Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 519: Somewhere Else (14)

en lamenting the unfairness of the situation, her loss, and the hopeless plea for someone to help.

“Get a grip, girl!” someone told her and the beast behind her suddenly slumped to the ground.

Splatters colored the dirty snow red as its head rolled over the broken asphalt street. A person lifted her off the road, cast a spell, and dragged her into a desolate building as the beast rand past them as if they didnt exist.

Maybe it had been a bad decision to follow the princess, after all, she lamented.

Leana had somehow found out about her class but accepted it and even helped her find fitting items from the treasury. The princess had gone as far as to tell her about two items beforehand.

The Olms Necklace and the Rune Knights Gauntlets

The first was a legendary item that enabled the wearer to forgo the need to eat for a decade at a time. This solved Cades problem with her class, as this also included her need to eat human meat. Now she would only need to eat it once every 10 years.

The gauntlet was a legacy item that allowed her to choose the rare class of a Rune Warrior as her second class. It allowed her to choose between rune trees with different effects and improve them over time. The runes allowed her to strengthen many or very specific elements of her primary class.

Rakshasa was already a class with very varied skills, so she appreciate a very adjustable second class that allowed her to strengthen what she had focused on.

Based on what Leana had done for her, she felt quite thankful to her at the time. Since she didnt really have any other plans Cade had agreed to stay with the princess. Now she was stuck in this place and doubted her decision-making.

She was originally sent with a group of imperial scouts to look for the first group that had vanished during their mission to inspect the north of Urth.

The rakshasa girl was unsure whether Leanas foresight was good to send her or if she was just lucky. Despite being probably the weakest in the group, her class allowed her to be the last one to be alive and the same at this point in time.

It was when they were getting close to where they presumed the location of Sigma. One morning it seemed like they were struck with sudden lethargy. When they tried to get in contact with Delta using the communication crystals, the small spheres simply darkened and broke the moment they were brought out.

There was also no phone signal.

Facing the decision of either continuing or returning, their party leader decided to continue ignoring her objections. Cade, at the time, was the least encumbered by this effect and unlike the others, her symptoms grew weaker over time.

The other members on the other hand grew… weird. The end of the matter was that they were ambushed by these werewolf-like beasts. This was the end of the party, as the wounded instantly started turning into similar creatures. Only 3 members, including her, were immune to the contagious effects of the wounds.

With the strong members of the party turning and under the constant siege of the beasts, Cade was forced to run away using her illusion skills. Although most of the beasts were not strong, their power varied a lot and even she was unable to compete with the strongest, making it necessary to hide.

That had been the point when she was ready to throw the mission and return to Delta, only to realize that Home Call was not working. When she tried to use the system privilege to return home, only a notification greeted her.

She almost threw a hissy fit when she heard the emotionless notification. Wasnt the provider the system?! How would she contact them? It had taken her a good while to calm down and analyze. There was something blocking Home call. All she could do was either get back on foot or further explore and find out what was going on.

“Just what happened here?” she asked the crying girl she had saved from the street.

She had been wandering the ruined outskirts of sigma for quite some time, but this girl was the first living human she finally came across. However, the girl had a hard time calming down and kept crying, hugging her knees.

“Hey, its okay now. You are safe an-“

“Nothing is okay! Anton is gone! Everyone is gone! Everything went to shit!” she lashed out, leaving Cade speechless. Te anger filling her eyes almost scared the rakshasa.

It wasnt like Cade couldnt understand her, after all, she had also lost everyone she knew and had to deal with it. But that did not really mean that she knew how to approach someone who experienced something like this…

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