In a faraway land which was called Narnia after the murder of the last of the Cerberus family, the only one with wind in her blood, who was slain by the lord of the Six Kingdoms Micheal Gladreell.

And after 45 years of this massacre that took place between ”Narnia ” and ”Ruritania ” on the borders of the Untamed Sea.

In a remote village called the Kings Estate, there was a widow with a child born with a physical disability that prevented him from moving. The Kings advisor visited her every day to check on the childs health. There were also rumors that the child was a bastard son of the King.

One night, the mother went out to search for what would satisfy her hunger after she had satisfied her sons stomach and left him at home sleeping. The mother walked and went around and bent her head asking for some food, but there was no one in the farm whose heart was kind, so she had to go to the city until she found the right person she saw as if An angel sent by the seven gods, he fed her, gave her good hospitality, and made her stay in his house until morning, and when she left, the man gave her food and provisions that would last for two or three years, and he gave her valuable things and a bag of gold.The widow was overwhelmed with great happiness as she returned home and thought how she would heal her son and give up her painful past, but this happiness was not complete when she entered the house and did not find her son.. She fell to the ground, smashed, and with her those hopes were shattered into countless pieces, and what frustrated her even more she found some blood in his bed. She cried silently without screaming, then she got up and said that he was just a handicapped bastard son who was of no use.

At the same time, the news of the kings death, poisoned, spread, and the accused is the hand of the king because he was caught leaving the castle during the kings death.

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