Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 251: Flyte or Flight Reaction

Seth ’s eye twitched.

”You are telling me to go back to school? ”

”No, college. As long as you join you can use the facilities and visit the lessons in any manner you like. ”

”And what do I need to join? ” Seth sighed.

”Only the recommendation of a certified master. ” the demon said with a big smile.

”Like you? ”

”Like me! I will give a recommendation letter. ”

”Why would you do that? ” Seth asked warily.

”Oh, don ’t worry. I ’m not doing this to be nice. I want to get back at someone. ”

Trith was a graduate of a more or less well-known Bard College and came to Urth to make a name for himself. He was one of the few bards who made weapons and armor instead of specializing in one of them.

His protective and offensive ballads were well praised by his professor, but a rival from the same college had come here earlier than him and discredited his work before Trith even had a chance to show off.

What could someone who split his attention even accomplish? Don ’t bother with that guy and his mediocre stuff!

”That bastard will send his disciple to the new Bard College, and I want you to crush him! You are already an accomplished blacksmith. And I will do my best to help your studies. All you have to do is show those ignorant people that crafting both, weapons and armors, is not a joke. You don ’t have to specifically go against that dude, just be better than him. ”

Ah, there it was. Looking at the raving demon and seeing the burning hatred in the man ’s eyes. THIS was a trustworthy demon, alright! Nothing was more trustworthy than someone ’s burning hatred for an enemy.

Was it finally time for his school arc? Seth had never visited a college before. After the death of his parents, he managed the apartment building aside from finishing school. He did not have the chance to be subjected to his parent ’s aspirations for him. There was no one who forced him to study for a good job.

Since he had a regular income as a landlord, he had no reason to pursue higher education or a career. Was this his chance to experience a school life?

Hell nah. He totally enjoyed his time at home. But things were different now. He wanted to pursue this knowledge. Although he could probably do without the weird social interactions in school. Trith even threw him at some kind of rival.

”Alright, I will take a look at your bard college. But I have a lot of other stuff to manage so don ’t expect too much. When does the next semester start? ”

The demon stopped his raving when he heard Seth ’s answer.

”There are no such things as semesters. You can matriculate whenever you like. That bastard ’s disciple matriculated 3 weeks ago… ” at this point the Demon seemed to get some doubts.

”I saw your rings but…Are you sure you can do it? All the bards at the college have learned blacksmithing before joining. If the gap is not big enough- ”

The demon could only stare gobsmacked when Seth took off the cloak, and he saw the full gear. Almost everything he wore was epic rated. Although they were on the lower end of Epic, being able to reliably make epic equipment was a sign of great capability.

As long as Seth ’s abilities grew there was even the possibility for his epic items to rival legendary gear.

”Alright, I believe in you, ” Trith said after getting back to his senses. With a smirk, Seth put the cloak back on.

”Good. Should we do it right now? I have time on hand. ”

”A man of action! I ’m really starting to like you! ”

Trith took the lead and they walked toward the bard college. It was the castle Seth had seen in the distance. It ’s had a really dark school of magic and wizardry vibe. The castle was built from dark volcanic stone. High vaulted ceilings, dark gray stone walls, polished black floors.

Not what one would expect from a bard college. Maybe it was more plausible when the demon was added. Still, it looked more like the castle of a demon king, or something like that.

”This way is the administration office. You can matriculate here. You only have to fill out a form or show your adventurer card.

The two stepped through a big door made of almost black lacquered wood. An old demon lady with a thick pair of glasses and gray hair sat behind a counter. She had fallen asleep, and her head had sunk on her chest while snoring.

”You are the one with a grudge. You wake her up. ” Seth said mischievous and took a step back. Trith looked at him helplessly and poked the old lady on the shoulder.

”Hello? Are you alive? I mean, awake? ”

”Huh? What? What the hell do you want? ”

”He wanted to matriculate. ” the demon pointed at Seth.

”Adventurer card and Recommendation, ” she said pissed. Seth brought out his card and Trith a letter.

”Your Bard license? ” she asked the demon who showed her a scroll.

”Okay, now you just have to pay the semester fee and I can hand you your study ID ” The old lady glared and Seth. Seth looked at Trith. Trith grimaced and brought out a few silver coins to pay the fee.

”Here ’s your ID. Welcome to the Bard College. Now go away. ”

And just like that, he had become a student at the Bard College.

”With that ID you can use the school ’s facilities, the library and join the lessons. You can find the plan for lessons in the main hall, I think. Well then, I have to return to my shop now. I leave embarrassing these people to you! ”

With that, the demon ran off. Did he just want to make sure Seth would really join the college? Well, he didn ’t mind. From what the administration looked like; the place was really as lax as Trith had said.

He walked around a little through long hallways with many rooms and soon ended up in the atrium where he found a plan for lessons. Poesy, Singing, Song Writing, Ancient Demon Runes, Theory of Edging, Practical Forging, Dancing, History of Bardism… there were practical and theoretical lessons.

A lesson that would soon be held was Ancient Demon Runes. Seth was interested in what that subject was supposed to be and decided to look for the room. He arrived with some time to spare. The room was almost empty with 10 minutes to go until the lesson started.

Seth sat down and started whittling a bone ring using a small mithril knife. It was a hobby he had picked up during the hours he spent on the wagon ’s driver seat beside Drosi. He still had a lot of snake bones and no matter what he did with them, he did not gain much proficiency.

Whittling them into small rings and pendants was no help for his crafting skills, but it helped with the fine control of and . Although he did it mostly to kill time, the results were still uncommon items. He would still put them up for sale once he had a shop.

As the bone dust kept piling up on the table before him the other students started trickling in.

”Hey, you should clean that up before the teacher comes. The professor can get really angry. ” a cheery-looking demon girl spoke to him and sat down at the table beside him. Her skin was a dark orange with wine red to brown markings and black her. She had very big eyes that were almost completely filled by her pupils.

Seth simply stored the bone dust in his inventory. He could give it to Alison and Evee for their alchemy.

”Well, thanks. Wouldn ’t want to be yelled at on my first day. ” he joked.

”Your first day? ” she asked surprised.

”Yeah, I just enrolled. Maybe an hour ago. ”

”Hoho, very brave. Not just staying on your first day but even visiting the class. ”

”Why? ” he asked perplexed.

”I guess you don ’t know. The first day is the day of baptism in a Bard College. People will come to challenge you. ”

”Like… fighting?

”No, flyting. ”

”And that means? ”

”A poetic duel of taunt and mockery. ”

”hmm, I guess I have to run. ”

Seth had just stood up when a burly teacher kicked open the door.

”I know, I ’m a little late. Everyone sit down, we will start right away. ”

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