deal with the empire and then start looking for a shop location in the city. The first step was a victory break. To celebrate they would relax and recover.

”Yuelcat ’s Fur ” would keep an eye on the remnants of the Willis Family during their work, but they would probably not have to fear any attack in the next few days. Everyone could go and explore the city at their own leisure.

Everyone deserved some time for themself. It was not much different from how things went usually, except that Seth didn ’t intend to craft anything at this time. He hoped the others would also take a breather from the grind.

Seeing them start crafting technically the moment they arrived made him think that he might have been a bad example. He had grinded his skills like a maniac in order to survive. Now they were safe, there was no need to rush.

Seth planned to map out Delta ’s city center and check out all the shops. And sightseeing. It might seem a little weird to sightsee in the apocalypse, but this was his first time in Delta. He should take a look at the prominent landmarks.

He also wanted to see where the demons lived. As the only place where Urth, the Empire, and the demons mixed it was the only place with institutions unique to the latter two. Lydia had mentioned stuff like the magic tower and the adventurer academy.

He had heard about them in Namia but never had enough time to visit one. Ora had no such thing, as it was the town of blacksmiths.

After the talk, Seth returned to his quarters. He was already awake, so he used the time to ready some materials. The fabrics he had bought from Drosi and the bundle of he got from Puffles found their way into a chest he would send to Nädel the next day.

He wrote a letter to the Tailor and Tored. He wrote about the things that happened since his departure from Y-City. And he also described what he would have liked to be made from the materials.

The shirt and pants he wore were still made from and he would have like a set made of the new material. And he wanted a cloak. He couldn ’t always use the trashy one from the dungeon. He wanted a good one he could wear with his full set.

Seth started to sort his other stuff into the Tower ’s vault to free up some inventory space. Uncommon materials, leathers, and boxes with metal bars. Just the more common materials. He prepared them for Cerberus.

Just because Seth took a break didn ’t mean Cerberus couldn ’t work. A shop needed a range of merchandise. The golem could prepare the blanks for uncommon items like he did before. It also could produce bars and wires for jewelry.

Seeing the boxes of weapons and rings and thinking of a shop reminded him of his shop in Ora. The merchandise there might be running out right now or did it already. He would send some letters to close the shop. For now, it made little sense to keep a shop in another world.

He would also visit the system bank to take a look at his finances. It could be done on the way, so it was not much of a hassle. When he asked the tower, he found out that it was early morning outside. It was best to get things over with quickly and enjoy the new day.

Before he went to Delta, he visited Lydia at the med bay. When he entered, he found Drosi tending to her wounds. A smile whizzed across his face when he saw both wearing the sigil ring.

”Hello, Drosi. Good morning, Lydia. How is it? ”

”I feel like shit. ”

”She is doing well, ” Drosi commented with a smirk.

”Did you already tell her? ”

”No, I don ’t think it ’s my place to tell her. ” with this the old cat left the two alone in the med bay. When the elder left Seth talked to Lydia about what had happened. Although she never liked her family, she listened with a slightly sad but composed expression.

Tears started flowing when she heard that he had ended up killing Valen and that he had destroyed the room. It was as if a door had opened. Feelings she had held back in ingrained fear broke out and she cried tears of joy.

Seth had aid what he had to say. He didn ’t want to make it more awkward and left.

”So, you told her. ”

Outside the med bay stood Drosi who had listened in on them.

”Oh. Yes, it ’s her family after all. ”

Drosi nodded slowly. Family was still family.

”Our caravan is ready. We will be leaving soon. I came to say my farewells. ”

”You really won ’t stay? ”

The elder only lightly chuckled and shook his head. He had made his decision.

”Well, the doors of Minas Mar stay open for you if you ever need a place to stay on Urth. ”

Seth stayed to see the caravan off. They did not leave through the teleportation. While the people of Minas Mar were occupied with dealing with their problems, Drosi took care of the caravan ’s business in the city.

They had all the information they needed and did the business they could in Delta. As such, they left Minas Mar through the main entrance that led over the bridge and through what Seth called the guardhouse.

It was the outer building with a bunch of old rooms and workshops where the materials for the tower were originally made. They left Minas Mar on the carts and carriages. It was the start of a new journey for the and the end of one for Seth.

The kittens and some of the cat people waved back to Seth and the other who saw them off. They watched until the caravan vanished into the tunnel at the end of the bridge.

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