Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 516: Sudden Additions

e was even the possibility of the terrains having changed.

The only problem was, that Leana was a non-combatant, which would make this journey an escort mission. Even if she brought her own people to protect her… Seth had to admit that he didnt want to get on the bad side of Emperor Leander.

Losing the life of an Imperial Princess in the middle of nowhere, seemed like a good way to get thee really quick.

“Fin is in favor!” a squeaky voice suddenly interfered in their conversation.

A tiny Fin with a big bulging tummy laboriously climbed on the table.

“Fin? Do you even know what we are talking about?” the blacksmith asked her.

“Yes! Leana wants to accompany us on our quest. I think its a good idea.” the fairy supported the royals participation.

“…Since you are here, lets talk about this with everyone.” Seth simply shrugged.

After explaining Leanas request to the rest of the party, there was no major dissent, while Fin was strongly advocating in favor. He didnt know what Leana had done to Fin, werent it normally the fair folk that stole children and left changelings? Had the princess pulled an Uno reverse card on his fairy brute and exchanged her for someone else?

“Since nobody is against it, I think we can say that we all agree,” Seth concluded.

After the initial agreement, they ended the meeting and separated again. They agreed to talk about the details at a later time. Returning to Minas Mar, Seth didnt bother a lot with the sudden participation of the princess.

The blacksmith had something different on his mind. This journey seemed more dangerous than he initially thought. Probably, it was because his previous experiences of traveling the continent had always ended well. It had given him a false sense of safety.

Leanas people, the scouts of the empire, were far from weak. Even Seth would have to admit with grinding teeth, that their equipment he had seen in Chrona was probably better or at least as good as what he gave the lords of Minas Mar.

These kinds of people vanished without a word out there. This was added to his previous concerns about the Age of Gods. It was no longer only the question of whether they would be able to withstand the waves of the coming future.

Maybe they would have a hard time just withstanding the dangers already present…

What could he do?

Set was confident, that he was able to make even better equipment now, as he was constantly trying to improve all of his skills. But he didnt have the time to reforge several sets of items. It wasnt like he had a deadline, but there was a nagging feeling.

A feeling that told him, that it was not a good idea to let a god wait. What if Apollo got the idea that he was trying to ditch the task? How far would he go to force Seth to go on the quest?

What could he do in a short time to boost their survival chances?

He found himself sitting in his workshop, asking himself exactly this question. He already knew the answer, but he was still struggling with the decision. There was no time for a big golem, but would an army of small golems make a difference?

There was no arguing that his Mighty Golem Knights, were strong, probably stronger than Yulecats Fur. But were they strong enough to protect them against something that wiped out imperial scouts?

~What are you thinking so hard? Have you forgotten about the great me? Just rely on me.~ Puffles intruded on his thoughts.

~Im here too, mom!~ the Imugi joined in.

~How could I forget you?~ Seth answered amused.

Of course, he had not forgotten about Puffles or Tatzel, but his worries were not gone. After all, he also wanted to protect these two from harm. What was the point if he had to get them into danger if things went downhill?

The only ones he did not worry about were Python and Ceres. These two were incredibly strong from what Seth could tell and had the advantage of being golems he made. Unless encountered something with the ability to destroy their souls, he did not have to worry about them.

He saw only a single option to quickly increase his power by a large margin and that was by repeating such a unique success and creating another golem on the level of Ceres or Python. This was the point he was struggling with.

Currently, he possessed only one soul that could have a chance to turn into something that would rival these two and it was something he found extremely dangerous to mess with.

A very special mask appeared in his hands.

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