Brothers Promise

It\'s coming to all of us

After the death of the mad king poisoned, the charges were directed against the assistant of the king, Robin Denisos, because he testified that he was leaving the castle while the king was waiting.

From the perspective of the law, whoever kills the king is sentenced to death without trial, but when there is minting and lack of evidence, there will be a trial in the presence of the high priest Oberyn and the great council.

Shackles of steel, iron poles, a case file and a small golden scale of justice called out his name and he joined the court. The first witness was the wise

The new H.k(the hand of the king): you examined king Michaels corps was it without question poison that killed him?

the wise: without question. This was found on the body of Dontas hollard, the kings fool he was last seen spiriting Elsa legolasa she wore this necklace Residou of a most rare and terrible poison was found inside

The new H.K : was this one of the poison stolen from your store?

the wise: it was, the Strangler, a poison few in the six Kingdoms possess and used to strike down the Most Nobel man the gods ever put on this good earth

The new H.k: thanks you. Now you turn daughter Melissa

Melissa: ”I will hurt you for this, a day will come when you think you are safe and happy and your joy turn to ashes in your mouth and you will know the debt is paid ”

The new H.K: The hand of the king said this to you, your grece

Melissa: shortly before the battle of the dansuswater

The priest Oberyn: Robin said ” the debt is paid ” what paid??

Melissa: I discovered hed been keeping whores in the tower of the hand I asked him to confine his salacious acts to the brothel where such behavior belongs he wasn pleased.

The new H.K: thank you daughter, lord Jesus do you Remember the precise nature of this threat

Lord jesus: Im afraid I do my lord he said ” perhaps you should speak more softly to me then monsters are dangerous and just now kings are dying like file

The new H.K : he said this to you at a meeting of the small council

Lord Jesus: yes, after we received word of Peter legolasas death. Hi didn seem gladden by the news, perhaps his marriage to Elsa Legolasa had made him mor sympathetic to the northern cause

The new H.k : you
e excused lord Jesus

Robin : may I ask the witness one question?

The new H.k: one

Robin: you once said that without me this city would have faced certain defeat, you said the histories would never mention me but you would not forget, have you forgotten Lord Jesus?

Lord jesus : Sadly my lord! I never forget a thing


The new h.k: crown may call the next witness

.. And here he is watching his Lovely girl whom he abandoned because he was forced to marry a woman from the North, to join forces between Narina and Freljord in the North

The new H.K: state your name

Girl: ezould

The new H.K: do you swear by all the gods that your testimony will be true and honest

Ezould: I swear it

The new H.K: you know this man?

Ezould:(…) yes Robin Denisos

The new H.K: how Do you know him?

Ezould :I was handmaiden to his wife Lady Elsa legolasa

The new H.K: this man stands accused of murdering kings Michaell, what do you know of this?

Ezould: I know hes guilty he and Elsa planned together

The audience scream and the new hand of the king try to calm the situation

The new H.K: Continu e

Ezould : she wanted revenge for her father her mother her brother she blamed their deaths on the king, Robin was happy to help he hated Michael he hated the queen he hated you my lord, he stole poison from the grand maesters chamber to put in Michaels wine

The priest Oberyn : how could you possibly know all this? Why would he reveal such plans to his wifes maid

Ezould : I wasn just her maid, I was her whore.

The wise : I beg your pardon you said you were his…

Ezould : his whore

The new H.K : how did you come to be in his service?

Ezould :he stole me I was with another man a knight in your lordship army but but when Robin arrived at the camp he sent one of his cutthroats into our tent he broke the knight arm and brought me to lord Robin you belong to me now he said I want you to ** me like its my last night in this world

Audience : (hahahaha) laughs more and more

The new H.k: Silence, SILENCE

The priest Oberyn : and did you?

Ezould : did what?

The priest Oberyn : ** him like it was his last night in this world

Ezould: I did everything he wanted whatever he told me to do i kissed him where he wanted I licked him where he wanted, I was his property, I would wait in his chambers for hours so he could use me when he was bored

Robin : E z ould please don

Ezould: Im whore do you Remember. That was before he married Elsa after that all he wanted was her but she wouldn let him into her bed so he promised to kill king Michael for her.

There is a lot of noise among the audience and Robins voice comes out

Robin : Sir I wish to confess, I wish to confess

The new H.K: you wish to confess.?

Robin : I saved you, I save this city and all your worthless lives, I should have let Darth Vader kill you all

The new H.k : do you wish to confess

Robin : yes, Im guilty, guilty? Is that what you want to hear

The new H.K : you admit you poisoned the king?

Robin : no of that Im innocent, Im guilty of far more monstrous crime Im guilty for being no one

The new H.K: You
e not on trial for being no one

Robin : ooh yes Iam Ive been on trial for that my entire life

The new h.k: have you nothing to say in your defense

Robin: nothing, but this i did not do it, I did not kill Michael but I wish that I hade watching your vicious bastard die give me more relief than a thousand lying whores, I wish I was the monster you think I am, I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you, I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it. I will not give my life for Michaels murder, and I know Ill get no justice her so I will let the gods decide my fate, I demand a trial by combat

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