7 Here Comes Sunday

The sun hadn come up yet, but Castor was awake in bed beside a sleeping Arryn. Castor was lost in his thoughts. His mind had been unlocked when he saw Arryn in his celestial form.

Memories had then come crashing down. Castor recalled now that his parents had sealed his mind to keep his memories hidden. They also bound his powers and gifts. As he got older, some of his abilities appeared without him noticing. His parents loved him and wanted him to grow up safe and sound.

He was placed in a home of non-celestial humans where he could never be found. Now completely removing his memories would leave him vulnerable, which was why his parents merely blocked his memories. It was safer for them to lock his memories away to keep his soul and spirit intact.

They had hoped their son could have his memories unlocked and live a long, happy life.

Castor wasn ready to face his friends this afternoon. He knew his friends would have many questions about where he had been and with whom.

With everything thats happened to him these last few days, he wasn up to seeing his friends. He knew Ryan would be the most trouble. Ryan never approved of anyone Castor was interested in, and he knew it would be the same again.

Perhaps he could cancel lunch and text his friends instead.

Arryn quietly moaned, waking up. Castor was beside him, with a sweet smile on Arryns lips, and his legs tangled up with Castors legs.

”Morning, beautiful, ” Arryn smiled, caressing Castors cheek to move a strand of hair away.

Castor grinned and sighed contently, ”Hello, Sleepyhead.

Arryn chuckled, ”How well did you sleep? ”

”Hmm… Surprisingly well. I wasn up all night with my mind racing. ” Castor mused.

Arryn grinned, ”I sang you a lullaby to help you sleep. Im glad it worked. ”

Castor paused, thinking, ”Arryn, your voice, is one of your gifts. You seem to be able to heal a persons Mind, Body, Spirit, and soul with a song. Am I about right? ”

Arryn gave Castor a quick peck on Castors lips, ”Something like that. And I can help you learn what your gifts are. ”

Sighing contently, ”Thank you… thank you for… all of this, ” pausing, Castors eyes soften, ”Arryn… how are you doing? ”

Castors question mentally caught Arryn off-guard. He couldn remember when someone ever sincerely asked him how he was. ”Im nervous, worried… ” Arryn started feeling vulnerable.

Sensing something was bothering Arryn, Castor took his hand in his own, ”Its OK to have these feelings. Its normal to fear and worry, especially in your situation. ”

”Scared… ” Arryn whispered, ”Yes, I am scared. ”

Arryn let his head hang down. Castor leaned over and kissed the top of Arryns head. Arryn slowly looked up and kissed Castor deeply on the lips. Castor squeezed Arryns hands to deepen the kiss parting his lips for Arryn. After their kiss, they gazed into one anothers eyes, enjoying this moment of silence.

”I should be getting ready to head to my fathers office. ”

”Oh, I need to get going too… ” Castor quipped

”I remember you were going to meet your friends for lunch, ” Arryn said, getting out of bed.

Castor didn try to avert his eyes this time as Arryn dressed. Catching a glimpse of Arryns athletic physique, Castor explained, ”Well, I am thinking of canceling lunch… just not up to answering a bunch of questions…. ”

Arryn stood naked over Cas, who was sitting on the bed. Arryn reached down, brushing Castors thick dark hair away from his face. Cupping his chin tilting Cass head up, ”You don have to do anything you don want to. You can stay here while Im away, and then we could have dinner. ”

A smile formed on Castors lips, his eyes twinkling, ”you really would let me stay here this afternoon, and we could have dinner later. ”

Arryn nodded his head, ”Yes, I would. Please make yourself at home and spend the day here. I want dinner with you tonight before you head back to the dorms. ”

”I really appreciate this. I want to see you before I head back and start a week of school and work, ” Castor explained.

”Good, Im going to shower… feel free to join me. ”Arryn winked.

”Of course I will. ” Castor hopped out of bed, following Arryn.

The shower was pretty spacious, with several water faucets and jets on the walls. Castor helped Arryn wash his long hair while they were in the shower.

Afterward, Arryn asked Castor to help brush and pull up his hair in a half-bun. Castor found doing Arryns hair very soothing, while Arryn enjoyed Castors hands fixing his hair.

”Thank you, Castor; I hope you didn mind helping me? ”

Castor blushed, ”I just wish I was better at doing your hair. ”

Grinning while dressed in a suit, ”you can always practice by helping me more often. ”

Castor was dressing in some clothes Arryn had there. Sure, they were a little big but very comfy.

After some coffee and a quick breakfast, Arryn realized he needed to leave to be back in time for dinner.

Castor reached up and fixed Arryns tie, ”I will be here when you come back tonight. ”

Feeling honestly liked by Castor, Arryn smiled and kissed him goodbye, ”Yes, see you for dinner tonight, ” with that, Arryn grabbed a coat by the door and left.

Castor looked around the room, let out a sigh, and mumbled, ”Am I really here…alone…

Making a Cup of coffee Cas sat in a big cozy chair by a fire in a side room. A giant screen was mounted on the wall, and a desk with a computer was on top. Arryn had shown him how to use the media system. Sipping his coffee, Castor chose to listen to some music.

Staring down at his phone, he tried to work up the courage to call Ryan. First, he decided to text Ryan and the others to let them know he had to cancel lunch with them.

Just as he expected, Ryan was the first to text back. Then came the texts from the other friend. Corey was understanding and hoped Castor was well. On the other hand, Ryan was upset and wanted to talk immediately.

While staring at Ryans text, wondering what to say, Ryan called him.

Hesitant at first, Castor answered, ”Hello? ”

Ryan snapped, ” What is going on with you? Are you in any trouble? ”

Cas understood Ryan was concerned. This was a first; Castor had never gone off without a word.

”No, don be so extra. All right, Castor complained.

”Extra?! Whos being all extra? Not answering your friends calls, ignoring texts, and canceling plans! ”

Castor felt his courage build and scolded Ryan. ”Enough! Why can you not think the worse and treat me like a child? Why can you be more like a friend than a parent? And I don have to always immediately respond to your calls or text messages. ”

Ryan grumbled, ”No, Castor, but you don need to be disrespectful. What am I to think when you suddenly start acting unlike yourself? ”

”I am acting like myself, Ryan! I wanted to talk about something happening to me and how happy I was. But it is something I don want to go into now. Thanks to you acting all indignant and better than me. ”

Ryan was flabbergasted, ”Castor, hey, Im sorry… perhaps I overreacted.

Sarcastically Castor exclaimed, ”Perhaps? ”

”OK?… OK… Still, are you really safe, doing OK? ” Ryan relaxed his tone.

”Listen, yes, I am safe, and tonight after I have dinner, I will be back at the dorms, ” Castor promised.

”I can imagine where you are or what is going on. I wish you weren waiting to explain things until later. I will come by to see you tonight, ” Ryan sighed defeatedly.

Ending the call, ”OK, See you then. ”

Feeling relieved that it was over with, Castor finished his coffee. Arryn had shown them where a few old books were for him to read. He was eager to review these ancient texts about Angels and Demons.

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