r was part celestial.

Arryn smiled, feeling something he hadn in ages. He was at ease around someone who wasn family. There was something very genuine about the young man beside him. Also, Arryn found him very handsome. Gerald was right Arryn did find this waiter attractive.

Castor relaxed a little and smiled in return. There was something about Arryn that put Castor at ease. He noticed Arryns silver eyes, and his hair was pulled back into a braid running down his back like a glacier ice-blue river. There was definitely something different about Arryn, and he felt drawn in.

Without thought, Arryn reached into his grey wool coat for a cigarette. Bringing it to his lips, Arryn realized what he was doing. Feeling very awkward at the moment, sheepishly grinning, Arryn slid it back into his coat pocket for later.

Hoping to repair the moment, Arryn said, ”Since I rarely make it to these things, do you often step in to help and work these ones? ”

Shaking his head, ”This is my first and last one. ”

Arryn furrowed his brow. ”Is there something wrong with working here? ”

Momentarily confused, Castor chuckled softly. ”No, no, Its not like that. Im just filling in for a friend tonight. Ive never waited anywhere before, and Im not so sure Im any good at it. ”

Nodding, Arryn felt he could relate to the young man. It had been forever since he had met anyone on his own. Plus, they did not know he was the only child of the founders of Trans World Collections.

”Im usually away on business and am here very briefly. Tomorrow night I head out again, and I am not sure for how long. ”

”I am interning while I finish my masters and will hopefully continue when I begin working on my doctorate. Im hoping the job becomes permanent. Then I may get to travel this world. ” smiled Castor.

Arryn admired Castors goals, ”I don want to make any assumptions, but I would like to spend more time with you. ” Arryn paused, letting his knee touch Cass leg, ”What are you doing after this? Want to go somewhere else, perhaps for drinks? ” Arryn surprised himself when he asked Castor out, but it felt good.

Castor momentarily closed his eyes, thinking, ”Im free. Sure, do you have someplace in mind? ”

Arryn leaned in, and Castor noticed and moved closer, feeling Arryns breath on his cheek. ”I do; how about the hotel I am staying at? We could have drinks and continue …. ”

Castor felt his heart pounding, and Arryn moved in for a kiss when he went to answer. He was firm and brief, grazing his hand alongside Castors face, ”I hope I wasn too forward? ”

Castor smiled and answered by kissing Arryn deeply in return.

”I didn drive myself here. Would it be ok… ”

Arryn waved off Castors question cutting in with an answer, ”Of course, we can take my car. I brought mine so that I could leave early. ” Arryn chuckled under his breath.

”I don like crowds either. No judgment from me. ” Castor smiled, finding it easy to volunteer info about himself with Arryn.

”When can you leave? ” Arryn asked and then realized that he may sound too eager just then. ”I mean, I can hang out until you are off, whenever that is. ”

”Oh! I would have to stick around for cleanup, but that was because my ride was staying that late. My shift is done in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. ” Castor realized the time and stood up to head back inside.

Arryn finally lit the cigarette he had taken back out and fiddled with his hand, ”Meet me at the car garage by the Valet. ”

Castor looked back, smiling, ”Sure! Will see you there in a few. ” With that, Castor headed inside to finish up his shift.

Back inside, Castor wondered if he had the courage to go out tonight with Arryn. Castor touched his lips, remembering the kiss. He had never done anything like this.

His friends at the university would be shocked. However, it was a Friday night, and he didn have any plans but to study tomorrow. So, he could stay out late, he rationalized.

Come to think of it; Castor knew nothing about this Arryn with hypnotic eyes and long hair. He seemed to see this places owner, but Arryn looked somewhat out of place.

Arryn had many eyes on him as he strolled across the venue to the bar. Castor trying not to be too distracted, moved around the room with a tray of drinks. He couldn believe that he had just kissed someone. Someone he just met. This was crazy. It was exciting. It felt so unreal but so right.

Arryn ordered a glass of water at the bar and tipped the bartender with a $100 note. The bartender thanked Arryn profusely as Arryn smiled back at the young man serving drinks. Arryn nearly choked on his water when he felt a firm hand smack his back.

Leaning into Arryns ear, Gerald kept his hand on his Cousins back, ”There you are! I was hoping to introduce you to a few people. ”

Arryn shook his head, annoyed, and tried to shrug Gerald off. ”Of course, you do… and you know that I will decline. ”

Sighing heavily, ignoring Arryns annoyance, ”When will you socialize and hang out with others? ”

Leaning close to his Cousins face, Arryn whispered, ”Its none of your business. You can stop trying to set me up with someone. ”

Chuckles and pats Arryns back, ”Ok… ok…. No more. ”

”I wish I could believe you, Gerry, ” Arryn smirked, setting down his glass. ”I am out of here. ”

Gerald cringed at being called Gerry, ”Fine; I will text you later. ”

Walking away, Arryn waved behind himself dismissively at Gerald. Castor had noticed the brief interaction Arryn had with the owner. He had never seen the owner behave so casually with anyone. Nor had Castor noticed anyone being so relaxed around Arryn as the owner was. Not sure what kind of relationship those two have, Castor felt a bit of jealousy. He wanted to know Arryn so intimately.

This last hour and a half seemed to drag on much longer. Arryn tried to be polite as people passed by him, wanting to make small talk. Oh, how Arryn despised small talk. He kept looking at his watch, hoping it was time to go.

Castor finished up his shift and changed his clothes in the staff restrooms. He looked in the mirror, feeling disheveled and nervous. Running his hand through his hair, Castor mustered up the courage to go and meet Arryn.

Avoiding being stopped by anyone for small talk, Arryn went to retrieve his coat. He was relieved that there wasn a line of people there and could get his jacket and then head to the garage and wait for someone to bring him his car.

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