Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 512: Makes Sense

Chapter 511: Mining

“Are you trying to crash the accessory market?” Jane cried out exasperated when he returned to the workshop with Wedan and Hoen. Mina and Fin had decided to go to the training room and work on their skill to prepare for their journey.

“Oh! How did you know?” Seth exclaimed surprised.

“Are you serious?!”she asked raising her hands to the head.

“Why not? I recently accompanied a small party and it seemed like accessories are currently really valuable and my skill lacked some much-needed love so I thought- Why not cash in on that business?” he said.

He didnt act thoughtlessly on this one. There were a lot of foreign merchants importing cheap accessories and selling them at a huge price. He couldnt help but smile every time he was thinking of ruining the business of these opportunists.

“On that note, Hoen, are you done with the certificate tokens?” he mentioned.

“I finished the minting press, but there is still a lot of material I have to mint.” the dwarf deliberated.

“You can leave that to a golem, cant you? I have a more important question, could you also make something like a minting press for rings or other accessories?” the blacksmith asked schemingly.

“???” Janes gears were grinding at top speed as she tried to follow the conversation.

“I can… but it will be only able to make one kind of ring,” he said embarrassed. His skills were simply not advanced enough to make a machine with multiple functions.

“Thats not something to worry about. You can simply make five different ones for the start.” Seth stated matter of factly.

“Five? Why five?” the dwarf asked confused.

“Well, one for each kind of class. Casters, Defense-Types, Agility-Types, Strength-Types, and Dexterity types. We will make low-tier standardized equipment anyone of any class can afford.” the blacksmith revealed his intention.

Seth was originally not altruistically inclined. Not because he was a cold person, but because he was very self-centered and rarely looked around him. Seeing the reaction of Paolos party to a simple ring, he had put in some effort to find out more. Of course, there was a lack of good items for all level ranges on Urth in the beginning. But as the adventurers grew and the number of blacksmiths rose, the supply of low-tier and middle-tier equipment like swords and armors managed to catch up with the demand.

It was different for accessories. Although special materials had inherent magic properties, the true worth of accessories came from the technology of enchanting them. As Seth had experienced himself, it was practically impossible to create something in a vacuum.

Even for Y-City, who were currently developing their own kind of magic technology. Their approach was based on science and physics. (And a little bit on the items Seth kept selling) They didnt really have a choice as regular technology did not work in Ypsilon. A circumstance people were still unable to explain completely

As such, the native craftsmen who became Goldsmiths, or had the skill, lacked a crucial part that made accessories potent. Enchanters could help there, but they were also rare, as it was a hard to master class. Enchanters had to either learn enchantments or arduously develop them themselves, too.

However, the biggest reason that accessories were scarce was probably that production classes were simply unpopular in the beginning. Just like Seth would have never chosen the class of a blacksmith in a situation where his life was in constant danger.

The number of crafters only grew recently with the situations in the districts calming down. Still, Goldsmith was an unpopular class because of the lacking enchantments. Even with otherworldly products imported to Delta, who had the money to buy an expensive sword or ring, just to take it apart and learn the enchantment?

With no local supplier, the adventurers were dependent on foreign trade or dungeon drops. Even now, as more people reached what could be considered a high level, many didnt have any accessories. Even if they had some money, they would put priority on armor or weapons.

That was why even a party around lv.50 like Paolos, barely had any accessories and was almost as happy about an uncommon ring as they were about the epic weapon Seth gave them. That was how starved the market was.

At this point, the quality wouldnt matter. The items wouldnt have to be very unique or of high craftsmanship, it would be more along the line of fashion jewelry everyone could afford. So that everyone could at least have a piece of basic magical equipment that fit them in their equipment slots, as every filled slot was a would improve the chance of survival.

It was just a hunch, but he kept thinking of NasKorns warning. With the Age of Gods upon them, every improvement would probably count. Seth doubted something could happen to Delta, but helping was always worth it, right? Especially if you could make money and pull somebodys leg in the process.

“Is this why Im here? Do you want to sell this …fashion jewelry in the Turquoise Anvil?” she asked less than happy.

