Bloom Girl

unfold 2

what a bloody hot Wednesday . I said to Riya

She teasingly said, I Know but you becomes more hotter for your boiling head .

I frown and Said, hahaha very funny . Shruti laughed.

We are sitting on a bench under a tree shade near the volleyball court. Shruti Brahma is a friend of us. She is sweet, pure and has a pretty face too. Sometimes I really hate to hangout with these two girls because I am the really odd one. I got Brown complexion , they don , they got boyfriend and I don .

From a distance I saw a girl talking towards us as she reached near, spit out, Lily , principal were asking about you .

What? . I sighed confusingly. why

She replied, I don know , I just heard the principal taking your name while he was talking to our class Captain .

I said , ” Oh ”.

Riya and Shruti were busy talking each other , and didn care to listen. Thoughts began to swing my head , why was he asking about me , what did I do , Did I cause any problem. I was clueless. But then I cooled myself down , don worry its alright , you did not do anything wrong . I convinced myself.

Class resume after 30 minutes of lunch break. However , we got a free time at the last class, because principal allowed us to discuss our location for excursion.

Our class Captain begins from his bench, Guys , listen up, only one month left , so we gotta decide fast , where we gonna go. Plus we must collect the money from tommorow itself to booked a bus or a train ticket if we decide to go to any far destination .

So girls and boys began to decide separately.

I said to girls , girls decide some cold places

Riya suggest , ” Manali ”. Shruti said , ” our budget will be low Riya , we can go there ” .

One girl said , ” Delhi ”

I sighed , ” Delhi will be much hotter than us Simi .

then girls begin to guess on their own. After 10 minutes of silence, Shruti suggest, How about Tawang .

I support , its actually a good place .

Other girls looked convincing too.

Riya from her seat in loud voice, ” Okay boys we have decided our place , are you guys done?

Pijush said , Yes .

Riya asked , where ? .

He said , Goa .

Riya spit back , No way .

”okay ! then whats yours? ” asked pijush.

” Tawang ” . smilingly said Riya

Armann from back bench , this must be the idea of Lizz , isn it ? Lizzzz…..? he mock me with laughed.

I can hear the boys and girls laughing too.

I backed fire , ” first of all do not call me that and I guess Goa must be your idea to flirt with girls ” .

I really hate people calling me Lizz. But I don mind when it comes from the closed one.

” Nuh !…. Ive got you, why do I need others ” said Armann with a winked.

” You will be the last person I would ever flirt with ”. I spit back

With funny face he said, oooohhh….. Savage it hurts . by touching his heart.

As I begin to say…You… .Our class Captain interrupt me , guys , I know it, this would come , so I decided to mend the problem with my suggestion . he looked at me for a second and added, since I am your class Captain, Sir left me with deposition to decide. Okay I know, girls want to go to cool places and guys want a beach . he gave tired smile and added, ” So , hear me out first and then you guys decide ”.

He paused for a few seconds and everybody nodded.

” I am thinking about Sikkim and Sir Martin had suggest it too. Its near by , so expenses will be not too high and principal will allow us a week only if we go there. We can go there , plus it has splendid views ”.

I thought to myself , its not a bad idea.

Armann said , Ive no issue with that .

other boys looked convincing too.

Biraj asked , Girls ? .

Riya , ” if class Captain says so, then who cares to dare ” .

Biraj Brahma , clever, intelligent and topper of our class which position him to be a class Captain. He is 5.9 tall , has small eyes , medium complexion, and a big lips. Girls find him attractive but I don . I Know him since childhood.

As Riya sit back at her bench I tapped at her and said to her , its okay , Sikkim is good too .

” you like it too ” . she asked

” yeah …it might not be a bad idea ” I replied

” Ofcoz …. after all he is your friend ”. she sighed.

” Riya please ”. I request and added , ” he was ” .

She sometimes get pissed off whenever her wishes are being rejected.

Now, the problem is my parents . I still doubt them about my allowances , coz Ive never been on a trip with anybody else other than them but I do believe they may consider it.

I breathe myself , good luck lizz.

At home , while my mother was cooking dinner , I request her to convinced father.

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