Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 272: Minas bling

Seth only needed to look over some of the budgets for the exam before they left for the city. This time they used the elevator.

Two months after the incident in the Willis Building, they were able to buy the burnt-out ruin. Above the elevator shaft, they build a small office building for their dealings in the city. It was easier to have a second way out, other than the teleport to the church.

It was not finished yet but was closer to their shop than the church. They just wanted to leave, when they saw Neeco Boos approaching the building from the outside.

”Neeco, we were on our way to you. What are you doing here? ” Seth greeted the eccentric fashion designer

”Hello! I ’m sorry, Seth. I just couldn ’t wait any longer. ” the tailor answered. The man seemed driven, and his eyes kept shifting between Seth and a specific direction.

”You seem to be in a hurry. Do you want to come in to drink a coffee or … ”

”Can you lend me some money? ” it broke out of the man. Mary and Seth looked at him in surprise. To their knowledge, the tailor had no financial problems. Why did he suddenly need money? The other read their expressions and answered.

”it ’s technically your fault. You told me to take a look at the auction house for more fabrics. Yesterday someone put in an Epic Fabric. Although I can ’t use it yet i want to buy it. I already spent most of my system gold… ”

A light of realization lit up on their faces.

”Sure. How much do you need? ” Seth answered jovially.

”I just need 200 gold. The auction is ending soon, and it should be enough to secure the bid. ”

Mary looked awkwardly. That was a lot of money. Seth smiled.

”Sure. I will even lend it to you without interest. Instead, I have some work for you. I need you to assemble some leather armors with your special thread. ”

”Boss, you can ’t just- ”

”Don ’t worry Mary. I am using my own money for this deal. ”

Ever since Minas Mar became a guild the proceeds did not only wander into his own pocket. They had a business account and budgets, while Seth and the Lords got wages instead of splitting everything among themself.

They entered the half-built building to finish the deal. Mary used one of her skills to create a contract and Seth handed the tailor 200 gold coins in cash and the parts of Mina ’s leather armor. Part of the promise was the assembly of two more leather armors.

One would be Lydia ’s armor and the third would be either a new armor for Evee or maybe Jonah. He wasn ’t sure yet, but it didn ’t hurt to have another coupon to evade something he didn ’t like.

Neeco left in a hurry after he got the money and the parts.

”Great, since this is dealt with let ’s eat out and return to the tower. I ’m actually quite tired. ”

————–Delta, Next Day———

A long queue of people has formed in front of a half-finished building. Where once stood the Willis building was now growing a regal construction in the style of the Chrona Empire. The first two floors with their imposing facade and big entrance door were already finished.

The rest was still veiled in tarp but what could be seen already stuck out like a model among a crowd of wallflowers. Everyone here wanted to register for the exams that would be held in roughly a week.

Jess and James had come early but the people had already filled the street in the front. Some seemed to even have camped in the street. The two adventurers had spent their time in the dungeon until late the other day and couldn ’t come earlier.

They could only hope that the exam was not limited by participants.

”Outta the way. Let me through, you low lives. ” a tall burly man was shoving his way through the crowd. He had a chest like a barrel and arms like a tree trunk. With his broad arms, he split the sea of people.

The people following him had a similar attitude. Their expressions were haughty and their noses high up in the air.

”Isn ’t that the Adventurer King? ”

”The Adventurer King? What is that guy doing here? ”

”The Adventurer King? Who is that? ” James asked confused. Was this guy rudely cutting the line a big shot? He wasn ’t up to date with gossip and stuff like that. He looked to Jess questioning. The girl beside him sighed at his ignorance.

”He is one of the few Apostles that have surfaced since the apocalypse. He ’s the chosen of some God of War or something. He claims to be the strongest adventurer in Delta. ”

”Never heard of him. Does he have a clan? ”

”Nope. Supposedly he doesn ’t want to follow anyone weaker than himself… ” she glanced at the brute pushing through the crowd, ”Or it ’s just that nobody wants to deal with his nasty personality. ”

James only nodded in agreement.

