Chapter 8

Love quickly stepped around Hart, to stand between him and the man with handcuffs.

”Noh, please just give me a few more minutes. ” Love said.

Noh looked past Love to Hart. ”Hes right, how you come in is up to you but you are coming in will it be cuffs or no cuffs? ”

Love grabbed Hart by his forearm and drug him back inside closing the door behind them.

”It really is up to you, ” Love said gently. ”I know you
e scared. ”

Hart sank slowly onto the couch, deep in thought.

”Im not scared for myself ” He mumbled, speaking more to himself than to Love. They sat in awkward silence for a few seconds then Hart reached out to pick up Loves hand. The look in his was determined as though he had come to a decision.

”Love, can I trust you? I mean really trust you because its not just my life that might be at risk. ” Harts voice was quiet but steady.

Love crouched down in front of Hart so that they were eye level.

”Of course, you can. If there is something I can do to help you, I will. ” Love replied waiting for Hart to speak. Instead, Hart let go of his hand, stood up, and slid his phone from his pocket. He paced away from Love waiting for someone to pick up his call. Once they did Harts face relaxed.

”Somethings happened, I can come out to the house right now but its not safe for you to be there alone. Im going to ask Love to go and stay with you. Hes safe…. No don tell him anything until Im with you, we will explain if we have to…. No, I haven asked about Kram, but I will if thats what you want…. Ok…Ok… Just get your sharpest painters knife and if either of them does anything suspicious before you hear from me gut them. ” Hart glanced at Love to see his reaction.

”I know you
e scared but it will be ok. Ill be there but I have to go to the DSI first and answer some questions. No! You can risk coming here, not until we know more. Just watch for… ” Hart pulled his phone away.

”Love what are you driving? ”

”Krams black SUV, its a Toyota. Why? ”

Hart ignored him.

”Did you hear that? Black SUV, yes, Toyota, ” he smiled, ”yeah typical cop! ” stay in the studio till they get there, it will take a few hours, Ill text you Loves number. If anything happens call him. I don think Ill be able to answer my phone for a while. ”

It was silent for a few minutes while hart listened intently to the person on the other end of the line.

”I know, Im sorry, love you too. ” He said as he hung up.

Love was staring at him when he hung up.

”There really was someone in the studio that day! Kram was sure someone else was there! ”

Hart rolled his eyes, ”Yes, his name is Phet, and hes my best friend. But I won tell you any more than that until after Ive talked to your boss. I don know if I can trust the rest of your team. I need you to go back to my house and just stay with Phet till I call. Keep him safe, and can you take Kram with you? ”

Love nodded.

”Was it really necessary for you to tell him to get the painters knife? ” Love asked.

”I hope it wasn ” Hart replied without even a hint of irony.

It was Loves turn to make a phone call.

”Kram, are you still at the crime scene? Ill pick you up in 20 minutes. You were right, but I can explain now, Hart is staring daggers at me. Yeah, hes going to talk to Noh. ” Love hung up the phone.

”Are you ready? ” He asked Hart.

Hart walked to the door and looked back at Love.

”Don make me regret this, if you hurt him I will kill you. ” Without waiting for a reply Hart opened the door.

”Noh right? No cuffs please, but I will ride with you to have that talk if its ok. ”

”Right this way. ” Noh nodded up to Love who followed them down the stairs.

Love got into the SUV and watched Noh and Hart pull away before heading back to the crime scene in Bang Na. Kram was pacing at the end of the alley waiting for him. He yanked the door open before the SUV even came to a stop.

”What, am I right about, and what didn you tell me on the phone? ” Kram asked, a familiar gleam in his eye.

”I missed you too. ” Love said dryly.

”And can you just try and be a little less pleased with yourself, I know Im sometimes the morally gray partner but I really like Hart so lets remember these are peoples lives and not just a fun puzzle that distracts us from your inability to sleep. ” Love said.

”All right, all right… sheesh. You know I always take our job seriously. You don have to bite my head off. ” Said Kram.

They rode in silence for about fifteen minutes, Kram tapped his fingers on his jeans, in time with the music.

”You were right about there being someone else at the house the day we met Hart. we are going to meet that person now. ”

”I Knew it! ”Kram exclaimed.

”No, shh..shhh let me finish. ” Love pointed his finger at Kram as though he was telling a dog to stay off the couch.

”Hart has asked us to keep him safe and we can ask him any questions until we hear back from Hart who is with Noh being questioned. ”

”Oh, no questions will be hard for me, ” Kram said.

”I know that which is why Im telling you now so you have time to get used to the idea. Hart told Phet to get his sharpest painters knife and if we made him uncomfortable or scared he should gut us. So, I kindly ask you to not stress out this person we don know but he definitely has a knife, because I feel like thats a lose-lose situation. ” Love said.

An hour and half later the black SUV turned in to the long gravel driveway of Harts home.

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