Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 292: Days as a Blacksmith (2)

2. Each kill during battle will increase base stats by 20% for 1 minute. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

3. A random permanent attribute point will be granted every time the maximum number of boosts is achieved. Cooldown: 2minutes

Malus: The longer a kill streak is maintained, the stronger the mental corruption will become. >

The Skill alone had another three options and from what Seth understood, there was no great danger as long as Mike fulfilled the usage requirements and was careful.

Still, this was a terrifying sword and Seth would not dare to touch it without his various equipment buffs that boosted his willpower past 200.

As for the Mana Regeneration, Seth guessed that the effect of Charons Obol triggered and added a random enchantment.

The about 5% he had gotten in and the7% proficiency in put a smile on his face. As long as he didnt compose new ballads for everything he wanted to make; he should be able to rank up his skills within the next days.

But now he really needed to rest. Using magic to get rid of the sticky feeling all over his body he finally sunk on the bed and fell asleep.

Even though the bed was hard and rough, he slept a lot better than during the nights at the barracks.

~ Wake up! Seth! The sun is up. ~

“Just 5 more minutes…”

~ You asked me to wake you so get up already. ~

The blacksmith opened his crusty eyes and shrunk back like a vampire when the bright daylight from the window fell into them. Even with the stamina potion, it seemed like he had been a lot more tired than he thought.

The days as a slave were not exactly restful. There was a lot of sleep he had to make up for but now was not the time.

Seth directly continued with Mikes armor. For the swordsmans armor, Seth decided on a mix of chain mail and hardened leather.

~ Let the great me help compensate for your mediocre skills! ~ he suddenly heard when he was about to assemble the breastplate made of reinforced troll leather parts. The next moment a roll of fine silk fell out from the pet space. The silk was silver with a sky blue sheen.

“What is this?” Seth asked confused.

~Be thankful! This is the new thread I can make. Its called sky silk! ~

The Ivicer explained. Sky Silk? Seth couldnt appraise it with his which meant that it had to be a pure tailors material. Taking into account that the was already epic rated material, just what was the rating of this ?

When Seth tested the durability of the thread, he could almost feel it cut into his glove like a piano wire! It was definitely strong but there was a problem. A big one.

“How am I supposed to use it? Im barely an adept in sewing.”

He could hear a grumpy murmur from Puffles.

~ Fine, let me try.~ and a small entrance to the pet space opened.

Suddenly the thread in Seths hand started moving on its own as if it was alive.

~ This great me will help and fill in for your lacking skill. ~

It was a slight back and forth but soon they managed to smoothly work together and Puffles stitched together the parts of the leather armor under Seths guidance.

While Seth and Puffles worked on the leather parts, Cerberus worked on the chain mail that would be worn under the leather. Even in a world with magic, chain mail was a very time-intensive work and Seth was glad he could leave it to the golem.

Cerberus could fashion the small ring in fast order with machine-like precision. The material used was . The reason was as simple as it was genius. Because of the weird property of the rare material, each ring would have its own set of effects.

But this was not a problem, but the intention. Seth used the fact that different magics got into each others way. Similar to the problem with wearing a ring on each finger or putting too many enchantments on an item.

The many thousand rings with their own effects each would theoretically cancel out each others effect, making it result in a simple chain mail shirt with a high durability. At least this was their theory.

At noon Seth and Puffles finished the leather parts. A leather brigandine, bracers, gloves, high boots, and leg guards. Instead of fusing a soul into each of them, Seth decided to turn the bracers, leg guards, and brigandine into a set.

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