Brothers Promise

You win or you die

Robin takes his nephew Typhon to North but still thinks about what Typhon said. And he wonders how a six-month-old baby can speak

Robin: Really? did he speak Or am I crazy? I think he spoke? No I don think! Strange how does it make sense? And what is coming to all of us? How will my sister believe that her son spoke to me, damn this excessive thinking will affect me tomorrow in the battle

Here he arrived to the north to surprise his sister that the child is fine and is no longer disabled as it was before, to make sure Robin decided not to say anything to anyone

Razan: How? and where?

Robin: Please don ask me, I don know either

Razan: On the way, I said something about a false prophecy or something like that. You know something and you don want to talk, tell me hes my son, please Robin

Robin: He spoke to me, and said something mysterious to me

Razan: What did he say?

Robin: I saw what you didn see coming to all of us

Razan: Its terrifying, isn it?

Robin: Not as much as Im afraid of Sabertooth

Razan: We are Cerberus! Razan and Robin Cerberus we will win! No matter how hurt you are, do not use wind , even if you are going to die, do not use wind Robin: Don be afraid, even if i use it, they won kill you, because they don know that you are my sister

Razan: Don use it, I warn you

Robin: If Im on the blade of death, Ill use it, because the future of Cerberus is upon me, Im the one who will give birth to Cerberus, Ill sleep now and leave at dawn

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