Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 345: Dealing with Evil

Chapter 344: Snake Oiling

The barkeeper had chosen his own punishment. The man was only level 11. Considering the difference in level and stats Seth could easily give him simple commands when he focused on him.

The man did not even show an ounce of discontent as he lifted the glass and chugged his own urine. He acted as if this was his own choice.

“How about you give me your best drink, now? On the house, of course.” Seth said after the man was done forcing it down.

“Sure…” the barkeeper nodded and brought out a fresh glass and a fancy-looking bottle. The alcohol was very fragrant.

~This stuff is even oozing mana. ~ the pocket lich commented when Seth took a whiff of it.

Just a swig told Seth, that the alcohol had a similar effect to a weak mana potion.

~It might even have a strengthening effect on people of a lower level. ~

This gave Seth an idea, and he ordered a second glass before summoning the Imugi. Didnt dragons in stories also often have a taste for alcoholic beverages? Maybe it could have an effect on the chubby snake.

~ I dont wanna! It smells weird. ~

“Come on! Just take a sip. I promise it wont taste bad.”

~ Moh… fine. ~

The tiny, forked tongue shot into the glass to get a taste. Again and again, finally, the Imugi started strangling the glass and drinking in big gulps until it was empty.

~Another! ~ it said and shove its glass off the counter, smashing it on the ground.

“Another,” Seth ordered and the second glass was filled.

In the end, the little child emptied the whole bottle, after which it took a drunk nap. It was not without effect. The Imugis mana had increased by 30 points. It was not much, but also not little.

“How about you let me meet your boss now?” Seth finally said to the barkeeper.

“That wont be necessary. I have seen everything.” someone said.

The man speaking wore a luxurious black mantle over a stylish black suit. Looking like a mobster from a different century, he was coming down the stairs from one of the upper floors.

“You have quite nerve to play with my bartender like this,” he said and fixed his slicked-back hair.

It was a pale, attractive man with raven black hair and a scar from the left side of his mouth, down to the jawline. Pip looked at the man with shock and fear.

“Well, well, well. If it isnt my little Pip. Was the world not nice to you after you finally managed to run away? Are you back to reattach the leash after you found out that the world outside is no better than what we have here?” he said sardonically.

He kept approaching the little girl threateningly with a complacent smile. It would have been a serious scene if somebody had not broken out in laughter right beside the little girl. Pip and Crovo looked at him in confusion.

Corvo became angry and the girl panicked a little.

“What are you even saying? This place is as good as it gets? You know nothing.” he finally said after recovering from his fit of laughter.

“Also, how come you ignore me the moment you see an old flame? Huh?” Seth stood and squared off with Corvo who was almost 10cm shorter.

“Am I not interesting enough to distract you from a little girl? I even pulled off some awesome mind tricks, and you dropped me the moment you saw Pip. I feel a little hurt, you know?” Seth grinned.

Corvo had not realized when, but Seth had moved in between him and Pip. When had the man, with his confident smile, gotten so close?! A heavy, gloved hand landed on his shoulder. The “business” man was in the mid lv.50s himself, but this hand felt incredibly heavy and when it grasped his shoulder it was like a vice.

“I have a business to talk about with you,” Seth said seriously.

The blacksmith knew that this man was some kind of big shot, otherwise, he would not have swaggered out so confidently. There probably was also some complicated history with Pip or even a trauma for her. But Seth did not care.

He interrupted their little “Villain and former Victim-play”. The two could work out the dynamic of their relationshit somewhen else if it was that important. Seth was not here for fun or someone elses character development.

“Ah, sure. Lets go to my office.” Corvo answered a little confused.

Corve only came back to his senses after he sat down in his chair behind his desk, with the Man, Pip, and that weird four-armed lady sitting opposite him.

“… What do you want from me?” the nightclub owner asked suspiciously and fixated the three.

“Well, try to guess,” Seth said. He wanted to see whether this man was worth his money. The information on the caravan couldnt be a secret after what had happened.

“Are you from that caravan… dont tell me that you are the guy who fobbed the guard off with 20 silvers?” Corvo asked after a moment of silence.

He even knew about what happened at the gate. It seemed that it was a good idea to take pip along, after all.

“Looks, like this will be worth my time. We want to restock our food and supplies at this place. Enough for 3 weeks and roughly 400 people. Who do I have to talk to about this and what is the expected price?” Seth did not beat around the bush.

It was Corvos turn to break out into hearty laughter.

“No merchant in this city could provide this much food. Even a bigger gang would not be able to accumulate that much. Maybe Big Dave, but he wont give you any of his private stash.” he said dismissively.

“Big Dave?”

“Big Dave. The King Pin of Hope… you dont intent to-“

“I would like to meet Big Dave. How do I make an appointment?”

“One does not simply make an appointment with Big Dave. Unless you have something he wants, and cant simply take it from you, there is no way he will meet anyone personally.”

“I see. Do you have a way to disseminate some information in a way he will come to know about it?”

A few hours later———————

“Is this information trustworthy?” the big man asked.

He was talking to a subordinate that was kneeling in front of his mighty desk. The big office was tinged by the light of the sinking sun. Through the big windows all around, one could look down at all of the surrounding city within the walls.

“Yes, Sir. It comes from a high-level appraiser who can even identify rare items. It is definitely an item of at least epic rating.”

“And the guy who has it?”

“Inconclusive, but our lookouts said he seems to have weird powers and the group he travels with is not to be underestimated.”

“I want to meet him. Arrange a meeting”

“Yes, Sir.”

The dark figure vanished from the office, leaving the big boss alone in the dimming office.

“…Switch on the light on your way out, will ya?”

There was no answer, but the light turned on after a short silence.

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