a luxuriously large bed. Then on the other was a small sofa by a fireplace that Arryn lit with a switch on the wall.

Arryn set the tray down on a small table and poured the drinks. He sat down beside Castor, handing him a glass.

”Sláinte! ” Arryn cheered before taking a drink.

Castor sipped on the Scotch, ”I may not know what you were singing, but Arryn, you drew me in with your voice. I could feel your heart in it. ”

”Thank you, ” Arryn took a drink before continuing, ”I wish we hadn been interrupted… ”

Castor was suddenly caught by surprise by Arryns kiss. Letting out a soft moan, Castor melted into the kiss.

Stopping for air, they both set down their glasses and then embraced, kissing each other hungrily.

Arryn whispered in Castors ear, ”I want you. ”

Castor moaned, feeling his body react to Arryns words. Suddenly embarrassed, Castor pulled back nervously and explained, ”I… I want this with you, I do… But… ” Castors face reddened.

Arryns expression softens, ”I don want tonight to be a one-time thing. I want to be closer to you and know what you like and don like; I want to learn about your hopes and dreams. And yes, I want to ** you…make love with you. ”

Continuing to lean close to Castor, Arryn whispered, ”Know that I will wait for when you are ready Castor. That is when we can take the next step of intimacy. I don want you to feel pressured by me. ”

Castor listened to Arryn and, seeing how sincere he was, touched Castor, ”So you want me… and you… to … maybe have a relationship?

Arryn couldn believe what was happening, let alone want to become close to someone. It had been many years since Arryn had a friend, a companion in his life who was not family.

Gerald was right; he needed to open up to others. Castor made him feel comfortable. He was also very handsome, with dark hair and soft lavender eyes. Arryn appreciated how open and sincere Castor was.

Arryn thought to himself and leaned in close, whispering, ”Yes, Castor, I want to start a relationship with you. I won push you for intimacy, only when you are ready. Though I hope to hold you, still close, kissing you, teasing you over and over again. ”

”I want that too, Arryn. I really do. ”

Noticing the time, ”You can stay here with me tonight, ” Arryn suggested.

Castor, looking relieved, ”I would like that…. ”

”Good… ” pulling Castor closer Arryn felt his heart racing.

They kissed, enjoying the Scotch for a while in front of the fire on the small sofa. Arryn and Castor shared stories about themselves. They discovered they had much in common, including a love for history and archeology. Both were adopted when they were young and were an only child.

Arryn noticing it was very late, suggested they change and move to the bed.

Castor felt his pulse racing, nervous ”um, in the bed… together? ”

Arryn noticed how vulnerable Castor was feeling, ”Im sorry. Im being thoughtless. I can sleep on the sofa tonight. I really enjoy my time with you and want you to stay the night. ”

Feeling a sense of relief wash over him, Castor nodded, ”I want to stay; please, we can share the bed. I am going to trust you tonight. ”

Arryn felt his defenses melt away hearing those heartfelt ingenuous words from Castors mouth. Arryn gently kissed Castor, ”Come, lets go to bed. Oh, there is a shower if you want one? ”

Castor went and took a shower while Arryn prepared the bed. In the rain, Castors mind raced. Not only had Castor never been intimate with someone, but hes never gone off alone with someone he just met. ”

He had texted his friend about meeting someone tonight but didn feel it was necessary to explain that he was spending the night with that person.

Arryn had such a calming presence about him. Castor knew Arryn was sincere in wanting to be in his life. This wasn a one-night stand. This felt like his world was about to change for the better.

After Castor was done, Arryn took a quick shower. With only a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair no longer in a braid, Arryn sat at the end of the bed. Castor was in a pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt and suddenly felt awkward.

Castor admiring Arryns toned body, flushed when Arryn caught him again. Arryn reached for Castor and pulled him onto his lap.

”Oof! ” Castor exclaimed and fell into Arryns embrace.

This was going to be a long night, Arryn thought to himself. It had been many years since he held anyone like this. He knew he could control himself, but it wouldn be easy.

Arryn whispered in Castors ear, letting his lips brush against him, ”Thank you for staying with me tonight, ” pausing and taking a small breath.

”I want to hold you close and tease you with my lips. Please, may I? ” Arryn whispered, smiling coyly, ”I will keep my promise and not try for anything more. ”

Castor softly gasped, letting out a quiet moan. ”I can trust you. ” was all Castor could say. He did trust Arryn. Arryn had relaxed Castor, making him feel safe to let down his guard.

Laying back on the bed, Arryn rolled over so that Castor was beneath him and grinned, ”Shall I pour you another drink? ”

Castor answered with a kiss, ”Yes, lets enjoy this night. ”

The evening was filled with drinking, kissing, and holding each other while talking. Arryn shared more about how he was adopted at birth and had never been able to discover anything about his birth family. Castor, who was also adopted, realized how much they did have in common.

Castor noticed how Arryns face would light up when he talked about the Highlands and how he wanted to have his own home when he settled down.

Arryn realized how lonely he had been. Listening to Castor share the insanity of dorm life was hilarious.

Arryn spooned Castor, whispering, ”Im sorry that I have to leave for work tomorrow. Id rather get to see you more. ”

Pressing back against Arryns body, Castor signed contently, ”Hold me tonight and let me wake up in your arms. ”

Kissing the back of Castors neck, ”As you wish. ”

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