Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 39 - 39.Dinner And Desert

selling his snakes a little. Well, in the worst case he would have to loot the juvenile. Then he would have a ton of meat, but he rather traveled a few days more, than to do that.

”Then we should go now. It′s better to use the cool night and rest during the day! ” Fin called out.

The night was the darkest right after the sun left, but soon a moon rose to the sky, and then another. Two moons floated across the sky, one excessively big and pale violet, the other much smaller with a green tint. The desert was illuminated in a mix of greenish-blue light, creating a truly otherworldly scene.

Beside Seth fluttered the tiny figure of Fin, who had cast a light spell and lit up their surroundings.

Seth had donned his armor and sword just in case something crawled through the desert. He imagined all kinds of creatures that could be hidden in the sands of a foreign world. Giant sandworms, gigantic scorpions…snakes. Nothing of that. The desert was covered in a dim twilight and absolute silence. A drowning silence.

”Say, Fin…. ”, Seth attempted to strike up a conversation, but the little Fairy did not react. When he looked at her, he saw that her mouth was incessantly moving, but no word was to be heard. Then he noticed it. There was no sound at all no wind, no crunching of sand below his feet.

Why did he not notice earlier?!

He saw the sand moving beyond the shine off the fairy′s light. No! No!

”…. no no no no ”, he kept chanting with his eyes ripped wide open as an old foe rose from the sand.

” Not tentacles! ”, he screamed and pulled out his sword that was suddenly covered in soul fire. Bathed in the light of the burning blade were black smooth tentacles, shining like polished metal.

Fin stopped mid-sentence and looked baffled at the emerged nightmare!

Status: Corrupted, Starving


Kraken?! Wait! Seth looked around, at the black limbs that had surrounded them as they emerged from the sand until they were as thick as Seth′s waist! He forgot about attacking and hurriedly tried to get out! As big as they were, they were not very agile! As the tentacles closed in to catch them, Seth slashed off ones ’ tip and jumped through the gap.

Looking back, he could only watch on with a horrified expression as a giant beak emerged from the ground and the appendages closed around Fin. Everything in complete silence.

He did not know what happened to the fairy, but he decided to use this chance. Burning had been added to the kraken`s status and it′s HP were falling slowly. Soon the bleeding status was added, though he not no idea where it came from.

Seth did not care, he was hellbent on making sure this creepy crawly would regret it′s very existence! The burning sword kept slashing at the tentacles as tried to untangle and go for Seth. Each slash grew the pale flames that shed their light into the dark desert.

All it′s appendages were burning and grasping for Seth who kept barely evading the more agile tips. Suddenly everything stopped moving and an ear-shattering, brain-piercing screech broke the silent night. Already suffering a major headache from , Seth could only kneel down and cover his ears. Following the scream was a mushing and crunching sound that made him want to puke!

The kraken′s black bulbous head emerged from the sand and with the ripping sound of gushing entrails a ball of light emerged from its body! Blood covered and with a mighty roar, it asserted its dominance over the desert! Fin, the fairy brute had ripped and teared her way through the kraken′s inner workings and into freedom!

”holy shit! ”, Seth elaborately and adequately commented this sight. A bloodthirsty roaring fairy floating over the burning corpse of a giant octopus.. it would have been the perfect cover for a metal album.

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