8 And So It Begins

Arryn stopped by the concierge to let them know Castor was up there in his room and that he would be extending his stay for an undetermined amount of time. He asked for his kitchen to be restocked tomorrow for a week of supplies.

Pulling up to TWC tower, Arryn didn notice increased security as he had ordered. This was something he wanted to be fixed immediately. He parked in the executive garage and used the private elevator.

Only higher-ups in TWC had access to this secure elevator.

He noticed a guard seated at the reception desk monitoring security cam views as the doors opened.

Lucas was surprised to see someone there and took a moment to realize who was standing before him, ”Director Quinn… ” Lucas blurted out nervously.

”Have your superior contact me immediately. I want there to be an increase in security. I will be in my fathers office. Only allow members of my family up here. ” Arryn ordered, ”Understand? ”

Lucas straightened up in his chair, ” Yes, Sir…Director Sir. ”

Arryn nodded and unlocked the entrance with a scan of his hand. A computerized voice chimed, ”Welcome, Director Quinn. ”

Arryn stepped in and noticed a few cubicles with empty desks where the CEOs staff worked. A kitchenette was connected off to the side for the team to use.

Relieved to be alone, Arryn walked to the back of the room and stopped at the door to Rory, his fathers office. The security system took a retinal scan and a scan of his handprint. Then the door unlocked.

Half expecting to see his father sitting at his desk, Arryn walked into the room. Disappointed to be alone, Arryn sat down in his fathers chair and laid his head down on the desk. A few minutes passed, and Arryn looked up, hearing his phone ring.

It was Gerald, and Arryn hoped he had news about his parents.

”Gerry! Whats the latest? ” Arryn snapped, answering his phone.

Sighing, annoyed with being called Gerry, ”Arryn, I just wanted to check in with you. Savage seems to not know what is going on. Our Intel says they aren behind this. ”

”Really?! I don believe that this is merely an accident. ” Arryn grumbled.

”Im not saying it was, but we are losing leads, and Dad is at a loss. But not giving up. ” Gerald explained.

”And the media? ”Arryn asked.

”So far, no leaks… Don know how much longer we can keep this quiet. ”

”Im at my fathers office. I was about to work on an announcement for the company. ” Arryn explained, ”I need to work on it and get off the phone. ”

”Wait, Arryn, I don mean to pry. I… I am curious about what is going on. You had someone over this morning. ” Gerald was hoping Arryn didn just hang up with him.

Sighing, ”I knew you would want to know, nor… am I wanting to explain, nor should I have to. I didn even need to introduce you to Castor yet. ” Arryn snapped, losing his patience.

”um… Ill contact you later when I learn more. ” Gerald rambled off hurriedly, then hung up.

Relieved, Arryn set down his phone and removed his coat. Annoyed with his cousin, Arryn tried to brush it off. He knew that it wasn that Gerald didn trust him to be careful with whom he surrounded himself. Arryn could tell if a person was part celestial or not and recognize when someone was lying. He could see the auras and realize when someone was being deceitful.

This last ability to detect liars had hindered Arryn from becoming close to others. Gerald knew this was why Arryn had built up so many walls. He couldn imagine what it was like to live, always seeing through those around him. Its hard to trust when you can see even the little lies a person may say.

Arryn accessed the computer network and checked his fathers email. Nothing stood out, making Arryn frustrated. After hours of scouring emails and documents, Arryn grew weary and wanted a cup of coffee. Rubbing his eyes, he glanced at his phone.

It crossed his mind to at least text Castor, but he didn want to bother him if he was busy or resting. After getting coffee, Arryn sat down to write up an announcement that he was stepping up as C.E.0. Interim and to discuss the disappearances of his parents and colleagues.

He preferred to write by hand than typing, and so did Rory. He used a computer pad and a stylus like a pencil to start jotting down ideas. He kept erasing and rewriting the words he wrote down. All his work behind the scenes and travel to archeological sites didn prepare him for this.

Arryn missed having an assistant, a secretary, to review and edit his announcement. He managed to send out an encrypted message alerting the department heads that Action Breaking the Heavens was now in effect.

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