Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 51: Grumpy Hunter?

Seth had talked about this with Fin in detail. He had opened up to the fairy about his class and needs during their leisure time on boaty. Fin had been very surprised that Seth actually had a unique production class, but did not say much else about it. They had concentrated on his options form here on.

As a registered adventurer he could enter dungeons to level up and gather materials. It also made travel easier since locals often held a higher opinion of adventurer, than people from other system institutions. They now even had the option to find a guard quest with the guild if Seth could not find a way to travel to Ora with money alone.

He could also enter dungeons to level up without much risk to his life.

Fin reassured him, that being member of the guild was not against his contract with the church, as the guild normally did not interfere much with their adventurers.

The guild registration was rather uncomplicated. Olivia had left the room after their request to join and came back holding a plate with a crystal ball set in it. This device could check Seth´s status, to make sure he was not a wanted criminal.

After seeing Fin not really reacting to his unique class, they had talked about it. Unique Classes did not seem to be uncommon enough to spark a big sensation. Hearing this Seth had less doubts with showing it here. Seth had to put his hand on the brass-plate and the device showed his status and the name of his class in a system-like window, but none of his skills. Olivia was mildly surprised about his class-rating, but did not further talk about it.

Next came the talk about what rank Seth would start at. He had the strength to easily beat up a D-Rank, but strength was not all one needed to rank up! There was also reputation, but this was covered by Fin vouching for Seth. And so, he became a C-Rank adventurer.

Once again, Seth had to put his hands on the plate. The small machine started vibrating and he felt a slight burn on his wrist. A small tattoo had appeared there. It was in the shape of a small shield icon and build the connection to the guild. Next, the device started rattling and spit out a small ivory plate with all the essential information printed on it! This device did not just check the status, but also printed the license! Truly fascinating.

And just like this, he had become an adventurer!

Olivia left the two alone in the meeting room to go and collect their 5 gold from Asso´s party. They used the time to talk about their plans from now on. A lot had cropped up and they might have to stay some time in Zhiqe, which meant they needed an inn.

After some talk, they decided to split up once they had an inn. Fin would go around town looking for a way to travel to Ora and for information about the guild master. The fairy had experience traveling in other worlds and could take care of herself in a foreign city.

Seth on the other hand planned to exploit Asso as a guide to get around. After finding out what the reptile needed from him, he would use it to make him his guide. Seth wanted to find a hunter to finally dismantle the juvenile. Then he would go and cash in the promissory stone at the bank and give the shops and market here a visit.

This town looked like it had to have a bazaar and even if this was not Ora, maybe he could find some useful stuff there. And depending on how long Fin would take with her tasks, he would find a place to use his smithy. He really needed to repair his armor.

They were done talking and devoured the left-over pastries until Olivia returned with their money. Before it was time to leave, they used this chance to ask her about any good Inns in town and the dungeons the guild supervised.

It turned out that Zhiqe had 3 dungeons. The guild headquarters were originally located here, because of the business with monster material from the surrounding marshland not because of the number of dungeons.

The first one was somewhat of a mystery. It was a deep round shaft that went straight into the ground with a maze of tunnels spreading off from it in the outskirts of the city. It had always been there and nobody really knew its purpose anymore. But at some point, generic low-level-undead started spawning from it. They ranged from lv.5 to lv.10 on average and it was an optimal beginner dungeon. getting lost in the maze was actually the biggest danger. The description sounded very mysterious and Seth really wanted to see it, even if it was just for sightseeing.

The second was the neglected sewer system of Zhiqe, also a beginner dungeon with slimes and rats up to level 15. Wasn´t it a cliche for a dungeon to be in the sewers? But it made sense. Dungeons grew everywhere like mold, as Fin had described it. Seth had no inclination to go even near that one and Fin had enough of bad smells, too, after her little adventure in the kraken.

The last one was the ruin of a noble ’s residents, that was lost to the marshlands. The last time someone came back from there, it was reported to spawn a variation of Naga with lv.25 as a minimum and a mix of beast from the marshlands. It was the most dangerous and there was currently no party able to safely go there. It sounded wet. Seth had enough of wet, or dry for that matter. Who would have thought he would start to miss the forest? Not.