Although they were selling some lower-tier potions for their alchemy division, and mid-tier armors and weapons that were made by the dwarves, their shop was known for the high-quality products Seth and especially Cerberus had been making all the time.

Suddenly introducing low-tier accessories for a “cheap” price might have harmed their brand. Seth knew that, too. That was why he had a different idea.

“No, you are here, because I want to open a second store, something like “The Copper Anvil”. We separate our assortment and only sell high-end items in the Turquoise anvil from now on. Everything else will be transferred to the Copper Anvil. The new accessories, low-grade potions, and we can even sell the dungeon drops there, instead of selling them over middlemen.” he explained to Jane. The business manager could only stare at him in surprise. Was it because he had made an actually viable suggestion?

“When the trade route is done, we could even ship them to Y-City…” she mumbled but her thought was interrupted by the dwarf.

“But what are we going to do about the materials?” Hoen asked preoccupied with a different problem.

“R-Right, how would we supply the materials for this “grand scheme” of yours? Wouldnt first need enough materials fit for making these kinds of accessories?” Jane followed up on Hoens question.

It was a valid critique. Even if they had the production facilities, what were they supposed to do without the fitting materials? But the blacksmith had also thought about this.

“We will mine it. Or rather, I will mine it. Ever since our world was flooded with mana, many of the ores of Urth have been saturated with magic. I already managed to mine some materials like or back when we first found Minas Mar.” he explained to Jane.

The dwarf caught on a bit quicker than Jane.

“Does that mean, you found ore deposits we can tap into?”

“Thats right. I had the tower scan the surroundings and it found a few different metal veins showing a mana signature within the range of Minas Mar.”

Jane joined Seths smile while it was the dwarfs turn to not catch on.

“Dont we need a mining permit for that?” Hoen asked confused.

That was true, in magical worlds like the ones under the rule of Chrona it was custom that it needed at least the feudal lords permit to mine. But it was different on Urth.

“The territory of Delta does not go past the city boundaries. There are no laws pertaining to mining or pretty much anything past the city limits anymore.” Seth explained.

The districts were built as self-sufficient mega cities, while everything outside was declared no mans land. Districts would not claim ownership or recognize claims over land and resources outside the districts.

The simple basis for this action was, that there was nothing worthwhile left outside of the Districts. This had changed now, but the laws had not yet. Technically, anyone could leave and start a mine outside of Delta, they just needed to have the strength to protect what they claimed, as no authority would interfere.

Even if the laws change, how long would it take for the districts to grow a force to police the vast stretches of lands ridden with monsters? Taking Y-City as an example, they already were unable to protect the law in all of the districts, much less outside of it.

“As you see, legally, nobody can stop us from mining out there, for now. ” Jane concluded their explanation. The dwarf blinked for a moment,

“Then what are we waiting for? Think of all those ownerless ores out there make me all fidgety We have to get Wedan, too.” he started urging.

“There is no need to hurry. Also, you have to build the machines for the rings. Jane, can I leave the management of the second shop in your hands, too?”

“Haha, did you forget who you are talking to? Dont worry, I will make the Copper Anvil bloom, just like I did with the Turquoise Anvil.” she bragged proudly.

It was good that she agreed with his idea and was even enthusiastic about it.

“But what about you? You said you are going to mine it, there is this heap of rings and you still have those tin cans over there. Arent you trying to do a little too much at once?” she asked a little worried.

Seth looked at her surprised but then smiled. He was glad that she cared.

“Do I look like a workaholic to you?” he asked, pounding his chest. “Don worry, I dont intend to do it all myself. What do I have the big guy for?” he asked and pointed at Cerberus, the MVP of Minas Mars weapon forge.

“And I can delegate the towers maintenance drones to do most of the mining. Personally, I will only visit the deposits with the highest mana density, as those should hold rare ores. They arent big and it wont take too long.” he explained to lessen her worries.

Seeing her seem satisfied with his explanation Seth continued.

“I guess, everyone agrees with this course of action. Jane, can you inform Mary about this?”

“…Sure, but dont think I can make it sound like this was my idea. You keep increasing her workload.”

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