Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 266: Cheater


”Are you sure he ’s here? ”

”Yeah, I had someone observe the church in case he leave it alone, slurp. ”

”Uhig! He hasn ’t left the church alone in three months… what ’s different? ”

”Now we have an army guhirgh hihi! Imagine what we can do with them after capturing! That catgirl and the spear girl! Hohoho- Oh god, just what is happening to me? ”

”Get a grip! You can ’t succumb at such an important moment! ”

”Yeah, yeah, you are right. Today is the day! ”


”Seth is finally getting a second class? ” Fin asked excitedly like a proud mother watching her child graduate.

This was Seth ’s first time that he entered the church ’s class room. It was the place where people came to change their class or get their second one.

”No need to be nervous. The room will show you your options. You just have to choose what you want. ” Simon calmed him down.

Seth nodded and stepped into the room of complete darkness.

Names of classes appeared in the darkness. White glowing letters were floating in the air.

Seth had expected a lot of options because of his diverse set of skills, but there were only 4. He didn ’t even get a job wheel. Unlike what Seth had heard from the others these jobs each had a short description.

The first job floating to the left of Seth was called . An epic class that would give him similar skills to and allows him to bend the four natural elements. This sounded really cool and extremely powerful.

This could really give him a great boost in combat. Although this job was very tempting, it was not what he was looking for. He decided to give the other options a chance.

To the right of it was a job called . A unique job that combined Seth ’s current abilities with necromancy to create something like undead automatons. It reminded Seth of how Jiang shi were constructed and enhanced undead in some games and novels.

Did he see such a job because of what he did with Evee and her armor…? This was a big no. Except for the fact that Seth had absolutely no intention to play with corpses, he could do that already if he really wanted to.

Second, to last was a job called . An epic class that would strengthen all blacksmith-related skills and adds skills for the production of golems and automatons.

Seth didn ’t like this one. It was technically just an upgrade to his current class but brought nothing new to the table. It could just save him some time from grinding, but in the end, everything had a limit.

The class would become technically useless once he reached the peak in his blacksmith skills. The others at least gave a greater variety of skills that could help him surpass what a blacksmith could do.

The last option was called . A unique variation of the bard class that did not just encompass the class of Demon Bard and its different variations, but also came with a demon ’s skills to use souls in different ways.

This one was along the line of jobs he had expected. It could strengthen his current abilities and add some more offensive skills than he currently had. Compared to the other, this was actually the tastiest for Seth.

The more options he had, the more interesting stuff he could make. It wouldn ’t get boring any time soon. It would also help a lot once he started making the Armors for the lords and his own.

Seth was sold.

as a second class!>

He got several notifications on new skills and skills that had changed. For example, his which had reached Adept lv. 2 as a secondary skill was recalibrated to Apprentice lv. 1 as the skill became a primary one.

Surprisingly enough, some of his original class skills also gained a level. and each gained a level. Other skills like were integrated with

He also gained new skills like , and . With the passive skill his could open a better connection to beings on other planes; increasing the effect of songs that drew on their power.

The most interesting skill he got was . From a quick glance, it seemed that he could use souls to bargain with demons to increase the effectiveness of the songs and ballads.

The changes were not just limited to the skills. He also got a boost in attributes. His personality and luck and gained a big buff. Some of his modifiers also changed with the most significant being mana. Instead of 10 mana per 1 point in intelligence, he now got 30 similar to a caster class.

Seth now understood the kind of boost a second class could give. It was no wonder that there was a special exam to become a B-Rank adventurer.

He had held himself back from testing the skills since he wanted to save resources. Except making the oath armors he had kept piling up good materials from the auction house. Now he felt that it was the time to use them.

————-In front of the church————

”He ’s leaving the building! ”

”Tell everyone to get ready ”

When the catgirl, the tower thief, the fairy, and the old priest stepped out onto the street they moved. In a second a group of almost 200 humanoids in various states of transformation appeared. They filled the streets

”Hahaha! Today we will have our revenge! ”

”Nobody can offend the Willis family and get away with it! ”

The crowd cackled as if they had heard a hilarious joke. Spittle and sob ran from their mouths as they laughed and growled like beasts. Unbound desires running rampant in their gaze. Today they could kill.

They held back for so long. Spreading their belief in the darkness. Making people join and see the greatness of their God Zarkon. Immortality! Power! Today they would make an example and wipe out the leader of Minas Mar to establish themself in the city.

They would get their revenge for burning their home. They would get their revenge for stealing their heritage. They would get… would get!

In ultimate excitement, the brains of the Zarkists stopped working and like beasts, they roared. The Willis Family? Their church? They just wanted blood. They wanted to finally rampage!

Yes! The fear in the priest ’s eyes! The hesitation on the cat girl ’s face! Even the disgust of the little fairy! This was what they thrived for! It was the height of their existence only second to unleashing their darkest desires on these victims.

But why did the prey smile? What was with the glint in the thief ’s eyes?