”Hey, get back and stand in line like everyone else! ” a brave hero of justice stepped up to stop the splitter of crowds. The colossus barely gave him a glance before swinging his arm.

The strike caved in the brave hero ’s nose, and he was sent flying for several meters. The party following the Adventurer King only sneered at the crumpled man on the ground as they passed by. A quick demonstration of the consequences had silenced the other bystanders.

The burly man made his way to the reception like a bulldozer and finally came to a stop in front of the desk. The reception staff looked up at him with disinterest.

”I want to register for the Oathguard! ” he said proudly.

”You can only register for the exam. There are no direct admissions to the Oathguard. ” the staff said lethargically.

”But I am the Adventurer King! You should be honored that I am willing to join! Other clans would kill for this opportunity. Forget the Oathguard, you should offer me and my party a private suit of epic gear. ” the burly argued overflowing with confidence.

”Exactly! We are the elites of Delta! ” a tall hawk-nosed woman with a bow bragged.

The staff only lifted an eyebrow and slid a paper towards the man.

”Fill in the form and your party can enter the exam. ”

”Like I said-! Forget about the exam! Bring out your superior. I bet they will gladly speak to me personally. ” he reinforced his insistence by slamming his hand on the table. The rickety folding table gave in without much resistance and the papers were strewn all over the ground.

The staff corrected his glasses while he looked at the mess.

”I will have to ask you to leave. Minas Mar is not interested in who can ’t even wait in line. ”

Angrily the hung grabbed the staff ’s collar and lifted him off the ground.

”And who are you to say that! ”

Before anyone could react a sharp spearpoint was hovering between the Adventurer King ’s eyebrows. Monique and her party were in charge of guarding the registration.

”He ’s an employee of Minas Mar. And he is completely right. Now let him down and return into the cave you came from. ”

”You… ” the party also attempted to draw their weapons but halted when the spear tip made a jolt forward and hovered only millimeters away from their boss ’ eyes.

Carefully the Adventurer King put the staff back on the ground and lifted his hands.

”Leave. Minas Mar does not need self-important rabble, no matter how strong they are. ”

The reception was hurriedly put back in order and the registration continued. It was late in the night when James and Jess finally got their turn. The form was quite simple. One only needed to fill in their name, age, class, and level and optionally their party name if they registered as a party.

”The exam will be held in one week. Be sure to come here on time.

While the registration was going on a different guest demanded Seth ’s presence. A dashing man with a wide-brimmed hat and a groomed handlebar mustache was led into a temporary office.

Seth had sat down at the desk while Mary and Jane stood to the side in each corner. The man looked like a musketeer and struggled a little bit trying to sit in the chair with armrests. His rapier kept getting in the way and he ended up putting it in the inventory.

”I already mentioned it at the door, but I am the vice-master of Delta ’s adventurer guild. Are you the Master of Minas Mar? ”

”Yes, I am the Tower Master of Minas Mar. What matter lead to the Vice-Master visiting us today? ”

”As the organization in charge of the adventurers, I hope you understand that the guild would show interest in such a large-scale recruitment operation. I came to enquire about your plan concerning this exam you have been advertising. ”

Seth nodded understandingly, but he had not much knowledge of the exam either. He had left this to the others. As such he looked to Mary and Jane to explain. Mary stepped to the desk and brought some paper out to show them.

”For the first test, the examinees would be split into those between lv. 20 and 30 and those above lv. 30. Those below lv.30 would enter a multiple-layer dungeon with a member of Minas Mar to judge their skills in the dungeon. Those above lv.30 would enter a tournament to test their combat skills against humans. ” she said with a slight blush.

”That was the original plan. Seeing the number of examinees has left us in a slight pickle. ”

The Vice-Master ’s face relaxed. He had been frowning a little when he heard the original plan until Mary mentioned that they had not expected this many people.

”What a fortune moment for the both of us. I have a proposal that will solve all our problems. ”

The Vice-Master left after they came to an agreement. It was around the same time as Jess and James finished their application.

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