Chapter 302: Ready, Seth-

All the items he was making were not just the improvements needed for him to feel safe once he started his operation. They were all experiments at the same time. The next one would be a rather large step in experimenting.

The next involved a very precious item he couldnt really afford to ruin but he didnt have the time for long tests. It was a masterpiece Nädel had sent him back a few weeks prior.

It was an almost translucent gray cloak. The fabric felt thin and smooth in his hand but not flimsy at all.

Just like this, the cloak was already a spectacular item that reminded Seth of something like an invisibility cloak.

When wearing it Seth felt very light, and for others, it looked as if someone reduced his opaqueness by a quarter. The passive skills were also quite interesting. Specter Amity made most ghosts non-aggressive to his presence.

Intuition could help him to find his way when he pulled the hood down into his face. It resembled the feeling he had when he used the system guidance during the crafting of a blueprint. He would have a slight inclination of direction to go if he knew his goal.

In a way, it reminded him of a special compass from a movie he had once seen, but he couldnt remember its name. It had something to do with pirates.

Originally, he had been struggling with himself whether to use the Wanderers Soul on the cloak or rather use the soul on an item for Evee and see whether there would be a special effect.

Seth didnt know whether it was really the souls of her brother or just an appropriation made by the system. If it had some lingering memories, it would have been interesting to see whether it would react to Evee or not.

He was sure the souls effect could have an interesting synergy with the cloak but he didnt have any freedom on this decision, at the moment. The Wanderers soul was needed for something else.

Instead, Seth chose the last big uncommon soul he had gotten from the glow people. They had a high affinity for magic and he could test the reaction between special souls and the divine enchantments.

Seth started out with turning the soul into a replica of the thin cloak. It was harder than expected to copy the thinned and look of smoothness of the fabric.

The sigil resembling two crossed torches and he engraved it on the cloaks back as if it was a superhero cape. Afterward, he had doubts that maybe Neeco Boos had a bad influence on his taste.

As he was working, he could feel a presence again. It was one but it also felt like three. This was the goddess of magic, necromancy, and pathways as he was currently working on the . The gaze he felt was serious, maybe strict, but he could also feel some good will in it.

His back had slightly heated up as if a fire was burning behind him when he finished the last stroke of the sigil and it vanished as if it was absorbed into the soul. This was a first but the presence was gone and there was no notification of failure.

Seth hesitated when he saw the option of the soul cloak, but he couldnt wear it as a soul armament and had no choice but to infuse it into the Specter Cloak.

He could hear multiple synergy notifications when he dunked the cloak into the barrel. His eyes went wide, especially at the last option.

The last option was not restricted to magic, it would also double the power of the fire he used with . Furthermore, besides the obvious additions of effects that strengthened magic, there were changes to the original functions.

The Chant Reduction of the soul had turned into which allowed the user to omit the chant when they had a high affinity or a high familiarity with the magic. This meant Seth could quick cast the magic from his gloves but not the ones from the Golden Fleece unless he got familiar with it.

On that note, allowed Seth to copy a fire spell he cast for free. If he cast a Fire Ball in his right hand, he could create one in his left hand simultaneously for free.

was broadened to encompass all undead and could now even hint at not just the visible paths but even hidden passageways.

Seth had not expected the boost to his firepower as he only remembered Hekate as the goddess of magic, necromancy, and passageways. When he got back, he would need to polish up his mythology knowledge to help him understand some of these enchantments.

It had gone well this time but it didnt mean it couldnt go bad. Like the experiment with the chainmail. What if he suddenly got an item with negative effects for the wearer because he misunderstood the enchantment?

He booked this as a lesson, not an achievement. These Olympian and Chthonian gods had many different authorities and he couldnt always expect to strike the one he wished for.

Before this, Seth had wanted to make a ring using the and the which he guessed had also an impact on fortune. But now he wasnt too sure anymore.

After all, Hades was the master over everything under the earth. His blessing had given him mining skills and earth affinity. But being a god of fortune was just one of his aspects. He was the master of the underworld, the custodian, and guardian of the dead.

It was much more likely for his blessing to involve something like necromancy. It may even aid his class skills. He didnt have material for that with him and was forced to put that plan on ice.

All what was left was his way out of this cell.

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