Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 40 - 40. Blood And Sand

“Puah! ”

Seth heard a tiny voice exclaim and felt something struggling in his pocket. Fin finally managed to unwrap herself and her deep red head out of his pocket.

”You! Seth! I- Fin nearly suffocated in there! ”, she shouted with tears in her eyes. He didn ’t buy into her cute act, she still smelled of the blood of the monster she brutally slaughtered in front of his eyes.

” Why are we moving? wuagh! ”, she asked and gagged as hot desert air and sand, but most importantly her own smell, suddenly filled her lungs. He explained his ingenious idea to move during the day, since he the heat was no problem, as long as he was shielded from the sun!

Fin could rest in his inner pocket during the heat of the day and take over guard, when Seth got tired. He had actually thought, that it would be quite cool to have her on his shoulder, but she still smelled like rotten fish and she would not last long in this sun.

Seth estimated the heat to easily reach boiling temperature when the sun stood high. The fairy would be cooked if she stayed outside.

It was a boring journey of several days. Fortunately, he had , otherwise he would have been hopelessly lost. They met some desert snakes and scorpions the side of cats, but nothing like the kraken in their first night. It made Seth suspicious whether it was really random, or the systems god had thrown him there on purpose… Either way, he could not change it now.

The beasts they came across were not a big deal for Seth, but they also only gave a pitiful amount of experience. The kraken had actually gotten him 80% of the way to lv.14, despite not being the one killing it in the end.

Fin had explained that party settings to him. A party could freely choose how the experience of a jointly killed mob was distributed. As the party leader she had set it to 80:20, so Seth got 80% of the experience of mobs they killed together. Since Fin′s level was a lot higher than his, this was actually in his favor in case they killed stronger monsters, like the kraken!

On the third day the desert started to change. The dunes grew flatter and spots of dry dirt peeked out among the sand. Even the temperature steadily lowered little by little. Ruins started to litter the landscape, like the dried-up bones of an ancient civilization. They only appeared on the map after he used auto map.

It was a lot different from Deltan. When Seth had arrived in Deltan, it had become a partly destroyed modern ghost city with all life sucked out of it. This were ruins like you would see them in archaeological documentaries. Build by the bare hand of many people in hard labor. Even in pieces, it still radiated the life and history that had seeped into them during their golden times. They induced a foreign fascination that modern buildings simply lacked.

Sanded smooth by the desert winds they still defied time and stood like the desiccated skeleton of gigantic beast in the middle of nowhere. I stared with the outlines of building and shallow broken walls and the further they went; the more was left of the former glory. Sand covered what was once paved roads and intricate mosaic floors. Barely discernible reliefs still covered the ruins of once luxurious facades.

”How big must this city have been in its heyday? ”, Seth mumbled mesmerized. His fingers wandered over the shallow reliefs of people and beasts and he stopped from time to time to take a closer look. Even Fin had left his pocket to stare amazed at the scenery.

”Maybe a hundred thousand? Maybe a little more or less… ”, she whispered unwittingly. Which brought her a weird look from Seth.

Before they knew it, they had completely entered the ruined city. The sand on the streets was almost gone and the facades on the side had retained much of their glory.

”Hey, look! ”, Fin suddenly shouted and pointed at the inner yard of a building. there stood a structure that completely differed in style and material from the surrounding ruins. it looked a lot more like the architecture he had witnessed in Strata. The sign dangling above the broken door showed a compass rose and just read ”Guild ”.

”It′s a branch office of the adventurer ’s guild! ”

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