ng in that there were things such as being able to spot a celestial, halfling, or human without being told. Arryn thought that he should tell Castor right away. He hoped to put Castor at ease, knowing he could reveal his true self safely.

Arryn removed his shirt and released a pair of iridescent wings from his shoulder blades. They were larger than anyone he knew, and he let them spread across the room. Castor walked in and, to his surprise, yelled, ”ARRYN! What the **? ”

Castors complexion went pale at the sight of Arryn with his wings out. Castors booming voice caused Arryn to jump back, startled. His wings closed with the jump but remained exposed on his back. ”I wanted to tell you. ”

”Tell me what, are you some sorta Bird Person!? ” Castor snapped, confused.

”What, don be silly…a bird person? Really?! So, what do your wings look like? ” Arryn frowned, feeling hurt.

”What wings? ” Castor fell to the ground, fading out.

Arryn was fast enough to get across the room and catch Castor as he fainted. Arryn had his wings slide into his back, leaving no trace. Carrying Castor in his arms, he brought him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Carefully Arryn checked his vitals and covered him with blankets.

Arryn knew his wings were different from others, but no one had ever reacted like this before. Something had to be off, or… had Castor not known that Celestials were real…

Castors mind was shattering, flooded with images from his forgotten childhood. He wanted to wake up. He wanted to see Arryn. He wanted to feel safe and understand what he was seeing. Who were these people with him in these memories? Why couldn he remember?

Castor could hear a soothing melodic voice singing in his mind. Being drawn to the voice, he felt any tension slip right away—a sense of peace, so serene, flooded over Castor.

Lulling Castor awake, Arryn held Cas in his lap, singing an old Gaelic blessing of healing. Arryn felt Castor open his mind to him. He realized his mind had been harmed and a wall formed, blocking out his real childhood.

Castor hadn remembered that he was a halfling. Arryn revealing his Angelic self had unlocked Castors lost memories. Overwhelmed with so many emotions, Castor cried heavily as he woke up. A release of emotions flooded out of him. He felt safe and comforted in Arryns arms.

Ending the song, Arryn leaned down to kiss Castors forehead.

Beginning to calm down, Castor looked up to Arryn, ”I… never knew… ”

Speaking softly, Arryn explained, ” Your memories had been blocked. Im sorry that I didn use more caution. I am here for you, to care, to listen, and even answer your questions… ” smiling softly, ”…at least help you find answers. ”

”Im just still trying to process things. Thank you… ” Castor answered.

”Take your time, please. I can go to the other room if you want to be alone. ”

Castor reached up to stop Arryn, ”No… please stay. I can imagine not having you here with me right now.

”You only need to rest; I am not going anywhere… as long as you let me stay, ” Arryn reassured Castor.

Holding Castor lying in his bed, Arryns mind wandered, going over the days events. It was surreal that he had just met this young man in his arms. He felt as if hed always known Castor. Arryn firmly believed they found each other right when they needed one another.

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