Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 59: A Day in Zhiqe

”hmm, I see. You are only briefly visiting. ”

Seth stood in a wide black desert under a black sky with a dim gray sun. Before him stood a giant dwarf made of Soul Fire, illuminating the dreary scenery. His booming voice vibrated deep in Seth´s chest.

”You combined my class with an interesting skill. But you still have a lot to learn. It´s good you are only here temporarily; you have barely started inheriting my legacy! ”

”Who are- ”, Seth started, but the giant dwarf interrupted him.

”Time´s up. Little one, you have to go now. Just a last advice: Grow stronger if you really wish to inherit my legacy! ”

With this he vanished and left him in twilight that became increasingly darker.


”Seth! Seth, are you OK? Why did you revive at the guild? Did you enter a dungeon!? ”, the hysteric fairy frantically asked the still groggy Seth. Did he dream something? Looking around he saw himself lying on a couch in one of the meeting rooms of the guild. Completely naked, except for a blanket put on him out of courtesy.

”Calm down, Fin! – the guild? ”, Seth mumbled and remembered what happened in the basement of the palace. He blacked out after killing whatever Russlan had become. The terrible headache…did he die from overusing mental power?!

Name: Seth Smith

Title: ”Faster than the Thought ”

Level: 17

Exp: 85%

Race: Ori Huma

Sex: Male


Class: Spirit Blacksmith (Unique)

Affiliation: System Church

Health: 1000/1000

Mana: 170



Agility: 38






Free AP (Attribute points): 0

Free SP (Skill points): 0


Physical: 185 (135+50) (ENDx3)

Magical: 95 (70+25) (WILx2)

Fire Immunity

He was fully healed and recovered. He was lucky this happened in a dungeon! Wait! He seemed to remember he had reached lv.18? …So, his level could even fall from the experience loss. On top of it, Seth had totally burned all of his equipment, even his ring! Even the boss´ soul! Why did he have to lose the control like this!

Skill Window:

Blacksmith (Apprentice) lv.7 (47%)

Enchantment (Beginner) lv.1

Goldsmith (Beginner) lv.1

Blacksmith ’s Eyes lv.4

Blueprint (Apprentice) lv.2

Soul Infusion lv.2

Spirit Smithy lv.4

Spirit Capture lv.3

Weapon Mastery (Adept) lv.5 (35%)

Calm Reaction (Passive) lv.7

Fear Resistance lv.8

Fire Affection lv.1

Fire Manipulation lv.7

Map lv.4

Observation lv.3

Concealment lv.4

Was this the reason had finally changed? He had lost consciousness before he could hear the notice completely but must have ranked up to when it reached lv.10!

Overall, he should consider this a net profit. He lost his armor and that khopesh, but he could make those anytime. On the other hand, he still made some experience and his skill ranked up! Even so the reason was not quite pleasant. Remembering what happened, he hurriedly shoved pack the memory of his parents. This adventure had reopened an old wound, but he had no time dealing with it. he shooed Fin out of the room and got dressed.

Olivia heard the commotion and soon entered the room. Fortunately, Seth was fully dressed at this point!

As the current de facto head of the guild, him dying in a unregistered dungeon was a matter she had to deal with. Seth had not much to hide and roughly told her what happened, omitting how exactly he used his skill to turn the dungeon master into a pile of ashes.

She was shocked hearing of all the corpses. Her panicked expression loosened a bit when Seth told her how he burned them. Seth asked her about it and she confirmed his hunch. Normally corpses, not matter monsters or not, would vanish in a dungeon. he had dodged a bullet by burning them before they were awakened as dungeon mobs! Still, an unnoticed dungeon in the middle of the city with this many victims! It was another sign just how understaffed and derelict the local guild branch truly had become!

The guild master was still missing, so she could not make any executive decisions, but Olivia told them that she would deal with the aftermath. Such as informing the lord and the headquarters. Still, she asked Seth not to enter that dungeon before things were under control.

Seth had no plans to enter a dungeon before he made another set of equipment, anyways. He just felt a little peeved about not getting those stored weapons. He could just shrug his shoulders and let it go. It was already late and Seth just experienced his first death so him a Fin went to town to eat a good meal and get drunk! It was late in the night, when they returned to the palace.

The lord had already been informed about his head butler being a diabolical monster feeding on his staff and citizens and trying to kill his new guest, just to be counter killed. The drunk fairy and blacksmith were welcomed by a pair of maids. Originally the lord wanted to talk to them now, but when he heard they were totally hammered, he changed the date to tomorrow. The maids brought them to their room, where they fell asleep the moment, they touched the bed.

Seth woke up to the high-pitched snoring in his ears. It had a terrible effect on his headache, thanks to the hang-over. He had a really disgusting taste in his mouth and could not remember what happened yesterday evening.

He left the sleeping fairy behind and went to wash-up in the bathroom, connected to their room. When he stepped outside his room afterwards, a maid was already waiting for him outside. He had a nice talk with the Lord about what happened and a healer actually got rid of his hangover for him!

All that was left was to have a scrumptious breakfast made by the palace chef! It could barely compare to the feast he had with Simon, but there was no one vying for his food this time! The sleepy fairy was no opponent for him at the dining table!

Now, Seth felt a lot better. He got a once-over by the palace healer and felt great. He would finally start crafting again! He entered the armory with a motivated gate and summoned the full smithy in the connected room. The Spirit Forge, the furnace, the Anvil, the Grinding Wheel, the Barrel and the new additions: Engraving and Jeweler´s Table.

The Engraving table was a big workbench with many engraving tools and a magic formation covering the whole tabletop. It could be used to power an engraved magic formation that would absorb mana from the surroundings and test for mistakes and problems. It was very interesting.

The jeweler´s table on the other hand was a workbench with a semi-circle cutout with a back to catch precious metal dust and scrap when working on jewelry. It had a lot of tool for small and precise work such as a saw with very thin saw-blades, files, a tiny burner spitting soul fire, pincer and so on. It was a little longer and on the other side was the setup for cutting gems, like a jeweler loupe and a fine grinding wheel and such. This table was the first normal looking crafting station beside the simple workbench beside the forge!

When he laid his hand on the tabletop a window popped up.

Seth suddenly remembered that it really had said, that this crafting station would need a test

to be unlocked! he finally had time and peace, so he clicked yes!

< Quest: Make a fine gold chain Difficulty: D ”Jeweler`s Table ” is temporary unlocked. To unlock the crafting station ”Jeweler´s Table ” permanently you have to prove your dexterity and make a fine gold chain. Requirement: Fine Gold Chain 0/1 Rewards: Permanently Unlock ”Jeweler´s Table ”. >

Of course, he accepted. He looked into the blueprints for and found the fine gold chain. It had a dexterity requirement of 50, so Seth barely met the prerequisite to be able to craft it!

But first he needed to make fine gold wire, so he started up the forge and forged one of his gold ingots into a thin bar. When it was thin enough, he was able to use a device that was part of the jeweler´s table. Before he could only hammer or draw wire, but this device used roller to make the wire finer and finer!

He followed the blueprints instructions to make fine rings and link them up into a thin and light golden chain. It was not perfect, as if it was made by a machine, but it had its own charm!

His actually increase by 75% with just this one simple chain. Sure, it was fine, but it was not difficult, thanks to his already high dexterity! With his current dexterity, he had a good foundation to level his goldsmith skill!

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