Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 500: New Function

Chapter 499: Vepar of the Deep

For the last horns, Seth had another idea. During his work on the Sagaris, he kept thinking of the Minotaur and the myths related to it after the labrys came up. The description had mentioned Minos and the blacksmith had another idea from that.

Somewhere in the dark rotten depths of a tumultuous ocean resounded a rare tune. A bored merman sitting on a throne of sunken warships slowly swayed his head from left to right. Around his lips played a tiny smile.

It had been so long since he heard a good tune.

Singing the song that sounded like stormy weather and raging oceans, Seth smoothed the two remaining horns and forged their tips into two long and sharp prongs. Blackened by the demonic tunes, the two horns formed a U after he firmly connected them at their base.

Seth had followed his hunch and used another forging ballad for this weapon. One he had not used often, as it didnt quite follow his own attributes. Calling upon the demon of the sea, Vepar, he was able to enchant the weapon with cursed water attribute damage.

Interestingly enough the same ballad was also able to enchant armor with the attributes of protection and healing, thanks to Vepars varying abilities. As a demon of the ocean and storm, the song also fit in well with the .

With Charons Obol in hand and running on max, he brought forth the wyvern fang and started turning it into a sharp spear tip. That was right.

Seth intended to create a Trident.

Originally, the Minotaur was the descended of a bull that Poseidon gifted to Minos as a wonder, that was meant to be sacrificed in Poseidons name. Didnt that mean that the bull was technically a divine beast and the Minotaur was its descendant?

His reasoning was a little far-fetched but technically, Minotaurs might still have some connection to Poseidon. If he could expand on that by using a water attribute, he thought there might be a chance to create a synergy with the materials, enchantment, and his trait.

What he didnt quite expect was the burden this ballad put on him. He could feel his mental energy and manna being sucked out by the skill. Despite his practice recently, it was not easy to keep the rhythm of the ballad going. He was simply not used to it. With the addition of the cost of , all this put a great burden on him.

It had been a while since he felt such a pressure while forging an item. But he didnt stop, relentlessly he kept swinging the hammer and driving the mana into the wyvern fang that was darkened by the ballads runes.

With the fang taken shaped he punched a hole into the base of the U to set in the freshly forged spear tip. Fixing the fang spear in place and melding it with the two black prongs, he finished the tip of the trident.

Using this chance of the current ballad coming to an end he took a break.. Exhausted he put the finished part aside to drink and eat something. It had been two hours since he started and the process had taken more from him than expected.

~Mom, are you done soon? Im bored. ~ Tatzel complained.

~Just sleep a little. Even the great me, has to watch this.~ Puffles suggested lazily.

~I cant. Im bored. ~

“Sorry, Tatzel. I will hurry.”

Drinking a few potions, his resources quickly recovered and he started feeling better.

“Okay, lets finish this.”

Seth restarted the ballad and began with preparing the socket for the shaft before he brought out a few pieces of arcane oak and the hangingtrees wood. Since he wanted the ballad to also take effect on the wood, he started melding the two types of wood together like layered steel.

Under the effect of the ballad, the wood also became black and reinforced by the demons blessing. When the wood was finally melded together and the shaft was finished he set it in the socket, completing the almost black weapon.


Phys. Damage: 1300

Mag. Damage: 1300

Durability: 2000

1. +35% Armor Penetration

2. +65% Water Affinity

3. +25% Cursed Water Attribute Damage

4. +50% Skill Damage

5. +40% Magic Damage

6. Passive Skill: Festering Wounds

7. Passive Skill: Strength of the Minotaur EX

8. Active Skill: Cascade Pierce

A trident filled with sweat and effort of Craftsmen Smith. Imitating the weapon of the god Poseidon and created from the descendant of a divine beast, it had inherited some of the gods powers. It is filled with a strong water attribute that has a trace of divine and demonic aura. Spear wielders and Magicians alike would gladly use this weapon.>

Out of breath, Seth sat on the ground leaning against the anvil. It was not so much exhaustion, as the relief of having managed to upgrade his skill. Looking down at the trident in his hand, he couldnt help but smile.

Slowly, he was getting the hang of how to trigger the synergy with his trait. It wasnt always something he expected or especially strong, but this time, it had a very satisfactory outcome. If there was any regret, then only that he would have a hard time to further upgrading it to relic later on, because of the already many different magic effects.

But this was the only small complaint if any. If he looked at the skills he could not help but think that just infusing a blank soul could already tremendously improve the weapon from what it was now.

Cover the Tauren Trident of the Deep in a layer of cursed ocean water. Attacks will cause festering wound with a cursed damage over time effect, that will kill the target within 3 days.>

This was an effect of the demonic ballad and the power of Vepar. It was an effect similar to decay, or the skill Grievous Wound, but there was a slight twist to it. The DOT was not exactly strong, but because it was explicitly cursed damage, it would be hard for the victim to get rid of it within three days.

Once Seth infused a big or massive soul into the, he was sure this would have no cost and technically be a permanent effect. As for the other skill.

“Ground by the current”

Shoot a concentrated current of water from the tip of the trident to cause water attribute damage with 25% additional Armor Penetration and 50% Armor Break. >

This was most like the effect of the connection with a smidgen of Poseidons powers.

Although the damage depended on the users stats and that of the trident, with 60% armor penetration, adding the weapons base effect, this was a wicked ranged attack, that even a non-mage could easily use.

Maybe he could give this to Ray, the water mage from team one, once he infused a soul.

~Tatzel, you were bored, right?~


~How about you go ahead with the golem, I will follow you soon. ~

~Okay, Mom!~ the snakelet called happily and jumped out from the pet space.

Seth on the other hand stayed where he was and took his time to recover and pack away his workshop.

A few minutes later he started following the trail of destruction to finally test the Golem Forge.

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