Chapter 3

ng teeth.

Kram rubbed his forehead he hated stupid people they gave him migraines.

”Lets talk about Hart. How long did you two date? ”

”Uhhh, like six months or so I guess, maybe a year I don know. Why do the police want to know how long I dated my boyfriend? You don have anything better to do? ” Múd scoffed kicking his foot into the table leg.

”Ex. ” Said Kram

”What? ”

”Ex-boyfriend, you said boyfriend but Hart broke up with you right? ”

”I broke up with him! ”

”Sure you did, ” Kram smirked. ”Heres the thing I don care who broke up with who what I care about is who is murdering people connected to the art district.

”Wait, what! ” Múd jumped to his feet!. ”I thought I was here cause I spit in that fuking cops face! Fuck this I didn kill anybody. ”

”Thats lovely. ” Now sit down. ”Thanks for confessing that you spit in detective Loves face, youve saved the taxpayers so much money. Now what I want is to show you some pictures and I want to know if you recognize anyone in these photos. ” Kram laid out the photos of Kisa and the unidentified man.

e dead! ” exclaimed Múd.

”Yes, thats what murdered means. Nothing gets past you does it. ” Kram replied drily.

”What I want to know is if you recognize them. ” He said through gritted teeth trying to muster even an ounce of patience.

” I don know, they
e dead! ” Múd said again as though Kram hadn understood him the first time.

”Weve established that they are dead but they still have faces! ” Kram jabbed at the photos ”Do you recognize them? ”

”No. ”

”No? ”

”Well I mean, I don recognize him but I recognize her. She wrote for some magazines, I worked with her a few times taking photos of the art she reviewed. Im a photographer you know. ”

”Is that so. ” Kram wanted to strangle the man across from him. But at least the last two hours hadn been a complete waste. This idiot connected Kisa to Hart, maybe, just maybe he knew something useful. Whether or not Kram could pry it from his useless head was another matter altogether.

”Ok, so you do know Kisa, did you ever see Kisa and Hart together? ” Kram asked slowly.

”Sure, ” he shrugged, ”thats how we met. Kisa was sent to cover this up and coming star of the art world at Harts gallery and I was sent as the photographer. I heard the review she wrote was brutal. ” He laughed.

”Do you remember the name of the artist? ” Asked Kram.

”Uh, no. Why would I? Do you know how many suposdedly up and coming artists their are? There is a new one like every five minutes. ” Múd rolled his eyes.

Kram couldn argue with that. The world was full of people who thought they were talented and short on those who actually are.

”Ok look at this photo one more time try and remember if you have seen him at any events. ” Kram said, weariness creeping into his voice. Múd glanced at the photo.

”Nope ” Múd shoved the photo away and leaned back in his chair.

”Great well thanks for your help, you can go now its not like I can find you again if I have any more questions. ” Kram stood and picked upt the file and photos.

”Wait, I can go? ” Múd said excitedly.

”Of course you can go… to jail, you assaulted an officer remeber. ” Kram nodded to the guard on the way out, he didn bother to look back.

He sent a text to Love while he waited for the elevator.

—-He recoginsed Kisa, she knew Hart, she wrote a bad review of an artist exhibited there, Ill go back through the reports—-

It was almost four, when Kram flopped back into his comfy swivel chair in the office fresh coffee in hand. He spread out the files the forensics department had packed from her condo, he sorted the photos and articles that were printed looking for any mention of Harts gallery.

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