Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 5 - 5. A Long Night

hey even knew something important?

It was just going down the hallway, but he decided not to leave his home unprepared. Who knew what could happen? He stuffed all the iron he had made yesterday into his inventory, together with his water and food. Seth equipped himself with the best gear he had found so far. A thick leather jacked that increased his defense a little, sturdy leather boots and the cane of his grandfather.

Seth hadn ’t really expected this, but do not underestimate a walking stick! told him it was his best weapon!


Damage: 10-17

Durability: 22/25

An old strolling stick made of a sturdy piece of oak fitted with a heavy brass knob. Can cause stagger and knockout with a critical hit. >

All geared up he first probed the situation in the hallways with the peephole. Still, no blood and gore covering the white walls of the hallway or the tiles of the floor. As he opened the door and wanted to step out a message popped up in front of him.

Seth hesitated. ”Nope nope nope… ”, he chose N and stepped back into his apartment. It wasn ’t really that important to check on his neighbors now, right? Yeah. He was still good on food and water anyways. Seth totally lacked the preparation he wanted, before he left guaranteed safety behind once and for all. He put the jacket and the cane beside the door and went back to the living room where he summoned the Spirit Smithy. Grinding it was! Time to turn this mediocre iron into knives.

He would use the arduous work to push those unsettling thoughts aside!

After making dozens of knives and small stuff like arrow heads yesterday, Seth felt ready to try the free creation. He wanted to see the difference and how far he could go without the direct help of the system.

He followed the same steps and movements that were already ingrained into him yesterday, he started with making a throwing knife. It was harder to estimate the temperature and he often missed the right spots when forging the iron. But this actually felt better! It was HIM, Seth, creating something, without outside help. he also got a much better feeling of where to hit and how strong.

Working like this for the first time ignited a flame in his heart. He had still felt a little conflicted about getting a crafting class until now, but now Seth felt a passion growing within him. He really wanted to grow his class and skils, not just for survival.

After managing to forge the rough shape and quenching it successfully in the barrel, Seth ground it into a sharp knife barely resembling the throwing knife from the blueprint.

Surprised by the announcement he checked the knife with his , but it was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a little worse than the last ones he did with the systems help.

< Low-quality Throwing Knife


Damage: 2-4


A recognizable throwing knife by an aspiring Blacksmith. When you throw it, you might even hurt someone else but yourself. >

Still, a lot better than his first try with the system! And he did it all alone. the real surprise hit Seth when he checked his skills. he had actually gained a lot more proficiency for this throwing knife! It was almost double as much as for the ones he made with blueprints!

Time went by as he tried doing the other weapons he had tried, like arrow heads and daggers. No matter what he made Free Creation gave him double the points on average!

This was great, considering that the skill needed more and more experience to level up. Seth decided to choose a more complex blueprint now! He would use the blueprint to get a feeling for the process and then try doing it in Free Creation. Seth chose a long hunting knife. It had a long blade and looked similar to a Bowie knife. It was more complicated and had more parts he needed to make. The blade, a handguard, a pommel and a wooden handle! It was a lot more exhausting than the simple thing he did befor, even with the guidance.

In the end, after several hours of work, he failed twice out of three attempts. But Seth still gained huge amounts of proficiency! He had leveled straight up to lv.6 in one go!

Plopping down on a chair that had survived his material gathering, Seth took out a water bottle from the inventory and started drinking in big gulps. He choked when he looked out the window. The outside was still immersed in twilight. He looked at his phone, 12 pm.

What was going on?!

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