Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 299: Soul Armaments (2)

Chapter 298: Soul Armaments

Nobody woke him up this time. He woke up because he had slept enough. It was around noon and another bowl of slob was already waiting at the hatch of the door.

He remembered finishing the important helmet and brought it out to appraise it. He rotated the dark helmet in his hands. It felt light but had a certain gravity to it.

Seth couldnt appraise it. was not enough to see the items options. It was definitely a piece of armor! His skill was supposed to work. This could only mean it was above epic or even relic rating. Was it legendary? Or maybe a completely different rank?

~ Its probably a divine armament. ~ Al stated after his question.

She explained that things like these, similar to stuff like a Holy Sword or some mythic items she heard of could not easily be appraised. Since it was filled with the power of a god, it was not hard for them to block system skills.

In the best case, it was enough of the leveled his appraisal skill, but it could also be that there were special circumstances that needed to be fulfilled to get information on the item.

If he couldnt appraise it, there was only one thing he could do to find out about the effects. Test them. He unceremoniously put the helmet on his head.

The helmet turned clear and with it Seths whole body. He felt the items power wash over and in the next moment, a terrible feeling of nausea attacked him. Hurriedly he took it off again.

His first thought was that the item probably had usage requirements. He was the maker and a Champion of Hades, so if it specified him or someone worthy like the Staff of Seth he would fulfill those.

The second possibility was that he needed a specific number of stats to wear it. To test it he simply wore his full gear and put on the helmet again.

Seth vanished, but the nausea was still there. However, it was much weaker. Wearing it slightly longer now he also noticed that it constantly used mana.

By taking off and switching armor pieces, Seth slowly found out the helms requirements.

He needed roughly 400 Willpower, 200 Intelligence, 250 Dexterity, and 250 Endurance to wear the Helm of Hades. Knowing this was a big help in choosing which s to use on the soul armament.

Seth started with because it was the first on the list. This may have been a coincidence but judging by those that came afterward it might have been a method.

He started off with a normal medium-sized soul. The new perk caused the souls to be a lot more tangible during the forging process. It made the forging slightly harder but allowed much more details than before. Compared to the Helm of Hades this increase in difficulty was nothing.

Since nobody was going to see this one, and the enchantment he wanted to use was Seth chose to forge a classic ancient breastplate that imitated some awesome chesticles and a six-pack.

Nobody would be able to judge him if the armor was not visible from the outside!

When he finished his little work of art, a representation of the male ideal, he started engraving the sigil of on the sternum of the breastplate.

After he finished the sigil, it was as if it came alive and many carvings started spreading like roots from a core. They covered the whole breastplate before he finally got the notification that it was finished.

A special armor from the hands of Craftsman Smith enchanted with divine power. >

Well, this wasnt very impressive but the skill itself was tremendous.

Not only did it add 50 to all his attributes except for luck, this was the first enchantment he saw that improved the modifiers! Normally modifiers only grew every ten levels depending on the class.

For example, Seths basic physical defense was about 3 points per 1 point in Endurance. Now it would be 5 times his endurance! Same with his attack speed, damage, or mana.

It might not sound like much but this was an incredible boost. Especially for things like his base damage which were pitifully low thanks to his crafting class. His attack damage was roughly thrice his strength while even a common fighter class would deal five times their strength as base damage at his level.

The only drawback was the cost. 400 mana per minute. If he wanted to make this a permanent improvement, he would need to add a lot of souls. It was a good thing that he held back a little when he made the armors of his friends.

He had not held back on the medium-sized souls for his friends, but he still had 8 big common souls up his sleeve. A big soul had a mana regeneration of about 100 per minute so he just needed to spend half of them to make the effect permanent.

Just half! He definitely wasnt holding back tears or anything. It wasnt like this was all the accumulated hard work of the hunting session during the last 4 months. It helped that he had gotten a lot from the Zarkist still! Those souls had been a lot of work.

