In the following weeks, Seth alternated between forging the snake materials until his mana ran out and spending time with Fin, Sarina, and the little Ivicer.

One of these days the little Ivicer suddenly popped out of the pet space when was just having a short break from forging.

”Seth, Seth! I finally did it! ”, it said excitedly. Surprised the blacksmith asked the caterpillar what he had done.

”Didn´t you ask me some time ago about Holy Gold? I can finally make it now! ”

Ever since they started the journey the little Ivicer was occupied with learning the art of making the ancient bronze from the memories of his ancestors. One component was the inner energy unique to his race. To grow this energy, it had to absorb a lot of energy from the sun, to grow its own reserves.

That ’s why it had spent most of its time on the airship sitting and playing with Fin on the main deck. Finally, I had succeeded in learning the art and the system even turned it into a skill. Now he just needed to eat copper and tin, or regular bronze.

The caterpillar explained all this to the blacksmith, who kept nodding his head like a bobblehead. To be honest, he had actually somewhat forgotten about the ancient bronze recently and felt a little guilty for it. The Ivicer had used so much time and effort for him. But listening to the explanation he started to get excited again. All the soul stuff was one thing, but being the only one able to make an uncommon metal was also substantial!

”Alright, should we try it? ”, Seth asked and brought out the copper ore and ingot he had farmed in the cave and tin he had bought in Zhiqe. Just because the bronze had been pushed to the back of his mind recently, did not mean he had not prepared back then.

The Ivicer had slightly grown, but the amount of material Seth had stocked up on was way too much for it. It nibbled just a few chunks of ore and then they had to wait. The materials had to be digested first. They would then mix with the energy in its body and-

The little Ivicer started spitting thin threads of ancient bronze from its mouth! The buildup on the ground like a crumpled spider net. It took a while, but with a tiny squeak, the threads stopped shooting out. The little caterpillar was heaving for air and was totally exhausted.

”Sorry, that all I can do in one go…. ”, it apologized comparing the tiny heap of thread to the masses of material Seth had brought out earlier.

”What are you apologizing for? This is great! ”, Seth had just sat there and watched in wonder as thing golden bronze wires came from its mouth. It was very thin, like a thread, but also strong like a wire. He had the perfect idea. Seth thought of the armor made of the thread of Arachne and remember was Cerno Bolk had said. That this was originally used to make garments for their god.

As long as he found a tailor who could weave this thread into cloth, he could make get a gambeson made from this, or robes for Fin! It was the best material to wear as the first layer of armor. The Ivicers mood lifted, as Seth explained how useful the thread would be for all kinds of things except just melting it down.

”And you will grow in the future. You might have memories of your ancestors, but you are still a baby. So, don´t worry too much about the now. ”, he smiled and patted the Ivicers round golden head. Looking at it now, one would not expect it to have the potential to grow into a terrifying existence like Cerno Bolk, or the Holy Beast.

But what was he supposed to do until he found a tailor or weaver? After the Ivicer left to replenish his energy in the sun on the deck, Seth was left with a heap of Ivicer…wool?

It had a strength similar to and a magic conductivity close to . Seth thought of covering steel with a thin layer of it. Seth tried something we would call brazing on a small dagger, but it had a terrible success rate since he had no flux to help the bronze stick properly.

After a few fails, he shelved the idea for now. Maybe he could ask a blacksmith, once they reached Ora.

Seth had reached when they finally reached Yisivi where they would have to part from Sarina. It was not the first stop since Oriekot, but the first big city since then. The ship would stay here for a day, so it was worth a trip. Seth and Fin decided to accompany Sarina and take a look at the city.

There was already someone at the port waiting for Sarina. There was a well-kempt man with three armored guards. He looked at the picture in his hand and at the little girl that left the ship with a stranger and fairy. They approached the group of three.

”Hello! Are you Sarina? Then you must be the benefactors that saved our young lady. ”, the man gave a trained smile. Sarina shrunk back and hid behind Seth. She had grown up as a normal village girl and didn´t know how to deal with these strangers. The man ’s smile became a little complicated as he crouched down to get on Sarina ’s eye level.

”I´m Edward, the chancellor of your father. He asked me to bring you to him safely. ”

The girl looked back and forth between Edward and Seth, unsure of what to do. Seth patted her head.

”We will come along if that makes you feel better, ok? ”, he said with a smile. Maybe they could grab a good meal at the noble residence. Also, the quest had not updated, yet. Seth wanted to make sure that the quest was completed correctly. It was Edwards feel unsure of what to do but agreed for them to come, too.

Yisivi was even greater than Oriekot as it was a trade center with various connections via sea routes, the airship, and caravans. It was also the only harbor where merchant ships from the elven grand Duchy would anchor. It was a shame that they could only stay for a day.

The Count of Szek ’zos was a noble with a territory neighboring this massive trade hub. His estate was located in the noble district along with other great and lavish mansions. One could guess how much he profited from his proximity to this city.

Sarina looked troubled when a big stranger with a magnificently bushy beard and a golden mane like a lion´s rushed out from the build and pulled her into a tight embrace. His clothes looked expensive, but not lavish or gaudy like some other clothes Seth had seen on nobles. The fine cloth stretched over well-trained muscles as the count hugged his daughter

, Experience. Intimacy with Count Szek ’zos has risen. >

”I´m so glad you are okay! My poor baby! ”

Seth blinked perplexedly. Even Fin was surprised. Sarina didn´t know how to react and Edward wore a wry smile. The count really loved his daughter, despite never appearing before her. He had always kept in contact with her mother by exchanging letters. Sarina warmed up to him when they talked about her mother and he explained why he could not be with them. It was the typical excuse that he was not powerful enough to protect them.

Seth didn´t really listen to that part after the Quest hat been completed. The count seemed very sympathetic, especially since he did not stop thanking them. He even gave them 50 gold and invited them to a meal. Sarina would be safe if she stayed with this man.

They spent the day at the mansion, with Sarina and her father, before leaving Yisivi the next morning.

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