Katie Collins was on the run from her ex fiance, Jacob. A man who constantly watched her every move, made rude remarks about her body and appearance (especially since she was carrying his child), then physically put his hands on her when something doesn go his way. Such as if Katie doesn clean the house correctly or if the food that she cooked wasn what he wanted. Its the little things that she does that brings his wrath. Katie always has to lie for Jacob, since he worked as a CEO in a high-paying job at a local bank. If she reported his abuse to the cops it would ruin his career and would only bring more pain toward Katie.

If you ever and I mean EVER report whatever happens in this house, every bone in your fat body will be broken. That is not a guarantee, its a promise.

Those words rang in her head every single day and that made her more afraid of Jacob. After that threat, Katie started making excuses if anybody says anything about her bruises or broken body parts. Did anybody actually believe what excuse she came up with? Maybe, maybe not. But not one person said anything other than Im sorry before going on with their day.

The abuse has been going on for over a year, some days were better than others. The only time that Jacob hits or yells at her is when hes at work, on a business trip, hanging out with his buddies or IF he comes down with a sickness. Even with being sick, the man was an asshole.

Don get Katie wrong, when she first met Jacob, he was a very kind man. Everything that he is doing now, he never did when they first bumped into each other.

They met at a bar, weird right? Katie was sitting alone at a bar, drinking a sunset margarita. When she felt somebody sit next to her. In the corner of her eye, she sees the most attractive man that she ever laid eyes on. He was about 62, and you can tell that the man had a six pack.

My goodness, that is one good looking man. Katie thought, trying not to stare and creep him out. Somehow he noticed, and a slight smirk crossed his face.

”Hi there. ” He says, turning his attention to the 5 0, redish-blonde hair woman who, he-knew, was staring at him. ”The name is Jacob, what is yours, gorgeous? ”

Katies face brightened as red as her hair. ”Kathryn, but please call me Katie. ”

That only made Jacob smile wider, and he turned his entire body, so that it was completely facing her. ”Katie, a pretty name for a pretty lady. ”

The compliment made her face redden even more, making the man chuckle.

”Ms. Katie, can I buy you a drink? ”

(See how nice he actually was? Katie isn sure what happened to that.)

Katie could not NOT take that offer, after all

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