Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 382: New Things

Chapter 381: Stone Chewer

The damage even rivaled his Draconic blade! It was a shame that a pickaxe was a rather wieldy tool that lacked any dedicated attack skills. Still, with these kinds of enchantments, nobody would want to be struck by it.

When he checked the skill, to see what the synergy had caused, he found a few changes.

The cooldown had lowered because of the strengthened soul, but the damage effect gad absorbed the effects of the ”Pierce ” enchantment that should have increased the power of stabs and piercing strikes by 150%.

Seth didn ’t know whether this was good or bad. If this was a weapon like a spear, he personally might have preferred to keep increased attack for every attack.

As for its effects on mining, Seth quickly became aware when he tried it on the corpse of the stone giant in the dismantling hall. He activated and swung at the dead chrysopras ’ corpse.

The peak penetrated the material like it was jelly and Sh felt almost no resistance. In a radius of 40cm around the gouge of the attack, the outer shell of the giant crumbled into a coarse granulate.

Seth stared at the 80cm wide gauge in shock. It felt like using a shaper tool in a 3D-Program… h couldn ’t stop the corners of his mouth from rising.

But it did not end there.


When he tried a part of similar size outright exploded in his face with chunks and pebbles of extremely hard rock flying through the dismantling hall.

In addition to these skills, the normal use of the pickaxe was also a vast improvement to his previous one. Enthusiastically Seth started exploring the anatomy of the stone giant by grinding its body to dust and rubble.

Despite not being an ore, Seth meticulously collected these stones, too.

Something had changed since the class advancement. His had changed. Before Seth was unable to appraise the material of the Stone giant ’s skin but now, when he picked up the stones and rubble, he was able to appraise it just fine.

The description made pretty clear why Seth was unable to appraise this before. It was a material meant for masonry and less for blacksmithing. Especially the first sentence made it quite clear. Since this stone was highly resistant to magical influence, it made blacksmiths unable to forge it by using < Energy Circulation>.

Like a gem, this could only be cut or sculpted.

Past the hard hide, cam a layer of softer stone Seth was once again unable to appraise. What did this mean? Shouldn ’t a mason or sculptor be able to appraise all kinds of minerals?

That was unless were not simply augmented with the range of a mason job. Seth had enough time to think about it as he worked on the gigantic corpse.

If he was suddenly able to appraise one stone, but not the other, it meant that it had to do with his new skills. The most probably suspect was . Thinking of Golems, it would make sense that material like was recognized as a material.

This meant the stone that made up the flesh of the giant was not useful for golem creation. Still, Seth meticulously stored these stones away, too. They weren ’t worthless, only because he couldn ’t immediately see the worth.

Seth soon fell into a routine, where he worked without much thought. It was oddly satisfying to grind away the stone with ease. Like a machine, he kept cutting away at the giant until he finally reached the bones.

The pickaxe almost slipped out of his hands in surprise when he revealed the bone. Like a massive vein, the bones were made up of and the marrow was pure . Seth remembered the material from his match with Cerberus.

Was this where came from? No wonder he had been unable to find it in the auction house.

. This ore can be refined to


Seth knew of , but the latter was his first encounter with pure . He decided to ask Al later whether she knew any more about this. Although he was a little clueless about the , just the amount of epic metal cast a smile on his face.

Especially was a material Seth greeted with open arms. With this and the adamantium, he could finally make a worthy Armor for Tekar, not to mention the possibilities for golems.

This was not the end. Aside from the bones, Seth found thin veins of like nerves, thick strands that probably acted as tendons, and the brain made of , that he had already seen before.

There were also its teeth, that brick-shaped rocks, for chewing other rocks and minerals.

He was bathed in sweat and tired when the fatigue finally caught up. Not even half the giant ’s body was mined yet, but Seth ’s inventory was already filled to the brim with materials. Even if he refined down all the ores, it was too much to keep it all in his inventory.

The big treasury in his private quarters would finally see some proper use!

Seth put the other half of the body back in his inventory and returned to his quarters to get some sleep. Seeing Mina already sleeping in their bed made him smile wryly. She had been at the dungeons, and he had not known she had already returned.

He decided to take a break tomorrow and spend time with her and relax. What was the use behind all the work, if he couldn ’t enjoy the important things in life?

He washed up, changed, and snuggled up to her before falling asleep.

And he did exactly that-

In the end, it became a few days of break. Most of it he spent with Mina and Fin. He also went to look after Pip to see if she was doing well. The girl and her friends were getting along well with Otto, the pharmacist.

Drosi and his people were also slowly recovering from their experiences in Beta. Although they were physically okay, their morale had gotten a few cracks and breaks.

As an old coot, Drosi was not easy to demotivate, but it was different for the younger people. The Tijaahk were known as dimensional nomads, but they would also sometimes choose to settle down if they found a good place.

Younger generations would then set off again from there. Usually, they would be traveling for a few decades before settling down, but now many insisted on staying with Minas Mar.

While Drosi would have liked to insist on traveling like they used to, also understood the younglings. Making their women and children travel in this world was irresponsible if there was a safe place for them to stay.

With many of the young couples recently expecting offspring, they would stay at Minas Mar for quite a while. Drosi would always feel embarrassed for freeloading and apologize to Seth ever when the topic came up.

”Stop apologizing already, Drosi. There is no need to hurry. Take all the time you need. ” he kept reassuring the old cat. He shared his ideas for the future with Drosi and told him that it would take a while to get to that point, anyway.

Somehow, knowing there was a lot of work waiting in the future, helped calm the old cat ’s conscience

It was different from Seth, who felt slightly overwhelmed when he thought of all the things that waited in the future.. He looked forward to it, but it also felt tiresome.

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