Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 388: Hell Bent For The Tether

Chapter 387: Freaks And Monsters Drink Together

In the evening, Seth and the lord of Minas Mar wore their best attire and joined the Welcome Banquet in a venue close to the accommodations. They were the representatives of Minas Mar, and they knew the Princess.

And they could go look for team 3. Lydia and her team had not yet returned, and they could go look for them and the chimeras during the banquet.

Most of them wore elegant evening attire except for some odd ones out. Jonah for example insisted on keeping his mask on, but he was not the worst.

Of all his friends, Tekar stood out the most, looking like a walking fortress. The tall man looked like a tank, thrown in the crowd. The defense fanatic had insisted on flaunting the new armor Seth had made for him.

After getting his hands on vast amounts of , Seth set out to turn Tekar into the likeness of a boss-level character of disgusting difficulty.

The Bastion granted Tekar barrier skills and defense based on the weight of armor. Following these characteristics of the Bastion, Seth used a mixture of and to max out the defense and weight of the armor.

Except for the divine enchantment ”Curse of Eris ”, which slightly changed after it had a synergy with the massive soul of the great ape he used for the full armor. It was the soul he had collected after his fight with the pseudo-swamp dragon.

Since The Bastion increased his defense according to the weight of the armor and when he did not move, Seth fashioned him a huge shield from the shell of a giant tortoise, he found in the storage. And reinforced with .

Looking through the storage rooms had filled Seth ’s heart with joy. Little to nothing of the materials his friends and the Oathguard had harvested during his absence was sold away.

The sight of rooms over rooms stuffed with materials, and the appreciation for his friends were the biggest reasons, why he took some of his time to re-work some of the items he had made at the stronghold.

The tortoiseshell had a slow effect in exchange for greatly increasing the defense when blocking. Seth also added a row of ground anchors that could pierce the ground and give additional support.

Fortunately, Tekar was not lugging around the giant club, Seth had made from the femur of a big drake. It was the last piece that would have finished the boss mob aesthetic.

Their group was only one of many that greeted the busy Princess, who was busy dealing with a lot of people. Despite that, she found the time to ask Seth for a meeting at a later date.

Seth had no big interest in the banquet. There were a lot of influential people, standing around, talking, drinking alcohol. He disliked it, even more, when he realized that he was only slightly less busy than the Princess.

A lot of businesspeople suddenly came looking for the Tower Master of Minas Mar. They were not just a guild, but also a huge source of revenue people would like to invest in.

Seth signaled his people, gave a few half-hearted answers before using an excuse to go to the toilet and flee the premises. They had greeted the Princess. Their duty was done.

Now, they could finally go and meet up with the chimeras at the accommodations close by.

When they came there, they found a much more high-spirited party going on. The chimeras had made a big fire at the training grounds and plundered the alcohol of the banquets catering. Among them, they also found Lydia, Azul, and the rest of Team 3 happily drinking and laughing.

Many of the people from Gamma had also joined the rambunctious occasion. They had gotten quite friendly with the bunch, despite their rather awkward appearance.

Seth realized that he had worried for nothing, and he smiled relieved. This venue seemed a lot more fun than the stiff banquet hall.

”Caravan Leader! Join us! ” the current leader of the chimeras, Azul ’s right-hand man hollered. He was a huge guy with the fur of a bear beast covering his body and the head of an orc.

They did not need to be asked twice.

The people of Minas Mar happily joined. Link brought out his own food and drinks and the mood became even more lively. Seth and Mina started drinking and soon people started passing out. In the end, everyone was defeated by the alcohol demon Fin.

When Seth woke up again, he stared right in the face of the sleeping Mina, who was lying on him. Looking around, the training grounds were strewn with sleeping people and chimeras.

The scene was quite funny, seeing some human drinking buddies in the, often several, arms of their chimera friends, sleeping with a happy smile on their faces. Some pairs went even further. Pictures that may be burned into the blacksmith ’s memory forever and haunt him in his nightmares.

He woke the other and the acting leader of the chimeras. A very original guy who named himself Orcbert, because of his orc head and the fur of a bear. Seth handed the half-asleep chimera a chest,

”Take these. With these rings, you will be able to enter Minas Mar, once the formalities are finished. ”

That ’s right. The reason why Lydia had not brought the chimeras directly to Minas Mar, was because they still needed to wait for their citizenship to be made official. This had been part of the deal, Seth had made with the rescue forces when he left the Chimeras with them.

Azul took the chest instead.

”This guy is too drunk to think straight. I wish to stay with them for the time being and make sure everyone gets their ring. ”

”Yes, that will be better that way. Thank you, Azul. ”

Carrying the still passed out Mina and sleeping Fin, the two had looked the deepest in the glass, Seth returned to Minas Mar with the others.

A few days later he got a message from the princess pertaining to the meeting she had asked for. The invitation invited him to the private mansion of the Princess.

The blacksmith had never been inside, but he knew the place because Mina and the other had worked here when he first came to was a lavish mention built in the style of the empire and close to the empire ’s embassy.

He had some conjecture, but ultimately, he entered the place with curiosity.

”Let ’s see what the Princess wants, ” he mumbled to himself before passing the guards and entering.

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