Hmmmmm~ A deep tone vibrated through the vicinity and a rhythmic chant joined into the deep humming.

”Dusa Vibraci ’Ja! ” a shout blasted past the beasts, and it felt as if they were hit by a wall of air. Their breath stocked as the air was pressed out of their lungs and they were unable to breathe.

The sound, the hum- ”Dusa Ugras ’Ti ”

Like a soothing voice, the void was calling them. An overpowering tiredness made them unable to move as their whole body felt weighed down. Gone were the desires, the excitement. There was only the sweet call of the void inviting them for a long sleep.

When was the last time they slept? Yes, sleep…

Almost all Zarkists in the surrounding fell to the ground like puppets that had their strings cut. Only a few that were the farthest away from the center were able to escape the call of the void and flee for their life.


”What a great harvest. ”

”W-What was that? Seth what did you do?! ” Simon looked at the young man in shock. He had recognized them as Zarkists and couldn ’t believe they just fell like flies.

”What do you mean? I tried my new skills… ” he said with his eyes glued to the growing number in his soul space.

”Okay, but what did you do to them? I thought Zarkists are immortal? ” Mina also asked. She had also recognized the threat.

Fin was uncommonly silent. She was just staring at Seth with sparkling eyes like an idol. To her it was like she had commanded them to die, and they just fell over.

Seth only came back to the moment after the number of uncommon medium-sized harvested souls stopped at 210.

”Oh, what? The Zarkists? Short story: I ’m their weakness. I came across a poem that could be roughly translated to ”Soul Shock ”. I had to think of these guys when I found it, so I learned it. ”

Simona and Mina looked at him in shock. It prompted Seth to further explain. A normal person would only be stunned for a short time. But after using together with the poem and increasing its power with this was what happened.

The Soul Shock was strong enough to break the chains of Zarkon that bound the souls to the mortal plane. The rest was done by which promptly collected all the freed souls leading to the deaths of very Zarkist in the vicinity.

Seeing how effective it was on the followers of Zarkon, Seth felt like going to an undead dungeon to harvest souls. His had just upgraded due to the job change, but after collecting 200 uncommon souls it felt like he was close to the next level-up.

Seth looked around, seeing the corpses dissolving into a dark necrotic slime.

”Who ’s going to mop up this mess? -Not me! ”

Fin ”Not me! ” Mina ”Not me! ” Simon ”Not- ” he sighed, ”Okay. Yeah. Make the old priest mop up the goopy black residue of religious fanatics. Sure… ”

-Since I didn ’t feel it like it fit in the chapter, I ’m putting it at the end.-

Name: Seth Smith

Mark of Ivicer

Olympian Myths

Blessing: Hades, Hephaistos, Seth

Title: ”Faster than the Thought ”

Level: 50

Exp: 35%

Race: Ori Huma

Sex: Male


Class: Spirit Blacksmith (Unique)/ Infernal Scald (Unique)

Affiliation: System Church, Minas Mar

Health: 1000/1000

Mana: 2600



Agility: 89




Personality: 73(43+30)

Luck:50 (35+15)

Free AP (Attribute points): 7

Free SP (Skill points): 0


Physical: 450 (366+50+44) (ENDx3)

Magical: 283(240+25+18) (WILx2)

Fire Immunity

Earth Resistance (54%)

Wind Resistance (11%)

Water Resistance (9%)

Poison Resistance (20%)

Frost Resistance (7%)

Resistance to mind attacks (6%)

22 % Resistance to Diseases

Skill Window:

Blacksmith (Journeyman) lv.7 (33%)

Enchantment (Journeyman) lv7 (27.7%)

Goldsmith (Journeyman) lv.6 (97,9%)

Blacksmith ’s Eyes lv.5

Blueprint (Journeyman) lv.4

Reinforce (Journeyman) lv.4

Energy Circulation (2) lv.4

Crafty Failsafe lv.6

Superior Mining lv.5

Mineral Detection lv.5

Sewing (Beginner)lv.9 (35%)

Soul Trade lv.1

Soul Infusion lv.4

Spirit Smithy lv.5

Spirit Capture lv.6

Spirit Forging (Journeyman) lv.5

Orpheus Voice (Passive) lv.5

Channeling (Passive) lv.1

Voice of Seth lv.2

Rune Mastery lv.5

Singing (Apprentice) Lv. 1

Song Writng(Beginner) lv.1

Poetry (Beginner) lv.1

Instrument Mastery (Beginner) lv. 1

Weapon Mastery (Expert) lv.7 (25%)

Lame One ’s Walk lv.5

Calm Reaction (Passive) lv.7

Fear Resistance (Passive) lv.8

Poison Resistance (Passive)lv.4

Earth Affinity lv.5

Fire Affection (Passive) lv.8

Pyrokinesis (Ability)lv.6

Map lv.4

Observation lv.6

Concealment lv.4

Universal Translation lv.max

Demon Language (Adept)lv8

Compulsive Precognition(ability)

Lifestyle magic lv.max

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