There was no changing the inevitable. Seth infused 4 big souls to turn the passive skill into a permanent improvement. It actually provided slightly more mana than the enchantment needed, and additional mana was added 500 mana as a secondary effect.

How great would it have been if he could add even more effects but that would not be possible. Seeing how dominant the sigil was he was afraid that there might be complications with other enchantments or even effects of a soul.

This was why he opted to use the common souls for now, as they had no effects to begin with.

2. +500 Mana

A special armor from the hands of Craftsman Smith enchanted with divine power. >

He couldnt lie, he was quite satisfied with how it came out. When he wore the new soul armor, he felt the increase in power rush through his body. For a moment his body became taught as all his muscles tensed up for a moment.

Seeing how this had worked well, Seths gaze wandered to the other enchantments on his list. There were some that fell in line with the effects of simple enchantments among normal enchantments. At least that was what he could infer from the description.

For example seemed to increase agility or which probably did the same to willpower. Most of these new blessings were Chthonian Enchantments which meant they followed blessings or features of figures associated with the underworld of Hades.

Seth tried testing them the same way he had started with the Olympian Enchantments. He created a pair of soul boots and enchanted them with .

This was almost disappointing at first glance. Compared to generic enchantments or even Olympian Levity which granted up to 50 Agility and 25% Movement Speed.

His mind changed when he infused his old pair of soul boot into the new ones. The power of the effects grew! Seth kept infusing medium-sized souls. The additional movement speed kept increasing up to 25% but the agility showed no signs of stopping.

Seth had a new theory. Some of these enchantments that mentioned no set limit worked on the basis of “The higher the input, the higher the output”. The execution of the enchantment probably regulated the conversion rate.

As long as Seth infused souls it would increase! He infused another 12 medium-sized souls. Hee stopped when agility reached 100 another option was added. Seth took it as a sign to stop for now as he still needed souls for other items.

Although it was powerful, the trade-off between cost and effect felt worse than . Seth compared the two and stumbled over the fact that Alectos Wings were enchanted with semi-divine power.

It took a moment before he had any idea what might be the solution to this conundrum. There were two other enchantments called and which were associated with the furies.

Based on the kind of effect they had Seth chose to make a pair of rings with these two. Although he did not have to, he put quite a bit of effort into forging the rings. He made them in the style of a sigil ring, so he had space to engrave them.

Like the two previous tries. Once he finished engraving, they would grow and cover the whole item.

He got a notification from the system after he finished the second ring and a set effect was added to the three soul armaments..

< Tisiphones Ring Erinyes Set 1/3 Soul Armament Magic Def. : 67 1.+15 Willpower 2. +5% Mental Energy A special armor from the hands of Craftsman Smith enchanted with divine power. >

Set Effect:


+100 Agility

+15 Willpower

+15 Intelligence >

The semi in front of the divine power had vanished! His guess had been correct. The furies had to be assembled to show their complete power. Now they had a set effect.

Seth strengthened Tisiphones Ring and the Willpower in the set effect grow as much as that of the ring. At first glance, the set effect doubled the first effect of the 3 items. But since they could be strengthened there might be even more if he strengthened them in the future.

It took between 10-15 medium-sized souls per ring to strengthen them to the same extent as the boots. They also grew in a similar fashion as the boots.

< Tisiphones Ring Erinyes Set 1/3 Soul Armament Magic Def. : 789 1. +100 Willpower 2. +25% Mental Energy 3. +10% Mental Energy Recovery in Battle A special armor from the hands of Craftsman Smith enchanted with divine power. >

Set Effect:


+100 Agility

+100 Willpower

+100 Intelligence >

< Megairas Ring Erinyes Set 1/3 Soul Armament Magic Def. : 820 1. +100 Intelligence 2. +25% Mana Regeneration 3. +10% Mana to be used only on Offensive Magic A special armor from the hands of Craftsman Smith enchanted with divine power. >

Set Effect: collapse>

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