Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 294: Days as a Blacksmith (4)

Chapter 293: Days as a Blacksmith (3)

For the set Seth used 4 of the cold souls and 6 of the common medium-sized souls to make a big cold soul.

Everyone else in the group had various kinds of crowd control effects. In theory, the combination of the Frigid Soul and the ice troll leather would take care of this for Mike.

Seth engraved the complex circuits for shield and health regeneration onto the big soul before splitting it into 5 parts for the brigandine, leg guards and bracers.

He forged the parts to mirror the physical components before infusing them into the leather armor. A satisfied smile appeared on his face when he dunked them into the waters of Styx as the notifications of synergies chimed in his ears.

The enchantment and the souls used achieved a synergy with the leather.

Since he couldnt engrave or etch leather armor, he tried to achieve synergies for better effects. He had also looked for more songs that could be used to imitate magic enchantments.

His eyes widen at the third message. The soul and the silk had achieved a synergy? He hurriedly checked the armors options.

If the whole set was worn it would give triple the health regeneration, grant immunity to frost attacks and improve the overall power by 55% under the open sky.

In addition, there were another two skills added as a set effect. Ice shield was quite literal.

The second skill was slightly more complicated.

To his surprise, it was the sky silk that cause the most powerful effects. It showed quite vividly that Puffles new material was a lot higher ranked than he thought. Maybe even legendary rated.

What was left were the gloves and boots. He had left out the gloves on purpose because he had a special soul for those, but he had only one of them. Among the dark elves were also some swordsmen and fencers but he only managed to directly harvest one of those.

It was simply called a and was rated rare. As Mike was righthanded Seth forged the right gauntlet from the swordsmans soul and enchanted it with strength and dexterity.

On the left glove, he used a strengthened cold soul and added health regeneration and willpower. Seth held back on the more abstract enchantments to offer Mike additional mana as these less spectacular enchantments needed less mana.

Since Seth couldnt use the soul to turn the gloves into a set, he decided to modify them to use etching. The gloves were a hybrid between gauntlets and leather gloves and incorporated a few plates of he made from the leftovers.

He didnt have a lot of ink in his inventory which was why he wanted to use it sparingly. Seth didnt mind that there was little space to write on. It was better that way.

The text he was going to use was called the “ITS A SWORD. THEYRE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE.” It had a very educational ring to it, but it was a text that overall spoke to specific war demons and increased the damage when a sword is used.

The second option surprised Seth. Was it possible that the swordsmans soul was that of a magic swordsman? This was great! Especially with the additional skill as a set effect. Mike would be able to deal strengthened magic damage of fire and ice using these items!

The second glove was not as spectacular.

With the gloves done his and grew to just above 70% of lv.8.

Last were the boots. Seth didnt originally plan anything spectacular with the boots, but the effects of the sky silk gave him an idea. He fused 10 medium-sized into a big one and enchanted it with Featherfall and Agility.

The result was different but better than he thought.

The Ice Glider skill was the result of feather falling and the materials of the boots.

This sounded pretty cool, like the move of a superhero. Seth had no confidence to learn how to use this skill, but he had faith in Mike.

He had to grin when he imagined the cat boy slip and land on his butt.

Once Seth finished the jewelry it would be done with Mikes gear but he decided to make the jewelry for everyone in one go. Instead, he concentrated on weapons and armor.

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