Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 413: 413.Homestuck

Chapter 412: Keväti Kuinen (2)

The party from Urth stepped out onto a dry plain covered in dead dry grass and crumbly earth. Grim sunlight burned on their skin, the moment they traversed the portal.

It was just like the Princess had told them. Keväti Kuinen was hated by its own sun. The people of this world had angered their sun god, who proceeded to eradicate almost all life on this world.

Like in Urth, which had been heading to complete destruction, the system God had intervened. Turning the world from an inhabitable desert into a purgatory that still allowed for life, at a terrible price. The people of this world were cursed to live in darkness. If they dared to step into the sun, they would be scorched comparable to the undead.

Additionally, every 12 days there would be a blood sun that would curse any living thing it shined upon. The curse of the sun god would turn any creature into a terrible abomination, intent on seeking out and killing any living being it could find.

While the people were cursed to avoid the sun, it showered everything with overwhelming malice, turning the once fertile world into a wasteland.

Within moments the team members except for Seth, Ellie, and the older gentleman started blushing and sweating. Even the Mist demon had a hard time hiding his discomfort. The Hero handled it the best but didn ’t look too comfortable.

She herself was not much better off. The heat stagnated under her heavy hood and the light burned on her exposed hands.

”Elza, this one is for you. And here is one for Marcel and one Brock. ” She heard someone say in the back.

Cade, the Rakshasa, turned around and saw Seth, occupied with distributing something to some of the team members. Upon closer look, they were rings. When did that man start handing out free gifts?

Except for the radar, she saw no need to buy any items from him, but she heard that he was rather rigorous about not giving stuff for free. She still wore the equipment bought in Y-City and did not expect epic items to make a big difference to her.

Seeing the obvious relief on their faces when they wore the rings, made her doubtful. What were those rings to simply alleviate the sun ’s wrath? She was deliberating when Seth also approached her.

”Here, have one, too. Try to channel your mana into it, ” he said and handed her a small golden band.

It was a simple ring, with a complex pattern covering the surface. She had free spots since she only owned one ring herself. Curious, she equipped the present.

The constant pressure, burning, and heat from the sun immediately shrunk to a tolerable level. Something like this was possible with good items?

Seth could only shake his head after stepping under the sun. Unlike an ordinary sun, this one really kept bombarding the world with light and fire attribute damage.

”Whatever these people have done, that sun god is completely bonkers. ” he thought to himself. That guy was frying a whole world, just because he felt offended for something.

~Whatever they did, this god is seriously furious. ~ Puffles commented grave.

As the divine being of Ivice, similarly a god of the Sun and Sky, he might be the one who understood the situation the best.

What exactly happened was not in the information the princess had given them. It also was not really important for their mission. After Leana told him about the permanent dual attribute damage, the blacksmith had prepared these rings.

They were rare rings of fire and Light protection he had made the night before, after Leana ’s visit. Seth seldomly bothered with defensive enchantments, since their use was too narrow in his opinion. It was just his preference.

He had used a bar of to make several rings and engraved them with Fire and Light Resistance enchantment. The only effects were +25% Fire Affinity, +100% Fire Resistance at the cost of 50 mana per Minute, and +50% Light Resistance at the cost of 150 mana a minute.

The effect of his trait was very visible from the effects, as those were technically the same enchantments. One increased the wearer ’s light resistance by half, while the other outright doubled it.

Seth himself did not need it, as he was not affected by the sun. His trait played a role, but surprisingly, so did the . With Puffles reaching adulthood, the Ivicer had also gained the knowledge to improve the mark to more than just a stamp of approval.

According to the nightmare centipede, it was able to increase his resistance against the light element to 35%. It would have been more if Ivice had not vanished long ago.

He went ahead and gave everyone a ring. Everyone except the hero, the merchant, and the slavemancer.

”What are those rings? ” the hero whispered to the Mist demon. Ben Harker did not dare to directly ask the blacksmith, who had almost kicked his ball last night.

However, the demon only smiled at him in silence. The sly guy would not choose a side in this. Next, the hero approached Yvette, the saintess. She hesitantly answered since he was still, the leader chosen by the princess.

”They seem to be rings that grant fire resistance. ”

”Seth, I know we had our conflict. But if you have already prepared something, you should give a ring to everyone. ” the hero tried to argue.

”Sorry, Teacher. I did not bring enough for the whole class. ” Seth answered with a sweet smile.

”It ’s not like these items grow on trees. Leader, you can ’t possibly expect a poor bard to procure the whole party ’s equipment. ” He emphasized that he was the bard for the camera and brandished his lyre.

After all, everything from here on was being recorded. Seth was adamant to play the role of the bard to the end. Though his clothes, except for the demonic skull lyre, would remind more of a mage.

He currently wore the latest items made of . Neeco Boos had finished it just before their departure from Delta.

Under his Golden Fleece, he wore the Sun Shirt and the Cloud Pants. Although his could not appraise the clothes, Neeco had explained them to him. However, for some reason, he withheld the item description.

Seth could understand him, the flavor text could often be a little embarrassing for the maker.

Although their performance was very dependent on external factors, there was nothing to complain about the performance itself. The defense alone was far better than Nädel ’s set. As one would expect from a divine blueprint.

All of it was then again covered by the Sky Robe.

These times were powerful out on the open, but they all shared a specific condition. And if that was not given, the items would actually be weakened.

In caves or indoors with a ceiling above the wearer ’s head, they would lose 50% of their power. In Forests 25%. Even weakened, the pants and shirt were better than his previous items.

What really sold the items to him, was that they were all immune to fire damage.

~Urgh, could you please put me back in the inventory? This place is disgusting. ~ Oz complained in his hands.

~I can ’t, this is the scene of our first arrival in this world. We have to be recognizable as the bard. ~

~… For the show. ~ Oz answered theatrically

The hero only hmphed at his answer.

”Anyway. We should introduce ourselves once again and talk about our actions from here on. ” the hero stated.

”You know, maybe Hubert could help with the missing equipment, ” Seth commented after everyone introduced themself once again.

He had noticed that the dimensional merchant was doing just fine and was interested in what the class could do. The gentleman was unperturbed by the sudden mentioning of his name.

”I ’m sorry to inform you, that I currently lack the funds for such an endeavor, ” he answered politely.

”We could give you money. ” the hero stated, causing a nervous reaction from Rich, who was notoriously broke.

Seth knew it the best. Most of the money the slavemancer and his team had made in the last three months went into his coffers as payment for equipment.

”For reasons I do not wish to reveal, that won ’t work, ” he said apologetically.

Whether it was true or not, it showed that the merchant was not going to save the hero and the slavemancer from their misery.

”Okay, let ’s stop with that topic. We should really talk about how to proceed from here. ”


”Isn ’t he a little petty? ” Hardwig asked, watching the live feed.

”Ben and Rich attacked his people last night. It ’s already good he did not just straight up jump the ship when I told him that Ben would stay the party leader. ” Leana answered

”Did you tell him about the advantages of having a hero as the party leader? ”

”Sure. ”

”And? ”

”He still insisted that I quote, the idiot would kill them all because his head is just for decorations. ”

”hmm. ”

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