Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 515: Ancient Magic

instinctively had to get her hands on it. Gone were her attempts to seem modest. She didnt even care that Leana said it was a present. She had run off with it, like a thief, just to make sure, nobody could take it away from her.

, a skill her ancestors were known for and proficient in. the ability to change into a human, or animals, or even things like fog or wind, depending on the user.

For a moment she became completely calm. Was she really going to do this? If she did she would be able to… but what about Mina? They were friends. Was this okay? What about Seth? If things didnt work out things would be so awkward.

Was she really ready to risk their friendship? Usually, she lived on the motto that the only loss was a chance one didnt take, but this was the first time it felt so important.

Decisively, she ripped the scroll.

She had decided. Just learning the skill wouldnt change anything. What was important were her actions from here on.

After finishing Ceres, Seth put down his tool and spent the rest of the day with Mina watching movies and playing games. After their stay in Chrona, she had become more susceptible to the pass-times of Urth.

Now, everything was ready. He had recharged his batteries and started working on the Guard Golems, which would take over part of the protection of the trade route.

The golem forge had consistently spat out golem frames over the past day and 200 of them only waited for the last touch. There was only one major difference between these golem frames and the ones he used for his golem knights.

It was because of a conversation he had with Drosi, the Tijaahk merchant when he described to them what he was working on for the trade route.

“If you allow me to give you a small piece of advice, it might not be a good idea to give the golems your weapons.” the catperson told him.

As an old traveler and merchant across dimensions, Drosi had a better understanding of the mindset of people. If others saw epic weapons in the hands of golems, no matter how strong they were, they would have thoughts of attacking the golems and plundering their weapon and armors.

He would be lucky if they didnt act already, just for the armors. This made the blacksmith realize that it was not necessarily a good idea to give the golem detachable weapons. Although this impeded their ability to change weapons based on the opponents, Seth decided for a change.

Instead of two hands, like his golem knights, these guardian golem frames came with either two blade arms or one blade arm and a shield arm. Seth hoped to have the weapon being part of the golems body, would deter people from attacking the golems to plunder them.

To counter the drawback of not having a separate weapon, these blade-arms had edges made of a tiny amount of embedded into the blade-body made of .

All Seth had to do now, was make 200 cores from , assemble the golems, and infuse them with souls. The process was just like when he made the golem knights. The souls he used were mostly the medium-sized souls he had looted from the bronze birds.

As the final power of a medium-sized soul could vary, Seth took care while refining them. If they were too small, he would add a few more small souls. Since he didnt have to do a whole lot, soon the finished guard golems started to line up in the workshop.

Mostly because it granted Seth a great deal of satisfaction to see his finished works neatly lined up like that. That was despite the fact that they looked like imperial soldiers of Star Battles and less like Knights, Seths preferred aesthetic.

But there was nothing he could do about that now.

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