Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 379: New Directions

Chapter 378: Realization

Seth became quite busy when they finally returned to Minas Mar.

Although he had left the organizational stuff to others, he still had to look through and approve all of the paperwork involved.

Monique had done well in prospering Minas Mar while he was gone, which made a deal directly with the leadership of another district much easier. His own connection with Mark Baker also played no small role.

What awaited him when he came back was a stern scolding from Mary and Jane. They didn ’t complain about his reasons, but that he had already made the call and decided on everything before talking it over with them.

There were a few reasons for Minas Mar to move, besides it being a good deed. It was great to make a name for Minas Mar past the borders of Delta. Also, a chance to recruit more talents. He had recruited Samuel to keep an eye out for promising people.

There were even some vague plans of maybe opening a branch in Y-City.

But one of the biggest reasons was that the world kept turning. Seth knew that at some point in the not-so-far future, his pseudo-monopoly would end. Others who could make high-grade items would appear at some point or even had already.

A big deal with Y-City was a good way to really milk the business one last time and gain a good standing for the future. He could experiment with the materials he got from the Theocracy ’s stronghold and the Stone Giant while having a guaranteed buyer.

All around, it was a win-win situation.

However, the evacuation effort was not the only thing he had to deal with. With the rescue of Drosi and the caravan, he had gotten more than he bargained for. Beside the Tijaahk there were another 35 people of various races and ages hat had been kept in the cradle.

Seth successfully managed to make Simon take care of those that wanted to leave, or stay in Delta. Minas Mar was left with those who wanted to stay, which were the two dwarves, an Elf, and a group of rabbit beastmen.

The blacksmith welcomed the dwarves who decided to stay after they spent time with Wedan, it really wasn ’t that Seth told him to advertise Minas Mar or anything because the mother was a warrior, and the father was an advanced magic blacksmith.

The elf on the other hand had somehow gotten a glimpse of the herb garden and would not leave anymore. Unlike with the dwarves, this was completely unplanned, but not unwelcomed.

Although the elf had no class directly involved with nature, his racial traits and experience were more than enough to be a great help to Pip and Otto, their pharmacist.

As for the rabbit beastmen, Seth had no idea who had made them look at Minas Mar as the perfect place to live…The problem was that they did not really bring any useful skills to the table, except for being unwilling to leave.

They were originally part of a peddling caravan, not unlike Drosi ’s. But they were neither warriors nor peddlers. They had been workers for miscellaneous tasks. They also refused to fight or craft.

Seth did not feel comfortable with having people stay, just because they refused to leave. It was Jane who came up with an idea and took them under her wings.

”Aren ’t they all quite good-looking? And they are quick. We could use some enthusiastic waiters and clerks at the Turquoise Anvil. ”

Seth was not sure if this was what the rabbits wanted, but they seemed very happy when they heard about the safe work environment. The rabbit issue was settled this way.

He was glad that they were able to solve it this way. He was also happy that the plans for the evacuation of Beta were going smoothly.

But the happiest made him, that Drosi and the other were safe. Seeing them recover and spending time with them and Duhu helped him to relax.

On the evening of the third day after they came back, and Seth had visited with Fin and Mina to see how they were doing. The Tijaahk kittens were playing with Ruby, Pip, and her friends.

It became quite chaotic when Fin and even the Imugi joined their ranks until finally even Seth and Mina were forced to play.

When they were about to leave Drosi suddenly spoke up to him.

”Ah, Seth. Could I talk with you for a moment? ”

The blacksmith nodded and followed the old cat to his room. Drosi poured a glass of wine for Seth and himself.

”What did you want to talk about, Drosi? ” Seth asked once they both were seated.

”You know, I had a lot of time to think after we left Delta. Especially after our capture. ” Seth noticed him playing with the sigil ring in his hands. The one Seth had given him.

”Drosi.. ”

”Just listen. Do you still remember, when you offered us to stay at Minas Mar? You warned us, but I told you that we wanted to see this world for ourselves. I was confident that we could deal with anything that would come our way. I still had doubts about your words and motives.

After what happened in Beta… ” Drosi fell silent as if to collect his thoughts.

They had yet to tell him what even happened there. How had Xen Biologies managed to confine them in the first place?

”I wanted to talk about joining Minas Mar if that offer from back then still stands. ”

Seth looked at him in surprise.

”O-of course it still stands! ”

”Even though we had all our good stolen from us? ”

”..Drosi, I never care about your goods- Well, no that would be a lie. But what I really want are trustworthy people. I trust you, Drosi. And your kin. That is all that matters. ”

”Thank you, Seth. ”

”D-Don ’t worry about, ” Seth answered slightly embarrassed being thanked for something he had hoped for a long time.

”Let ’s talk about the specifics with Mary and Jane later. You will be closely working with them. ”

With the Tijaahk joining Minas Mar and a branch in Y-City in the making, the first steps for entering the trade between Districts had been made.

Ori Humas could not reliably use the system church for teleportation because of the randomization, but others like foreign humans and other races could do so just fine.

They were not the only ones in Delta, or the first ones, who had the idea to partner with foreigners and the system church to trade with other places.

Seth had not looked too deeply into these kinds of things, but he was surprised when he had about it from Jane. There were several branches of big Merchant Guilds from the empire in Delta.

According to her, the interest in trade with Delta was relatively high, because worlds with a high level of technology usually turned very xenophobic once their initial crisis in averted. That is why those people hurried to get a foot in the door early on.

Many of the stores Seth frequented in his free time were actually owned by foreign businessmen.

”Maybe we could expand into foreign markets, too? ” Seth mumbled.

He had never thought too much about growing Minas Mar before. He wanted to build it as a foundation for him and his friends to make a living in Urth. This was his original thought.

But couldn ’t he have done that in Ora, too?

Seth didn ’t want to miss modern technology, but this wasn ’t the reason.

Ever since he returned, he was too busy surviving and becoming stronger. Now that things were finally calming down. Now that he felt strong enough to survive in this world.

It was only now that he realized what this weird feeling, he had in Ora, was.

He had seen some of the worst fates that could await the people of Urth, and it clicked. He simply couldn ’t look away, but he lacked strength back then.

If he really wanted to help, he needed to further grow his strength. However, he was just one person, what could one person do? He needed to further build up the strength of Minas Mar.

It was Minas Mar that allowed him to even think of interfering with something like the war in Beta.

Despite these urges, Seth stayed a realist. Like Simon had said, choose your battles. The blacksmith had no intention to risk the lives of his people for some altruistic dream. Change what you can change.

His solution was quite simple.. If Minas Mar became overwhelmingly strong and capable, no problem would be too big in the future.

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