What Seth missed were the endearingly yellow clouds of smog, the acidic rain falling on bleak asphalt streets on a cold Sunday afternoon. A landscape filled with dreary and colorless high-risers that stood like tombstones on the grave of nature. Seth started to feel a little homesick.

Anyways, after asking for direction they finally left the run-down guild. Seth found Asso waiting right outside the guildhall. He looked a lot better already. Seth had been treated by Fin after that night, so he knew, that the magic healers truly were a cheat.

”You told me that you might still help me. Did you mean it? ”, he asked warily. Being totally cool when interacting with the guy who had just beat the living daylights out if, might have been asking for too much.

”Perfect, now I don´t have to look for you. You can follow us for now. ”, Seth said smiling and he 3 of them went to find the inn Olivia had told them about.

It was some streets away from the guild. The location looked a lot better and the inn seemed decent. The first floor was a big eatery with a lot of guests. A good sign. The food smelled great and made Seth´s mouth water. A satisfying meal, how long had it been?

At the bare was manned by a big burly dude with fabulous mustache. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, showing big hairy forearms that could rival Popeye!

”What can I do for you? ”, he asked with a booming, friendly voice, when the three came before the bar. Bear, was Seth´s first thought when he saw him. He looked like a big, friendly, hairy bear! Seth realized that he was staring at the man and awkwardly answered.

”Ah, err, yes. Do you maybe have a vacant room for us? ”, he gestured between Fin and himself.

Another participant of the conversation suddenly rose to speak. Seth´s stomach audibly overpowered the bustling dining hall and demanded it´s due.

”And whatever you recommend from your menu. ”, Seth added with a red face. The burly man just smiled knowingly.

”Ha ha, of course. Today special is snake soup and fried couckola bird. The room is 6 Silver a day. It comes with access to the bath and 3 meals a day for both of you. How long will you stay? ”

6 silver seemed expensive, but Seth did not care. the food looked good and offering a bath sold it for him. He gave the man 24 Silver for 4 days and explained that they might prolong their stay.

”Very well. My name is Harmond. Here is the key to your room. Do you eat here, or should I send to your room? ”

The three sat down at one of the tables and ate in silence. Asso felt weird at first, but the meal tasted as good as it smelled and he soon relaxed. Seth and Fin split up in front of the inn when they left. Fin flew off into the city, leaving Seth and Asso behind.

”Alright then, Asso. How do we do this? Should I just take out everything in my inventory one by one? or can you tell me roughly what you are looking for? ”, it was the first time he spoke to him since the left the guild.

The lizardman felt a little calmer interacting with Seth after they had a meal together. Unfortunately, he could not possibly know what reacted to, until he saw it.

”hmm, we should first find an appropriate place. I have a hunch what it might be, but this place is not suited to take it out. You don´t coincidentally know where I can find hunter here? One who can dismantle big game? ”, Seth led the conversation. He had no idea whether it was really the giant snake Asso was reacting to, or not. But he needed to find a hunter anyways.

”Oh yes! I actually know someone who can do that. He has a shop no too far away from the old district! ”

He actually knew someone! They had also asked Olivia, but she did not know anyone. it had been a long time since anyone needed big game to be dismantled by a professional.

”Perfect. Oh, but can you bring be to the system bank first? I have to take care of something there first ”, Seth said with a friendly smile. The other nodded happily and led the way. Seeing Asso so eager to help, made Seth almost feel bad for exploiting him as a tour guide. Almost.

Business at the bank seemed complicated at first, but became a lot easier when they found out that he was an ori huma affiliated with the church. That totally was the reason they treated him like a VIP and not the promissory stone over 650 gold.

In record time Seth had opened a bank account with 700 gold credit, was given a VIP crystal card and had an additional 50 gold stored in his inventory. He was treated with a lot of smiles, tea, cookies, and compliments until he left the door. Money really changed how people treated you!

Asso had waited outside and could only look baffled at the bank manager waving after the leaving Seth. ”What did you do to them…? ”

”I´m rich, bitch. What else is there to say? ”

Now that Seth had some cash and a credit card, it was time for business!

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