Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 309: Making a Plan (2)

Chapter 308: Making a Plan

~So… what are we doing now? ~

The situation had escalated in a weird direction. Seth was sitting in a small room. The furnishings were spartan with only a cupboard, a desk, a chair, and a slim bed.

On the said bed laid an unconscious nun. The well-endowed priestess was tied up with her own blankets. Seth simply sat there on the chair and intently stared into the void thinking about what to do now.

There wasnt a lot of time. The nun probably had duties. People would notice her disappearance.

A bold idea formed in his mind. If he cant kill her and cant keep her here… there was only one thing he could do. Romance her. Now he thought like a bard.

~Are you serious? ~

~Although this great me does not want to agree with the undead nymphomaniac… are you serious? ~

“What other option is there?”

~ Do you really think you can charm a nun? One of this kind of religion? ~

“Dont forget, I have a trickster gods skill. Corruption and charm are part of the description of . On top of that, I have the charm magic from my belt. AND if all this is not enough, I have a trump card. I can still power up Persephones Necklace. I saved a good number of souls for such a case.”

~ Hm… ~

“Come on, this should be enough to charm one nun. Lets start.”

While she was still asleep, he started casting Charm on her over and over again. Her sleep became a little unsettled. Her faced and her breathing quickened. He didnt really know what to whisper to her with his divine voice, so he let Al advise him.

“Are you sure I should pretend to be her god? I have no idea what these people believe in.”

~ Dont worry, your skills will sell it. She will make the rest up on her own.”

“Well, okay then…”

My child, I have come before you. I have chosen you for your undeterred belief

Her sleep became more agitated.

Wake up in the glory of your-

“Cut the crap already! There is no way that asshole would visit someone like me!”

Her arms flung up, lock around his neck. Her knee pushed in his stomach, and she tossed him over herself. Immediately they had switched positions and she was straddling him. Seth had been too surprised by the fact that she had managed to free herself to react to the sudden attack.

Before he could catch another thought, a pair of soft lips pressed against his and a small tongue forced his way into his mouth.

“What the heck is going on!?” she voiced everyones thoughts in this situation.

“What did you terribly handsome bastard do to me? Why cant I stop thinking of kissing your manly– What did you do!?” her hand laid around his neck and she kept shaking him in frustration. Seth didnt resist as he was taking literally zero damage.

~What a weird priestess. Is this normal? ~ Puffles asked confused.

~ No, this is indeed a weird one. ~

The caterpillar and the lich, as unconcerned parties, held a calm conversation about the peculiarities of the clergy. The blacksmith could only listen as a pair of soft hands tried to harm him while she let off some steam.

When she finally calmed down a little, she took as much distance as possible and pressed into the opposite corner of the room beside the door.

“I dont even know you. I will not give in to these desires!”

“Child, you need to calm down and- ” Seth started again with but was interrupted.

“I told you to stop with that act. There is no way a trash god like that would visit some low-rank nun and nonbeliever like me. You are an intruder! I will report you!”

She wanted to rush out of the door, but it was locked. The next moment hand slammed in the door beside her head. She turned around and looked up into the tall intruders eyes. He had a smug smile on his face.

Again, an alien attraction grew in the back of her mind as she looked up at his face.

“A nonbeliever you say~” Seth spoke in a smooth voice thickly laced with magic. He had caught onto her slip of the tongue and hooked onto it. He could see the gaze in her eyes change again. She had a very strong will, but he also had used charm a lot while she was unconscious.

“This makes things a lot easier. I believe we set off on the wrong foot. Dont worry, the magic will wear off with time. I didnt mean to do any harm. How about a calm conversation?”

His voice entered her ears like honey for the soul. She calmed down tremendously from hearing that these contradicting feelings were not permanent, but at the same time her favor for this stranger grew. She wanted to trust him.

He was tall and not ugly at all, and it seemed that he was telling the truth and had no interest in harming her.

Seeing her calm down Seth was glad that the Voice of Seth worked as intended. Knowing she was not a fanatic believer made talking to her much easier.

“As much as I would like to wait until the charm wears off, we dont have the time. You probably have duties to attend to, right?”

“Ah, y-yeah. Oh no, Im running late. But will you let me go?”

Seth stepped closer and looked her deep in her maroon eyes. Her breath quickened.

“Just promise me you wont tattle on me. I will stay here and hide and neither of us has to get into trouble.”

She felt a warmth in her stomach.

“Y-Yes, I promise!” she hurriedly said. The nun distractedly tried to open the door and flee. Seth calmly unlocked the door for her and let her runoff. When she was finally gone Seth blushed furiously. He felt so embarrassed.

He had largely simply followed AlSalzars lead on this one. Sure, it was his idea to “romance” her, but it didnt he had planned to act like this…

~ Well done, my young padawan. But are you sure she wont report you? ~

“I followed your lead, if it didnt work its your fault. But I think… well I hope she wont. Its not like she will get away scot-free if an intruder is found in her room, even if she is the one reporting it, right?”

~ Maybe. ~

Seth could change it now. Considering this was a whole big accident and he had improvised to fix it; the result was good?

All they could do now was wait. He laid down on the slim bed and thought about what happened. His best guess was still that the Helm of Hades and a duration and a cool down. If he was right, he would just have to wait for it to come off cooldown.

Until then he would have to stay in the nuns room. She called herself a nonbeliever, maybe he could turn her into s spy and get information from her?

As he lay there, he slowly felt the fatigue caught up with him. He didnt sleep so well in that storeroom and the tiredness made the bed feel almost comfortable. Leaving the guard to the lich and fell asleep.

~Wake up! Someone is coming.~

“hng? How long was I gone for?”

~A few hours.~

The door opened and the nun stepped inside. She meticulously locked the door and then leaned with her back against it. She looked at Seth with determined eyes.

“I have decided. After what has happened this morning, you will have to marry me,” she stated.

“WHAT?!” Seth exclaimed and jumped off the bed.

Seeing his panicked reaction, she couldnt hold her serious expression and started laughing. Her happy giggles filled the room.

“Haha, dont worry. Its a joke. Just a little revenge. We should talk.”

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