Breaking the Heavens Vol I

The Tables Have Turned

d been more appreciative but knew he would never change.

Racing through traffic Nimue turned up the radio and headed to the office.

With the Quinns MIA, TWC will topple. Sure, she knew of Arryn, their adopted son. Arryn had never shown interest in running things. Nimue was sure that he wouldn want to now.

Nimue heard how the Quinns adopted because they wanted a family but couldn get pregnant. There had been many rumors about their adopted son. From saying he was just a mere human to being half daemon. No one could figure out where they got this baby for a couple who were half Angel.

Nimue had met their son, Arryn, a couple of times. She remembered him being very handsome, quiet, and intimidating.

He may not have been the type to settle down and work for ”daddy. ” Nope, he had become trouble for Nimue and Seth.

He managed to retain items of great power, priceless relics, all before they could. This time was going to be different. Nimue smiled, thinking how TWC would be distracted and leaderless.

She was certain Arryn would not step up in his fathers place, and the focus would be on finding the Quinns and the others on the plane.

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