Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 259: Building A Workshop

The decision was made, and Jane left to speak with the owner. Set on the other hand got on his way to visit the bard college. If he remembered correctly there would be a singing practice in the afternoon and they planned to join it.

He wanted to try and gain the singing skill himself before he ended up buying it at the auction house. If it didn ’t work, he could still spend the money. The singing skill was very common, and few people looked for it.

It still cost a few gold coins, so nobody could call it cheap.

He was a little late. When Seth entered the hall, all faces turned to him. he was always a little surprised by the huge variety there was among demons. But what really surprised him was that Ember was also here.

Did that demon girl join every singing exercise? Or was it just a coincidence? Probably the first. She struck him as someone very serious about the musical part of the occupation.

”Sorry for being late. ”

”Mr. Smith. You are back faster than expected. I can hear that you have learned the demon language already, very good. Take the lyrics and try to sing along in the choir. ”

Seth took a page of lyrics and remembered to his dismay that music also entailed notes. Demon notes. He hoped with his heart of hearts that the system would give him a skill for this. Until then he would just follow the lead of the rest of the people.

Everyone singing the demonic tune at the same time did not just jolt his heart, but the whole room was shuddering as if they were summoning a great demon. But the theme of the song was actually a tragic love story.

At first, he only sang along silently but soon he got in the flow of things and his voice grew stronger and blended with the rest of the choir. This was his voice, no skill. He had turned off before he entered the room. He believed it would be easier to get the singing skill if he actually sang alone.

Without translation or skill amplification Seth sang and matched the bards of the choir in power. But he didn ’t dare to become too loud. There were still mistakes he made that he was well aware of and probably many he was not aware of.

But the most important aspect was fulfilled. Seth felt joy singing this foreign music. He felt motivated to learn it not just to further his crafting skills.

The mantis kept giving each one tips on what and how to improve as if she could differentiate the voice of every student individually. She often spoke to Seth, but he was thankful for her advice. The lesson took two hours, and he could feel his singing audibly improve.

After the lesson ember approached him in the hallway.

”Hey, you were pretty good. ”

”Thanks, but you could say I just started. I ’m still a noob. I don ’ even have the singing skill, yet. ”

Ember looked at him in surprise. Then some understanding lit in her eyes.

”You said you were a blacksmith, right? Then it makes sense. Depending on the specialization such classes can have a rather high threshold to gain more creative skills like or . ”

”Really? ” Seth knew that classes could increase and decrease the difficulty of gaining skills other than the class skills. He just didn ’t expect that a relatively common skill like singing could become hard to learn.

”Yeah. No need to worry. If it takes too long, you can probably find the skill scroll in a bookstore. They are not very expensive. ”

”A bookstore? I would have looked in the auction house… ”

”The auction house? I don ’t think you would find it there. Common skills like this have no high demand or price. Just ask around town, you should be able to find one. ” the demon advised.

She was suspiciously friendly today. Or had he just misunderstood her?

”You are very dedicated to music, aren ’t you? ”

”No! No…. ”

She looked up in surprise and hurriedly looked away. He was right. She was more earnest when it came to a subject dear to her.

”Are you joining every singing exercise? ”

”Y-yes… ” she said with a blush.

”Then we will see each other regularly from now on, ” Seth said with a smile and left. He already had an idea where to get the scroll.

A few minutes later.

”You again? ” a moody Trith opened the door for the second time today.

”Yep, I have another skill scroll I need you to find for me, ” he said with a grin. With that, he gave the underemployed demon bard the epic quest of looking for another skill scroll.

”By the way… maybe you should tell me the name of that apprentice you told me about? It would be helpful in humiliating him or something like that. ”

”Oh! Oh…that. ” Trith stuttered a little in surprise.

”Don ’t worry about it. Just show them that you can create tremendous items without specializing in weapons or armor. That will be enough. I don ’t expect any fast results, so there is no worry to rush it. ”

”Suspicious. But okay, I will leave now. ”

With that, Seth returned to Minas Mar. Since a location was found and things with the bard college were more or less settled. The real business would soon get started. It was time to arrange the tower ’s operations. At the moment everyone did whatever they wanted, that would end soon.

It was late afternoon, so Seth decided to invite the 13 Lords for a meeting after dinner.

”Alright, I called everyone here to talk about the future operations of Minas Mar. I think we should distribute some duties and tasks. ” Seth started when everyone had arrived.

There was already a rough division in the people currently part of Minas Mar. Mary and Jane were the administrative support. Link, Evee, Alison, and Seth were crafters and fighters, while Jonah, Monique, Tekar, and the members of ”Yulecat ’s Fur ” were pure fighters.

The recovered Lydia could also be counted among the fighters, though she did not take in the current meeting. She was not a member of the Lords.

Seth wanted to split them into 3 Divisions. Administration, Production, and Field service. Field service would be in charge of gathering materials. Production would refine the materials and supply Field service and Administration with products. Administration would oversee the store, finances, and logistics.

”Any more questions or suggestions? ” after sharing his plan. Nobody had any great ideas for the moment so they just sat there in silence. Until Bulko surprisingly lifted his hand.

”I have a suggestion. ” the otherwise silent giant spoke. Seth gestured for him to continue.

”We should also have a medical division. Some people should keep the medical wing staffed and get familiar with the facilities. I suggest a healer and a pharmacist as permanent staff. ” the gentle half-ogre suggested.

”This sounds reasonable. ” Seth answered nodding.

It was not a big division but could become important. With a pharmacist, they could also grow herbs and produce potent special medicine. Since it had a different emphasis, a pharmacist would not get in Evee ’s or Alison ’s way but cover possible gaps.

One thing was clear: They were not enough people to complete such a separation, yet.

There was no staff for a medical division, yet.

The pure fighters could not form a balanced party without the crafters, so everyone would keep joining them on missions. They could also not fall too far behind in level.

And the store could not function with just Mary and Jane.

Today they decided on leaders for these divisions. The leader would be responsible to implement the changes to facilitate a clean separation. Like recruiting members.

Mary and Jane became the leaders of Administration, while Mike and Monique became the leaders of the field service. As the one who suggested it, Bulko got the responsibility for the medical division.

Mike was the leader of ”Yulecat ’s Fur ” and Monique would be responsible for filling the numbers, so her Party could function without the crafters. The explosive beauty had a good charisma and fortitude. Seth didn ’t know whether she would be a good leader, but she had a great wealth of experience.

Seth took charge of the production, which literally meant that he did not have to do a lot for now. They did not need more crafters for the moment and everyone else had high-grade facilities. There was only one thing he had to do.

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