Brothers Promise

It\'s coming to all of us

Darwin became ruler of the kingdom of Narina and made his grandfather Lord Salvador the hand of the king . Robin went out to his room to carry what was left of his things.

Queen Melissa sent Crow to Lastriguan

”Dear Stiguard

Robin Denisos has won the case that was directed against him, and now his destination is unknown, but if he comes, let your kingdom reject him, and tell the neighboring villages, and I also want to hold a council soon. ”

Robin, his sister and her son, and some of Robins soldiers went on a long trip to Zion, Although he knows that soon Zion will be in war with Neville, which adopts an expansionist policy, which in turn covets Zion for its geographical location and its enjoyment of many natural resources, While Zion does not contain recruited warriors, they will die in order to protect the women and children of the region. And his sister is afraid that they will meet ” the Unbrokens ”

”the Unbrokens ” They are bandits in all places that were until they were united by an unknown person, now all bandits are serving that unknown person who has spent 30 years trying to unite this herd. This unknown man was looking for Robin Denisos because Robin killed some of his men 6 years ago Years

On the way, Robin was telling his sister about their future in Zion

Robin: We will spread a spot and build a a castle and build an army

Razan: Im looking forward to it…

Robin: I will also marry a noble woman of the Altair family

Razan: It looks like…

Cart Driver: What for heavens sake?

Robin: What?

Cart driver: the enemy is close

Everyone shuts up and Robin takes a deep look to see how he will deal with that . the warriors who are with him tell him to fight them

e only 6, well spin them fast ”

But Robin refused and went down to talk to them

Robin got out of the car and headed towards them to confront them

Robin puts his sword on the ground to cross the ladder and he does not want any bloody battle

Robin started talking

Robin: What is your name?

Man: Simon

Robin: We can make a deal right here right now.

Simon: thats right , we can! give us all your stuff, and well probably have to kill one of you, thats just the way it is , and then we can start moving forward on business , all you have to do is listen

Robin picks up his sword from the ground and says:

Robin: Yeah… that deal won work for us.

fact is, i was about ask for all your stuff only Im thinking I i don have to kill any of you, any more of you.

Robin gives a slight look at Laurie and returns

Simon: Sorry, only my deal is the only deal , we don negotiate.

Robin waves to his teammates to return to the carriage,

Robin: Me and my friends are leaving.

Simon: okeeey friend!

plenty of ways to get to where you
e going.

Robin walks back to the carriage and says sarcastically

Robin: Would you like to make today your last day on Earth ?

Simon looks up at the sky

Simon: No, but that is a good thing to bring up , think about it.

What if this is your last day on earth for you? for someone you love? What if thats true?

Maybe you should be extra nice to those people in that Cart, cause you never know… Just like that

Be kind to each other like you said, like it was your last day on earth.

Robin marvels at his speech to say coldly

Robin: you do the same

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