Bloom Girl

Test week

My life has been simple, there is no room for me to be over dramatic or lets put it ” over whelming ”. Ive been going on with life comfortably. I usually have no worries whether sad, happy, anxiety or any kinds of emotion, it does not last long. But I am afraid now…. soon it will introduced me to the word Crumble .

Two days have passed since that ”spoiled Girl tag incident, unit test will held in a week and I haven prepared yet.

Sir martin, ” students your unit test is approaching near, so be ready. Don just get excited only about excursion huh! ”.

” yes sir ” . said everybody.

” Oh I forgot to tell , Principal is going to take your next class ”. Sir informed.

”oh no ” said somebody from the corner.

Everybody laughed except me.

I am tensed… let say more than tensed. I am terrified.

Principal do take class but I feel like there is something more than the class. I feel like he is coming for me. It is predictable because he doesn take classes on Saturday.

Riya poked me from back bench, ” Oii , please do it for me ” .

” No ” . I said. She frown.

So, She has been asking me since morning, to cover for her while shell go on a date. I have to called her parents to ask if she is free. And as usual her parents will get lured by my words. Her parents is being conservative nowadays because she is spending too much time with her boyfriend and they knew about that so they curtailed her freedom. And I cursed myself every time whenever I lied to her parents. They never declined me, so she take full advantage of that condition.

I see students standing up , as I turned front side ,to see what is it? then I saw the Principal standing right in front of us.

”Good morning sir ” . students

He replied with one hand signalling to sit.

He began, ” Students, I just want to informed you that, after your unit test I want to meet your parents ”.

Students are silent . I guess they are worried too like me.

” we will have a parents meet, the exact date will be put up on the notice board ”. He added.

Students looked attentive but I don think they actually are.

Principal begin again, ” I am not here to take class, so better get prepared for my subject in upcoming unit test ” . After that he leaves.

Our principal takes literature in class 9 and 10 . Students always get worried about their English marks because he is the master of ”Mark Reducer ”.

Riya with sarcasm, ” I really want to take English major but this person makes my dream impossible ”.

I laughed.

really… English? . I said to her

” yeah ” she replied surprisingly and asked , ” oh girl do you doubt me? ”.

”hahaha Ofcoz not, I Know how romantic you are ”. I tease her.

” oh yeah? huh..! ” . she tickled me.

”its true . I mean you already had 3 boyfriend that too in 2 years , so yeah..! it shows how romantic you are ”. I said with sarcastic laugh.

She said, ” huh ..! you….. ” surprised by my remarked.

I said too, ” I know… I am good ”. she smirked.

On Saturdays school is half. It gets over at 12:30 noon. Students love half days but I think they love Saturday only because it precede Sunday.

After the class I went library to issue a book which I have taken week ago. Our school library is not large but big enough to not see people. I went straight up to the librarian and handed the book. He took the book and nodded.

As I am about to head back , I mind said to me, ” shall I take another novel but what? ”. I put myself into 5 seconds of dilemma then I ignored.

As I enter the second book row , I saw a back figure of Biraj holding a book, then in a split second I turned back to go but he call me , ” Lizz ”.

I mutter in my mouth ” holy shit ”.

I don know why but whenever we come across it becomes really awkward. I lost words to talk to him. The abandoned friendship makes really hard to be friends again . By the way, how did he saw me, even though he got small eyes, he can see everything. I thought to myself.

when I turned back, he gave me suspicious look.

” why are you going? ”. he asked.

” I ….I guess….I don need it ”. I bluffed hesitantly.

” come on Lizz , I saw you …. You left as soon as you saw me? ”. He asked with curious face.

I completely lost words. I feel like, I have been caught red handed while trying to steal. Trying to find words I said , ” No, I wasn ”. I can see the disappointment in his face.

After 5 seconds he said, ” don lie lizz, I know you and you can take whatever books you want, I am not in your way ”. He left.

I felt guilty but from lying or getting caught, I don know. I can comprehend myself. I went too without books.

At home , I am trying to tell my mother that there will be a parents meet after unit test and she is asking me hundreds of questions which is making me furious.

she said , ” why does your principal want to meet us? ”

I replied , ” not only you he Will be meeting all the class x students parents ”.

She asked again , ” yeah but why? ”.

I said , ” I don know either ”.

she bluffed again, ” Did you do anything wrong? ”.

Afraid to reveal the truth I said , ” no Maa ”.

” but why would your principal want to meet without any reason? ”. she added again.

Irritated and annoyed by her words I said , ” Uff…mom if want to come than come, if you don than don ”.

I went straight up to my room and slammed the door behind and dive right onto the bed.

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