”I will deliver this child to a family who has tried to have one but not been able to. I believe they deserve this honor and will love your child as their own. ” Gabriel smiled softly, holding a tiny infant in his arms.

”I was reckless with love, and my child doesn deserve to be scorned. ” The Angel sighed heavily.

Gabriel nodded forlornly but smiled at his friend, his sister, ”I am not here to judge. Please understand that I do have one concern, though. ”

”There is no reason to be worried. The father and I agreed that this was best for our child. His parents are to remain unknown to him and everyone else. ” The Angel touched Gabriels shoulder, ”We both are putting our trust in you for our childs wellbeing… We do have one request. ”

It was evident to Gabriel that his friend was hurting and finding it hard to let go, ”What is your request? I vow to see it be. ”

Inhaling deeply, The Angel explains, ”We wish our child to be named, Arryn. ”

”I will request that the parents keep this childs name. ” Gabriel nodded, reaffirming his resolve to see this through. ”It is time. If we wait any longer… say your goodbyes, there is a danger. ”

The Angel, the mother, reached for her infant and held him close. She gently sang a lullaby as tears flowed down her face. Doing what was right was breaking her heart.

She wanted to be greedy, keep her child in her arms, and raise him herself. However, deep down, she knew that she had to let go. The mother returned the child to Gabriel, feeling like she was ripping a piece of her heart out.

”Swear to me, brother, that my son will be cherished and loved by this other couple. Promise me that my son won grow up feeling abandoned and unloved. ” She cried, letting the tears glide down her face.

Even in sorrow, she was beautiful and a sight to behold. Gabriel wanted to reassure her that Arryn, her son, would be loved and cherished, ”I want to say that will be so. I know this couple long to love a child and cherish one. I believe they can provide your blessed son a good loving home. ”

And with that, Gabriel left the heavenly realms to find the earth-bound parents who would raise this small child sleeping peacefully in his arms. The mother stood there alone, wondering if she would ever hold her son in her arms again.

She knew that holding on to such a hope was foolish. It was selfish to think she could see her son and be a mother to him again. She stood there watching Gabriel and her son fade away in the distance.

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