Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 302: Ready Seth-

Chapter 301: Gear up

~ Do you even have any idea how to get out of the cell? ~

Puffles asked worriedly. Seth was putting so much effort into readying himself but if he couldnt leave the cell without being noticed.

“Oh, that? I have an idea for that. It will be a surprise.”

After getting a good rest, Seth got up and returned to his work. He wanted to slowly get started with upgrading some of his current equipment. Some still had no enchantment because he didnt see his skills fitting at the time.

One of them was his Wyvern Cuirass. At the time he was unsatisfied with the options he had. The test on the chain mail gave him hope and he wanted to raise the stakes.

Of the enchantments he had seemed promising. Seth remembered roughly that this man had tried to woo or kidnap Persephone, Hadess wife, and was bound to a stone when he sat down to rest.

It sounded more like a weapon enchantment that would cause a snare effect. He fathomed that it could work with the earth affinity from the bulls hide. On the other hand, it could turn the armor into a cursed object which would stop you from moving once you wore it.

This seemed too risky for his taste, instead, he chose a familiar name; . The description talked about Tisiphone enacting retribution for suffered harm. This seemed like a good traditional enchantment for a big piece of armor like the Wyvern Cuirass.

It also fit the Reflect: Curse which was based on nature retribution for the death of a white bull.

Seth would have liked something that acted with the fire glass if the breastplate but he was afraid that < Fire of Phlegethon > would turn it into a flaming armor like the chain mail which was way too flashy. The ice effects also didnt seem to distinguish between friends and enemies, either.

It wasnt what he wanted. This only left as the most promising enchantment. He decided to engrave the sigil on the right chest of the breastplate. Left were the wyvern scales over the heart, and right would be the sigil.

Before Seth engraved the enchantment, he decided to use for its intended purpose. By giving the armor a once over and fixing smaller deficiencies he could infuse power into the material to strengthen it. Like this, he could infuse the additional boost it would have had with his current skill level.

The sigil resembled a pair of abstract wings and when Seth finished it a number of engravings started covering the cuirass. They looked like winding snakes and didnt only cover the breastplate but also the wyvern scales of the skirt. They even appeared on the bull leather, looking like tattoos.

Wyvern Cuirass

Epic Wyvern Set 1/4


Phys.Def.: 1600


Durability: 4000

1. 50% less damage from Fire related attacks

2. 40% less damage from Earth related attacks

3. 25% less damage from Wind related attacks

4. 25% less damage from Magic

5. Curse: Reflect

6. Passive Skill: Tisiphones Mirror

The tremendous re-work of Craftsman Smith. The synergy between several different kinds of materials, divine enchantment, and treatment has turned this cuirass into a frightening defensive item.

Once rumors of the armors effects spread or it plays a role in the users ascend to a legend, the item will become legendary. >

All options had been strengthened and a new skill had been added, too.

< Passive Skill: Tisiphones Mirror, No Cost Punishment is due. 50% of suffered damage will be reflected onto the attacker. 75% Chance to cause either Disease or Illness A chance to cause Torturing Madness when special conditions are met. >

The wording of the fifth option had also changed. It did not seem to have majorly strengthened at first but he soon realized why the change was important.

< Passive Skill: Curse Reflect, No Cost, Harm me and be Despised 50% of the damage suffered is negated and reflected causing a natural curse. Wounds and Status Effects cannot be healed through conventional means.>

Before the skill said that any attack that hit the armor would be directly reflected and cause a curse. Now it said suffered damage would be negated. This way it didnt overlap with and lessen its effect.

Had it not changed 50% of an incoming attack would have been reflected and the divine skill could have only thrown back 25% of the full attack, as he would only suffer 50% of the initial attack. Now he suffered the damage before it was negated.

It seemed a little weird and didnt seem to fit the nature of the bull hide but taking into account that the change happened because of the divine enchantment it seemed possible. Also, the addition of making Status Effects harder to recover from.

Together these two skills would make attacking Seth a nightmare for any enemy. He hadnt expected it to become this broken, but he definitely would not complain! No, he planned to become even more broken!

His next idea was a shot in the blue but the one he looked forward to the most.

He brought out the . This golden flowing piece of woven metal would be the basis of his next project.

For this item, Seth made a hard decision. He would dismantle one of his items. With the Helm of Hades, he could not wear the Protective Crown. As he needed the for this item, he decided to dismantle it and take the soul from it.

It was a hard decision as was a great skill to have but taking into consideration how ambitious the item he was trying to make was, the was vital.

Seth used several medium souls to repair it and did his best to minutely copy the cloth armor as he forged the healed soul. This item was one of his first thoughts when he found out about the possible synergy with his trait, but he had lacked the confidence to attempt it until now.

This had changed when he saw this new enchantment. It was neither counted as Chthonian nor Olympian, however, Seth didnt quite understand why. He knew the god definitely counted as a god of Olympus.

The sigil resembled an ornate cane entwined by a snake and when he engraved it on the left chest of the soul gambeson it was slightly different from those beforehand.

There was no great change to the overall soul armament instead there was a slight color change which made the cloth armor somewhat look like a wavy cloak.

He had only finished the soul armament and already got this notification. Looking a the changes, he could easily spot what option was added because of the soul.

He was off to a good start, but it was only the first step. Seth infused the soul armament into the Celestial Gambeson and dunked it into the waters of Styx.

He had hoped for the last synergy, but it was the why was the first one doubled? The material had reacted with the enchantment? In wonder, he looked at the new item.

< The Golden Fleece (Concept) Unique Phys.Def.: 1050 Mag.Def.:880 Durability: 3300 1. Strengthen Defense by 50% for 10s Manacost:50 2. Weight of the Armor is decreased by 75% 3. +50% Power to all Fire-and Light-based attacks 4. Item is immune to Fire or Light damage 5. +250% Health Regeneration 6. Passive Skill: Auto Cast 7. Magic: Superior Heal is available 8. Magic: Superior Detox is available 9. Magic: Superior Cure is available A rendition of the mythical object from Olympian legends. Created by the experienced hands of Tailor Craftsman Nädel and Craftsman Smith. A high-quality cloth armor made with excellent weaving and sewing techniques imbued with high craftsmanship and divine powers. Once rumors of the armors effects spread or it plays a role in the users ascend to a legend, the item will become legendary. >

Seth looked at it with big eyes. It had ended up even better than he had expected. The option of the enchantment had even strengthened after gaining the synergy.

The enchantment used was called which added the three skills and a 200% increase in health regeneration. This had already been more than he expected as Seth had only expected the tremendous buff to health regeneration or some more resistance against diseases from its description.

This had given him the confidence that it could turn the golden Celestial Gambeson into the Golden fleece. On top of it came the materials resistance to fire. He remembered that the fleece was originally guarded by a dragon and could only be stolen after being blessed with a fireproof blessing.

On top of that, he used the which resembled Chrysomallos, the ram the golden fleece originated from. He vaguely remembered that it had willingly been sacrificed.

It still didnt completely explain how had even further strengthened and the skills had become superior. Until he thought of where the came from.

“Say, Puffles, about the … does it have some special effects with divine power?

~ Haha, do you finally realize my greatness? Have you forgotten that our thread is the material for the garments of God? Of course, it has a special relationship with divine powers. ~

Seth just nodded silently. Then it made sense. Then he danced a jig in joy. He could now heal himself, cure status effects and get rid of even deadly poisons.

He hugged the Golden Fleece and immediately equipped it and tried to use the skills on himself. It was like the fire magic embedded in his gloves and he felt very good afterward, although he had not been conscious of any disease or wound.

Feeling fit he continued. He was sure he could finish everything today.

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