Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 472: Vestiges of History (2)

Chapter 471: Vestiges of History

They insisted to advise Seth to destroy the mask, but they didnt know what Seth knew.

An item that had mostly negative effects on the user was called a cursed item. A mask that actually took over and transmogrifies the user into a monster could even be called outright demonic. Demonic had nothing to do with the demon race but was meant as a synonym for really evil in this case.

Yes, such an “evil” item was a problem. A problem for any hapless bloke that stumbled over it and used it unknowingly. Or the poor sob who was forced to wear it. However, Seth was a blacksmith and the original creator, and he still had ways to get some use out of such an item.

Back then when he originally made it, he had unconsciously driven the angels consciousness into the mask, but this also meant that it also contained the arc-angels soul. Seth had recently learned to refine souls to the point they developed the potential to foster an ego or restore an ego.

This also meant that he had an idea about how to destroy an existing ego. It was not something he had consciously thought about before, since the highest goal was to make an ego item.

Why? Because many ego items, like Oz, for example, could act on their own and gave a great advantage when it came to using weapon skills. But seeing an evil ego, such as the angels, it made sense that there had to be a way to get rid of an ego like that.

When he returned to Minas Mar, he would look into a way to erase the angels ego. It sounded like a horrible thing to do, but Seth had absolutely no empathy for this thing. On top of that, he was sure the angels soul was massive.

All the stuff he could be able to do with such a soul, there was no way he would just destroy an item, that was harmless as long as nobody wore it. He just fobbed them off with some empty promise to think about it.

Leana decided to deal with the aftermath, so Seth left alone and spent the rest of the day with Mina. They used the time, fantasizing about what there was in the treasury and what Seth was going to take from it.

He couldnt help thinking of the emperors advice. Items possibly made by his predecessor… What was his name again? Forgebrand? As time went by this idea became more and more appealing to Seth, as he stood before a little problem.

The blacksmith had accumulated 7 AP and was deliberating on what Skill to use them. He was swaying between saving them and leveling up again, but there were other skills he had not leveled for a long time like . and were also options he could do right away.

If he traced back the steps his predecessor took, he might find a clue about his skills and which to choose for now. After all, ability points were rather precious, and the bard tended to save them for skills he could not level up by grinding.

With these thoughts, he was guided to the palace in the morning of the next day. In the morning, a messenger came to accompany him to the treasury. In front of the armored gate stood Prince Hardwig with a group of magicians.

It was a whole detached building, highly guarded by teams of knights. Seth didnt use but their aura was imposing. Similar to the items Polter war, their items were also concealed to appraisal skills. It didnt stop the blacksmith from estimating them to be at least epic from the looks of the material and fabrication.

“Good morning, everyone. The messengers that have guided you here are also Keepers of the treasury. They will accompany you into the vault and will be available for questions and explanations.

Just a little warning, unless they accompany you, you will be unable to reach or leave the treasury. So, please leave behind any thoughts of grabbing something and running away.” he said with a kind but threatening smile.

With a row of clicks, rattling, and lights the gate behind the prince slowly opened and gave view to something that almost resembled a prison gallery. Many stories with balconies and fortified doors came into view.

The group had split into different rooms, so they all could look around on their own before choosing what they wished to take. In the end, those with the higher contributions would have priority in choosing their items.

This place housed special artifacts and items like an art gallery or a museum. Behind the fortified doors were rooms filled with showcases. Seth felt like entering the in-game mansion of a gamer who followed the compulsion to display all the special, unique, and awesome items he looted from all over the game.

It made Seh a little puzzled, as this seemed like a rather unsafe way, considering the kinds of options the system could enable people to accomplish. He was sure there could be something like a pocket dimension only accessible to the imperial family or something similar.

When he spoke to the man beside him, the keeper nodded at his question with a smile.

“That is true and the truly precious Items the empire cannot bear to lose are stored in such ways, however, there is a logical reason for this treasury. This, and similar buildings like the Great Library, give prestige to the territory.”

“Prestige?” Seth asked. He remembered that the medal they were given had also something to do with prestige. Seeing his reaction, the keeper kept explaining.

“Dont worry its not weird not to know about prestige. It is an attribute most needed by classes that deal with ruling or nobility and increases governmental skills. Thats why many valuable items are on display in this manner.”

Satisfied with the explanation, Seth nodded and followed the keeper through the building. Although the most valuable things were not kept here, it did not mean that they were stingy with the things on display. The treasury was even more affluent than the Dragon Hoard he visited.

There were even many legendary items, though some of them came across as weird to the blacksmith, as not all of them had imposing or world-shattering effects.


Damage: 2


1. You are unable to use Mana

2. You deal 2 Damage disregarding the opponents size, skills, attributes, or armor.

3. Incites the urge to fight something big

Created by a mad God affectionately calling it “Forky”. During the history of the fork, many legends followed the gods trial to use the fork to kill a specific kind of tentacle monster. It slightly smells of roast beef.>

At first glance, this item was absolutely useless or even cursed, but at second glance it meant that almost all opponents were the same, to the wielder of the fork. Still, it seemed kind of cheap to him, that this was a legendary item.

Again, he realized that the rating of an item was not always proof of its power.

There were not just items of his own expertise or those to wear on display in the various rooms. Special books and grimoires that could improve the power of a magician by carrying them. Mysterious materials like crystals, ores, and plants that featured special abilities or effects because of enchantments or their own history and environment.

Miscellaneous seeming artifacts that could give small buffs or great buffs by even possessing them, like a coin, a special lighter, or even something like a desiccated best paw. It really opened Seths eyes to how weird the world truly was and that there were much more than “just” items that could improve someones power.

All the vitrines had little etiquettes that described their abilities, effects and some of the history the empire knew about. His guide was also often able to give additional information.

In the third room, Seth finally came across the first of the items Emperor Leander mentioned.

Relic, Ego

Damage: 2200

Durability: 2500

1. Grants Magic Immunity on Thrust

2. Summons the Storm Elemental “Ceres” for 1min

3. +20% resistance to Lighting-Attribute damage

4. +20% resistance to Wind -Attribute damage

5. +500 Additional Lightning Damage on attack

An Ithildin spear created by Craftsman Forgebrand, who went on to become a Master. Created to kill a malicious Elemental. Forgebrand used mysterious means to grant the elemental bitter mercy to be summoned to the wielders aid.

Requirements: Acknowledgement of Ceres or Forgebrands Approval>

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