Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 450: Is that all?


Natinas eyes widened, too. The brave and heroic adversary she had expected to face her in a last cinematic fight for her dominance, suddenly ran away. How…anticlimactic.

The champions of justice she and the audience wished for were not as far away as she would have thought. Cade and Yvette for example were also at the cliff and it was they who extracted the hero in the same way they had dropped the guard back on Bazilark.

Still, seeing the two weapons of mass destruction fighting each other in the ocean gave Seth goosebumps. The dragon was massive, but the sea serpent was nothing to scoff at either. These were really powers on a continental level. They were just lucky, that both of them were more or less mindless beasts.

Maybe it would have been different if either of them used magic against the other, but it didnt. At the moment, they were caught up in an equal battle at the shore.

Now that the hero managed to deceive Natina into attacking the Koor Worm on her own accord and the dragon and sea dragon were fighting their own battle, Phase two could commence. Also known as the original plan.

Using , Seth gave the signal. They were back at the start and still needed to reveal more about Natinas powers before they would step up to risk their lives. It was obvious that she was a kind of necromancer, but they had no idea about the troops she still kept hidden.

The purple portals that the undead used to escape were more than enough evidence for them to stay wary. Phase two relied on Seth and Ellie.


People were glued to the screens.

The recorder close to Natina focused on the shore. After the sudden call for a change of plans, the ocean started broiling once again. Grotesque creatures surfaced from the ruins of the sunken capital. As if its inhabitants came back to life after centuries on the seafloor, as unholy sea creatures.

A bizarre collection of big monsters covered in mud, sand, and seaweed walked onto the beach and filled the gaps between the ruins. Exhibiting irregular numbers of heads, limbs, torsos, faces, eyes, and other body parts in random variations. At their front stood an especially big one made of rock, brick, and flowing sand.

“Are those…Golems?” Leana asked unsurely.

“Those should be Seths- Oops,” Elza mumbled unwittingly, earning the scolding glances of Fin and Mina. The ice mage immediately realized that she had let a secret slip.

“Are you saying he is able to make Golems like that?” Leana kept digging craftily. She could only lament that she knew too little about this blacksmith.

“Im not saying anything,” Elza exclaimed in a hurry and fell silent, not talking anymore.

Leana focused on Elza and made a mental note but returned to looking at the screen.

On one hand, there was the battle of two giant mindless beasts of legends ripping and tearing at each other in the ocean. On the other, were a bunch of bizarre beings, looking like abstract statues of the abominations of this world, charging across the sunken ruins and up the cliff.

“What are those things? Destroy them!” they heard the confused Natina order the undead participants. These “sparks” promptly began shooting at the climbing golems as they did with the hero before.

Nobody evaded this time. Undeterred by the ranged attacks, the golems kept climbing. Any damage they received was repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye. Especially the big guy at the head easily tanked most of the attacks.

When they inevitably reached the edge of the cliff, many of the undead and Natina looked toward the ruins. A little slower, the recorder also panned over to show the ruins. As if the marine units arrival was a signal, another group of similar but clean golems and hundreds of slimes appeared from the ruins of the old capital behind them.

The golems alone numbered more than double that of the participants. Beside them was an uncountable number of slimes, facing Natina and her “Sparks”. It seemed like the Necromancer had been surrounded and outnumbered.

“Hmph, is that all?” Natina mumbled.

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