Bloom Girl

First unfolds

Last year in school is of full intimating adventures. Isn it ?

Students cries , bonds , mingle, break up ….too much, right?.

Hey, I am Lily narzary , student in a St. Clara school, Kokràjhar and I am about to take you to the my adventures stories.

First class of last year at St. Clara school , rattling with that thought on my mind, about to enter the school gate, I heard a voice from behind , ”Lizz ”.

I turn around to see , Riya walking towards me,

she said , you look different narrowing me up and down. I asked, How? .

She spit, Girl you are Glowing nowadays .

I sighed , aah huh..! adding , walk fast, we
e going to be late .

I didn thanked her . I could never agree with that kind of compliments Coz Ive never been a pretty girl.

Riya Brahma, one of my favorite people , friends since fourth standard . She transfered at our school in fourth standard . She is the center of the beauty. She has pale skin ,small eyes , not so sharp nose and a cute round face. She looks pretty. I am sure half of the senior boys have asked her number and she flirts it too but selectively.

Our class starts exactly at 8:45 a.m after assembly which usually takes place for 15 minutes. Once or thrice we have to listen the principals speech or teachers in a week.

At the first class, Sir Martin ,our class teacher enter the room , He begin, students Ive got news for you .

One Guy asked , Bad or good Sir .

he smile first and then reply , ” Both ”.

students sighed , oh .

You got a test in one month . declared Sir.

Disappointment can be seen on students face. He Begin again, but don worry only a few lessons , So be attentive on class, clear your doubts , you can asked me or your friends or any other subject teacher .

Students were listening to sir attentively.

Suddenly a one guy stand up and said , ” okay sir , now tell us the good news ” . everybody laughed.

Sir said jokingly, ” Have patience , Mohit, I will tell you ” .

You guys are going for an excursion in the summer vacation . Sir declared the good news. Every body, yes .

Sir said , okay… since it is your first class , I will not bored you with lectures, So enjoy your free time but do not make noise , your principal gonna kick me out. He smile and leave.

So , everybody started to talk. Making plans for excursion. Riya poked me from the back bench and said excitingly , finally .

I too got excited coz we never been on a trip together with a school friends. We started to make plans .

we will wear this, we wear that, we will go there bla bla bla …

Whole day went thinking about the excursion. Even though the remaining class took place , I can guarantee that all the students were thinking about a trip.

Last class was also skipped by our English teacher, so we got free time again.

A guy came and sit beside Riya and said , Hey gorgeous . with flirty smile.

I rolled my eyes and looked away.

Riya flirts it too , hi handsome .

I interrupt , what do you want ? .

He flirts again , what you gonna give me?

I spit , ” you are really an obnoxious person ”.

He looked at me and said, why don you get some ice cream, you will be lot more cool down .

I grin and said , and why don you go to jungle , coz you belong there .

Armann laughed. Riya smiled too.

You know that famous Guy that exists in every school , a cool famous guy who knows nothing besides flirting. That guy is Arman wary. He has bulging eyes, Sharp nose and a mole on his wide lips. With that handsome face he got lot of female admirers.

Arman replied, Ohh .. come on how can I leave you , youll die without your angers upon me .

I warned him irritatingly, look if you got a work with us then what is it !…and if you don you can leave .

He joke, ” hmm…..what was it? .

he tried to remember and he added again , yeahh to crossed your mind smile wickedly.

I said , get lost ….

hahaha I can heard him laughing. then he went back to his seat .

Riya said to me , Relaxed, he liked to teased you because you react .

So, Half of our class thinks that I am a volcano girl who can erupt anytime. At some point I might agree with them but no I am a cool girl too , I thought.

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